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Video One Productions is a Chicago video production company providing video production, video editing, disc duplication, and multimedia services. We assist a wide variety of clients from businesses and government agencies to non-profits and individuals with the use of video to achieve their goals.



Drone Video & Photography

There’s nothing like the dramatic and informative point of view a drone video provides to help you rent or lease your property, or enhance your marketing or event videos. We’re the Chicago area drone video experts.
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Video Production

We specialize in corporate, event, promotional, training and other business videos. Our experienced Chicago videographers will work closely with you to take your project from concept to completion. Learn more…

Video Editing

Our expert video editors appropriately blend information and entertainment, resulting in motivating the viewer to learn something, use your products and services, and generally feel good about your company or organization. Learn more…




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Motion Graphics

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chicago video production - motion graphics services in chicago


chicago video production - corporate video production in chicago


  • This guide includes:

    * Keyword Research
    * YouTube Marketing
    * Video SEO Tips
    * And More!

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  • This guide includes:

    * Keyword Research
    * YouTube Marketing
    * Video SEO Tips
    * And More!

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For the past 29 years, Video One Productions has been fueled by a talented staff, creative vision, and loyal client base. We offer professional video services at affordable prices.

When Video One first started, our sole focus was video production. In response to our clients’ requests for other related services, we expanded our repertoire of multimedia offerings. Saying yes to accommodate our clients’ needs helped Video One become the complete service video production company that we are today. Read more

Irwin Myers

President/Producer Irwin is an award-winning producer with more than 25 years in the video production industry, shooting, editing, duplicating and much more. He oversees marketing, sales, production, editing, duplication, etc. assuring that our clients are provided with excellent quality, great service and exceptional value.

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Jason Herrick

Producer/Videographer/Editor Since graduating from Full Sail University in 1998, Jason has consistently worked in production, post production and photography for Alfred Music, Relativity Textiles, the Cartoon Network, Philadelphia Film Society and now, Video One Productions. He is expert at producing and directing, motion graphics, editing and other aspects of video production.

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Todd Lillethun

Producer/Videographer/EditorTodd is an award-winning producer with more than 10 years of experience producing and editing commercial, non-profit and arts productions. He has worked with Cadillac, the Wisconsin Philharmonic, Planned Parenthood, the Chicago Sun Times, the Supportive Housing Providers Association, Live Bait Theatre and Chicago Opera Vanguard.

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Videographer Provides 5 Steps to Great Production

Five steps for a successful video production

Here are some ideas for planning out a proper production are essential for success. For starters, you shouldn’t limit yourself and you should always keep an open and creative mind. If it is required of you to be creative, you will find these 5 steps very useful:

1. Gather Information
During the creative thinking video production process, you will need to determine what it is you are trying to accomplish. How would you like your video to affect its audience? Are you looking to motivate, inform or stir emotion? This is also the time to determine your intended audience. Who are they? Are they liberal or conservative? Business people or consumers? Knowledgeable about the subject matter or not? Keep your timeline, budget and resources for the project in mind. Write down all the information you collect.
2. Pick a Format Decide the format(s) you will be using for the production of your film. The most common forms are interviews, documentary, and video magazine, that entails using two hosts, usually behind a desk that talk and banter about various topics. There are also many styles you can use for creating a documentary. It could include voice over with still or moving images. Or it could include cinema verte (life as you find it) footage of real people going about their lives and recording whatever happens. Or it could include historical footage mixed in with contemporary material. Pick whatever best suits what you’re trying to do. But know why you’re doing it rather than just doing it.
3. Select Style
During this process, you will need to identify the type of personality the project has. Consider the flavor and feeling you’d like to convey in the program. Will it be a formal or informal video? For instance, interviews are formal and talk shows, like Oprah, are more informal. If you’ll be filming an interview, determine whether it will be narrated or if the subject will be telling their own story.
4. Add Elements as Appropriate
Now that you have the element and style of the production nailed down, you’ll need to decide which elements fit the project. Take a look at all footage to see if there are any elements you want to include such as text, appropriate transitions, graphics, photos, charts, etc. Will before and after shots be needed? If you will be recording a process, such as hair growth, this may be so.
5. Use Testimonials
You can use testimonials to backup the video production. These are very easy to incorporate – just record a couple of everyday people who have something to say about the product or topic you are filming. After a while, similar settings can get pretty boring, so try to use different locations or use one room with different props and set-ups.
Click here for more pre-production tips from our experts at Video One Productions.

PR campaign

Use Video Production to Get the Most Out of PR Campaigns

Using video production for your PR goals

MediaPost’s Video Insider blog published a nice guide for using a video production company to conduct public relations. The guide covers a lot of ground and offers some great advice for industries from politics to marketing. Any PR campaign can be improved with the use of video. Here are some ways to incorporate it.PR campaign

1. Media relations / pitches and press releases. Videos make pitches and press releases infinitely more interesting and engaging. Referencing a hot new viral video, the latest video in a web series, a video announcement from a key corporate player or simply a fun, informative video about a product can make a huge difference in how a pitch is received. A video production company can give journalists, bloggers and publications more content to share with their visitors.

2. Building trust and credibility with targeted groups. Nothing builds trust like video. Instead of reading a text quote from a company spokesperson, viewers are able to actually see that spokesperson speaking. There may be some coaching involved, but that’s what directors are for.

3. Raising brand awareness / promotions / working with celebrities. Videos that offer something of value like cash, prizes or 15 minutes of fame can spread like crazy and highlight a product’s involvement in a contest or promotion, raising awareness of the product, and by extension, the brand.

Creating and launching funny, edgy or cool video content involving TV, sports and YouTube celebrities guarantees a targeted audience. Launching a coordinated social media sharing strategy and integrating this effort with the marketing department allows PR teams to capitalize on that momentum, building and raising brand awareness.

4. Product launches. Viral videos and branded entertainment are high-profile ways to announce new products or refresh old ones. Video gives PR teams a visual, entertaining and engaging tool around which to center campaigns. We were recently involved in creating a video for a pizza chain in which large amounts of cash were stuffed in the crust of their new pizza. The content was used not only as a stand-alone video, but as part of a funny promo on a late-night comedy talk show.

Check out the Video Insider blog to read the rest of the list and learn more about the importance of a video production Chicago company in your PR campaign.

If you are interested in creating a video production for your public relations campaign, click here to find out how Video One can help.



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