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Improve SEO with Better Page Load Time

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If you had to list all the factors that matter to your SEO, would you place page load times on that list? Google would! Google wants to be fast, and showing Googlers slow pages is not in its best interest.

If you’re worried about having to change code, you can move your website from a shared option to a dedicated server. Being on your own means you don’t have to share current. If you want to see how Google suggests speeding up your landing page, try Google Page Speed, part of Google Developers. With input from Google you can figure out if you need to use smaller pictures, condense code, etc. Even shaving off an almost minuscule amount of loading time could give you an advantage.

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Create a Video Sitemap to Better your SEO

Unlike text content, Google can’t read your video production. That means that Google basically can’t see your video, so you have to take a few extra steps to make it visible and therefore searchable.

Google’s Webmaster Tools allow you to create a video sitemap to help Google “read” your video. What is a video sitemap? It’s an XML file you’ll have to embed on your website. It includes the link to the video (which is somewhere on YouTube), and a URL to the Flash player or direct to the video itself. Like any sitemap you’ll need to include a brief description and thumbnail. The description is where you can enter your keywords for Google’s algorithm to rank you higher. After you’ve finished your video sitemap you can submit it to Google’s Webmaster Tools, where your video will boost your searchability. Watch video below for more information on video sitemaps:

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Search Engine Optimization for your YouTube Videos

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is hugely important for your business. Getting on Google’s front page can make or break your web success. How SEO works is Google locates your video production (YouTube); Google indexes your video and then Google will display your content in a certain order depending how certain keywords and phrases are SEO Perfect Companysearched. Google considers anything you upload to YouTube as “video content.” This means PowerPoint presentations, slide shows, whatever—they’re all videos, for SEO purposes. Of course, you want to create and share compelling content so that more people search for and watch your channel. Check back soon for more SEO video tips for your business.


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Vine Adds ReVining Feature

We’ve been talking a lot about Vine and Instagram lately. Hopefully you’re not sick of hearing about video production apps! Just when it looked like Instagram was going to claim victory, Vine offers some new services. A new iOS update—with a similar update likely coming for Android—offers better focus, stronger privacy controls and, most interestingly, channels.


Borrowing from its parent site, Twitter, Vine now offers ReVining, which allows you to share a video from another user on your channel. This is a great opportunity for Vine videos to go viral, and that’s something Instagram can’t compete against. Not yet, anyway.


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YouTube Pro Series Releases Four Videos

We recently talked about YouTube’s new Pro Series video production project, which had yet to be released. The first videos have arrived and just as predicted, they are more business oriented than other YouTube projects in the past.

This first batch of four videos all deals with advertising. Some popular YouTube videographers appeared in the video, including those responsible for Annoying Orange. The format of the YouTube Pro Series videos is more like a town hall session than a lecture. That’s actually helpful, because it allows for lots of different perspectives. The videos’ topics include pitching, choosing advertisers that won’t corrupt your style, contracts and some general tips. They all offer some great YouTube-specific information and ideas for a videographer looking to make YouTube their business.

Pitching an Idea to an Advertiser (1/4)

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Make your Videos Stand Out – More YouTube Tips

We previously discussed the importance of tags, which play a big part in SEO, but here are more YouTube tips on how video production helps the process.

Adding a YouTube video ranks high in Google’s SEO algorithm, as video links are indexed instantly. And don’t think you have to keep keywords exclusive to tags. Try adding them to the description of your video. By including keywords relevant to your video in your description and video title, you’re increasing your chances of better SEO. One thing to keep in mind: make sure you don’t overuse the keywords or else you’ll risk being flagged.



Something else to keep in mind: YouTube’s search algorithm ranks videos that people watch in their entirety higher than videos that have been clicked a lot, but abandoned. This highly sophisticated analyzation goes to show that good content really does make a difference. Keep adding new content to your channel, remain its popularity by generation intriguing content, and you’ll see the benefits of using YouTube for SEO.


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Cheerios Commercial Receives Negative Reviews

When you’re selling a product that everyone can use, it would make sense to market to every demographic. Or you would think.

With their new commercial, Cheerios does just that. Unfortunately though, the video production is getting an enormous amount of backlash. The video features an interracial couple and their daughter, and lots of folks on the internet are in an uproar about the inclusive ad. The comments got so out of hand that YouTube disabled comments on the video within days. You can watch the ad below:

The Cheerios commercial is a cute, well produced, and concise ad. It’s also a very smart ad, as there is an increasing number of mixed-race households. Thankfully, there are people on both sides of the argument. And even the ad made many people angry, it contributed to the virality of the video—which in the end helps brand awareness. “Bad” press is better than no press, right?

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Basics of YouTube Analytics

There are lots of ways to find out how well your videos are doing on YouTube- whether you make videos for fun or for your business. YouTube analytics is perfect for just that task. With a new update that, among other things, features new charts to track your video production, you can see better than ever how well your video is performing.

A multi-line graph allows you to compare how up to 25 of your videos or channels fare against each other by various criteria (geographic location, times watched, etc):

Screen shot 2013-07-31 at 11.38.30 AM






The second graph, this one a stacked area chart, shows a similar number of videos, geo-location or channels in relation to their metrics overall. 

Screen shot 2013-07-31 at 11.38.37 AM






For your SEO purposes, seeing this information in an easy-to-understand format can be invaluable. Video marketing is nothing without measuring its success. Do you need help with video marketing for your business? Feel free to contact us for a free consultation today! 773-252-3352