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Live Stream Video Tips

If you want to host a live stream video production outside of YouTube, but still want your fan base to know about it, using the embeddable player directly on your website is the way to go. You have more control of your environment and your viewers will already be on your website.

One negative is that YouTube will provide your subscribers with links to the feed on their site, not yours. If you get questions and comments from both the embed and YouTube players. It could get confusing, but if you prepare some help ahead of time it shouldn’t be too big a problem. Another negative about the embed player is that the watch time doesn’t matter as much as it does on the YouTube video production player. If you’re going to do the live stream video production thing, it’s a good idea to set up an embeddable player on your site or anywhere else you can put it. Having it visible in more than one place is never going to hurt you.

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Save Editing Time by Setting Color Balance

white balance - videographer tips

We’ve talked about the importance of lighting before. While some aspects of good lighting can prove challenging, others are quite simple. You can save a lot of editing time by reassuring the color balance of your video looks good in the production stage.

A few things to remember: Fluorescent lighting can give your video production a greenish tint. Tungsten light gives you a bit of an orange cast, and even natural light can tint you bluish. The key to balancing these unwanted color business can be repaired before you even film, with your camera’s white balance settings. Set your camera to correct your discoloration, typically according to the type of lighting you’re working with. It’s beyond easy, and will save you time and money later on in editing.

Attract Clients by Introducing your Business with a Homepage Video

A block of text accompanied by a few photos might represent your products/services, but why not introduce potential clients to your business in an exciting yet informative way?

promotional video for business - video marketing - chicago videographer

A promotional video on your homepage can help you do that. According to Comscore, visitors who view a website video stay on that website an average of two minutes longer and are 64% more likely to purchase.

Think of the last time you visited a new website and were curious of the products/services they offer. Would you rather spend a lot of time searching through the website for answers, or simply press ‘play’ on a homepage video that will answer all your questions?

Some ideas for homepage video content:

  • A tour of your facilities – Show them where the magic happens. The tangible image of what it’s like to be in your facilities (if you offer a service clients have to be there for) or the space in which products are created that clients might be interested in provides a sense of familiarity and comfort. It also shows off your professional work environment.
  • Product demonstration – Nothing shows off a product better than demonstrating how it works. Often times clients shy away from trying new products because they’re confused about their functionalities. By showing a step-by-step demonstration of how your product is used, clients will be able to better decide how it can benefit them.
  • Top benefits of your products/services – Sometimes clients turn away from products or services because they don’t fully understand what it can do for them. By presenting why your products/services are beneficial and the best ways others have used them to their advantage, clients will be be able to better understand how your products/services fit into their routine.
  • FAQs – This is the quickest and most efficient way to answer customer questions. Instead of clients spending a lot of time browsing through your website for answers, they can watch a 1-2 minute video that will break everything down for them.
  • Staff introductions – Showing the people behind the product/service also creates a sense of familiarity, comfort and most importantly, trust. Clients are more likely to gravitate towards professionals if they get sense of who they are.

A pleasant first impression is very important to decisions your consumers make later on about your business. Give them what they want, and you’ll get what you need in return.


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Show Authority in your Field with Video

You’ve made a great video production and uploaded it to your business’s YouTube channel. Now what? There are a lot of things you can do to improve your video’s SEO rankings. For example, responding to YouTube comments is a great way to show your current subscribers some attention and improving rankings. Engaging with other, similar YouTube channels can become beneficial for both parties as they continue sharing content. You can critique each other and share audiences.

youtube video marketing

Turn a conversation you’ve been having with another YouTube user into a video. Maybe talk about how your business and the other one you’re working with are helping each other out. This is a great way to show authority in your field with video and it helps build a sense of community around your business that will attract a great audience.


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