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Increase Website Viewership by Using Pinterest Video

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With over 4 million daily unique visitors, Pinterest is quickly moving up the social media ladder. According to Video Commerce, Pinterest URLs show up in over 46 million Google search results. So why not use Pinterest to make your videos more visible?

Using Pinterest to increase viewership can be very effective as it’s marketed well. If done correctly, pinning videos will improve your SEO rankings by moving your videos higher up on search results.

Pinning videos on Pinterest is fast and easy. You have the option to upload videos onto your Pinterest account, or if you’ve already uploaded them onto YouTube, you can pin them directly from YouTube- no upload necessary.

Since the search engine robots can’t “read” your video, by providing targeted keywords in the title and description of your pin, the content of your video will be indexed and therefore become searchable, putting you ahead of video marketers who have not caught on to this great tool yet.


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Make your Business Relevant to Google

Web promotion and setting up backlinks are two important SEO steps you can take for your business if you’ve set up an RSS feed. By backlinking you can make your business relevant to Google.

One thing you can do is to link back to your homepage within each blog post you create. Then you can set up pages for your small business on sites like Digg, Google Buzz and other sites, where you can write a short blurb about your business—for example, we’d talk about being a Chicago videographer. Make sure you link back to your website on any of these sharing sites you establish yourself on. Google will take notice and your search relevancy will go up.

Quick Facebook Tips to Increase Online Presence

Is anyone not on Facebook yet? We recently talked about some ways to make Twitter work for your video production presence, and now it’s Facebook’s turn. Facebook gives you a lot more options as far as sociability goes, so you can go into more depth. So here are some quick Facebook tips to increase online presence:

  • One thing you should almost always do is include something visual with your post. We all scroll past boring text posts from even our favorite brands and best friends, but a bright, colorful image makes you stop, at least momentarily.
  • Offer up caption contests. Post a funny/weird/whatever picture and ask your audience to provide a funny/weird/whatever caption. You’ll get lots of hits on that one, so be sure you link to your video production or YouTube channel page.

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Watch Dogs: A Chicago-Set Adaptation

Even though the video game hasn’t come out yet, the Chicago-set Watch Dogs is already set for a video production adaptation. Whether or not Sony plans to film the adaptation in Chicago is yet to be determined, but hopefully we’ll see some of this sinister LaSalle St plot occur on the actual street.

chicago videographers, chicago video production

The plot of the game follows a computer hacker with a bone to pick as he uses technology to break into Chicago’s Central Operating System. Long story short, he’s turned the whole city of Chicago into a weapon. And you thought those traffic cams were already bad! Maybe Sony will work with a Chicago videographer here and there for that authentic Windy City feel.

Live Streaming on YouTube

YouTube now allows channels with 1000 or more followers to use their live-streaming features. If you have enough subscribers to use this feature there are two ways of going about it. You can use directly through YouTube, or through the YouTube embedded player. We’ll talk more about the embed option later.

youtube live streaming - chicago videographer

If you know you want to do your video production as a live stream, placing it directly on YouTube allows your channel subscribers to see it in a place they are more comfortable. Unfortunately you don’t’ get those viewers on your site. YouTube will notify your subscribers, and they’ll likely just click the link and open it in YouTube anyway. Live streaming on YouTube is an effective way to get lots of viewers to pay attention. If you choose to do it directly on YouTube, make sure you refer everyone watching back to your website.

Using Event Videography for Social Marketing

The next time you’re holding an event at your business, take a video of it. Event videography can serve video marketing at video one productionsas great advertising for future events and inspire great word of mouth. If you see some people recording videos on their cell phones, ask them if they’d be willing to share their footage with you. Or better yet, ask if they’ll share it on social media.

Having a different texture can add another depth and show how your customers saw your event. You can even use the user-generated video as a teaser on Facebook and other social media sites yourself. If your video production conveys how great a time everyone had at your big event, you’ll have a huge turnout for the next one. And future attendees will have something to reference from.


Interested in an event video? Our expert Chicago videographers have created many event videos and are ready to help you do the same. Take a look at our event video samples and contact us for a free consultation!

Improve SEO by Distributing Videos to Multiple Sites at Once

YouTube is by the far the most popular video hosting and sharing website online. But if you want to increase the visibility of your videos you have to upload them to other websites as well—and that can take a lot of time and energy.

Improve SEO by Distributing Videos to Multiple Sites at Once - oneload - tubemogul

The easiest and fastest way to do this is by using a video distribution website such as OneLoad. After the initial setup of each website you want your video hosted on, everything else is quite easy.

Because there are many video hosting and sharing websites out there, we’ve chosen the top 5 that we recommend you set up in OneLoad (depending on the niche and purpose of your video) in order to get maximum exposure:

  • Vimeo
  • Dailymotion
  • Break
  • Metacafe
  • Vevo

OneLoad is a great tool because not only does it post the same video to several websites at once, it also tracks analytics for your video. And best part is, OneLoad will automatically transcode your video so you don’t have to reformat every video according to different websites.


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Improve SEO Rankings with Video FAQ

If you find customers are asking the same questions over and over, and you’d like a quick and easy way to answer them all at once, creating a video production for FAQ would be a great option. If something requires a visual explanation or demonstration you can easily show your customer how to do it rather than support and customer service through video production. SEO Perfect Company

When posting your video FAQ, make sure to also include a text version of it. This way the search engine robots will be able to ‘read’ your video content with the text you provide and index its content into thei algorithm, placing you on top of Google and other search engine sites.


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Make Videos that will Stay Relevant

When you’re trying to come up with ideas for your video marketing, a good option is to make an video marketing tip - chicago videographerevergreen video production. Instead of something timely or newsworthy (which is good to do occasionally when large events are happening in the media), try choose a topic that people will always be searching for. Making videos that will stay relevant for a long time will contribute to your video SEO improvement over time.

A great place to start with evergreen videos is How-To videos. How many times have you Googled how to do something? If your product includes an instruction manual, try making a video version. There’s always someone who will throw it out or just get stuck. For mobile users you could even include a QR code (on the packaging, on the instructions, or even an easily-peeled sticker on the product) that would bring someone directly to the YouTube video. Instructional videos let your customers know you anticipate their needs. That’s always a good thing.


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MixBit Video App Competes with Instagram and Vine

We talk a lot about Vine and Instagram’s new video feature, but there’s another app that could help you with some short-format video production for your business. MixBit is an app created by YouTube’s co-founders that launched within the last month. Currently only on iPhone (Android coming soon), the app allows users to upload “bits” that are up to 16 seconds long. These bits can then be packed together into a video with up to 256 bits a piece.mixbit - video app - chicago video production

MixBit is useful for your video marketing because there are fewer limitations than on Vine and Instagram. Because you can link these bits to one another, there is a greater potential for dynamic editing. More than just a cool filter, to say the least. The YouTube pedigree also makes it exciting. But will it catch on the way its competitors have?

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