Three ways to brand a YouTube channel

Three ways to brand a YouTube channel

YouTube has done a lot of work to redesign their entire site, platform, and strategy. No longer is it a site-oriented service, but a television-competing channel service. As such, the most successful users and accounts will no longer be the members with the most views, but the channels with the most subscribers and engagement. YouTube has given its users a lot of control over the nature and look of their platform, and you can now take your brand’s channel to new lengths.

1. The new description box: The new channel description box gives users the option to create hot links, directing viewers to any website or social media account. Your brand can use this feature to steer users towards a designated brand or product page.

2. Add overlays to your video production: You have probably noticed the overlays before, they’re the narrow boxes that run across the bottom of a video with information about another site or advertisement. The channel owner controls these overlays, and can appropriate them however he wants. Use this feature to advertise yourself, if you’re looking for an extra step for promoting your brand.

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3. Block other ads from appearing with your content: Under the edit video option, you can disable other ads from appearing with your personal content. Third party ads are basically attached to YouTube Partner content, so unless you’re with that program, you don’t have to worry about negative consequences of disabling video editing ads.

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