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Video Recording Company Meetings Comes In Handy

Video recording company meetings has grown into a necessity for most corporation and small businesses. If you have an essential employee who can’t make a meeting, video recording company meetings for later viewing allows them to experience it firsthand instead of depending on someone else’s notes.

You can connect to a satellite office through a streaming service or Skype. If you’re looking to travel for your video shoot, you can connect with the Chicago video production company you’re going to partner with, and their staff can begin brainstorming with you. Plus, it never hurts to have your meetings on file with video. Being able to go back and see what happened, how you said it and what your thought process was can come in handy down the road.

If you want to learn more about corporate event videography or watch company event video samples, visit our Event Video Production page. And feel free to contact us at any time for a free consultation.

Professional Video Editing Results in Quality Videos


Video editing is proven to be a large factor when it comes to quality video production. Post-production work is just as important as the video production process itself; bad video editing can easily ruin a well-shot video.

Professional Video Editing

As an example of how professional video editing is crucial to quality videos, we’d like to present you one of our most recently released videos. This video sample, taken from a series of videos called Manatee Manners, includes almost all provided footage by the organization (although a few scenes were shot by Video One producers as well). This is an example of taking well-shot video footage and editing it without distorting the purpose of the final product or decreasing the quality of the video:

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Chicago Provides Scenic, Accessible Video Production Locations

video production location

Looking to do a Chicago video production? Whether you need a promotional video or want to film a corporate event or trade show, Chicago is a great place for video production. Chicago provides scenic, accessible video production locations for all of your corporate meetings, company events or any other Chicago video production. McCormick Place is located just south of Chicago’s downtown loop, putting it in easy access of public transportation. The major complex can be a destination in and of itself, but those of you coming from out of town for your video projects might want to take in some of the Chicago’s famous destinations.

chicago video location

The world-famous Navy Pier is a quick cab ride away, and a fun spot for tourists. Chicago’s museum campus is also a nearby destination. The Shed Aquarium, Adler Planetarium, Field Museum and Soldier Field all connect in this lakeside space, making it the perfect locale for spending an afternoon learning something new. Is there anything more iconic than the Willis—ahem, Sears—Tower? Nothing says Windy City like that downtown skyscraper. These are all great locations for out of town producers to visit, and maybe even get a few shots of to spice up your company event video.willis tower video production

If you’re looking to shoot a corporate event video at McCormick Place or any other Chicago video production, leave a comment below, call us directly at 773-252-3352, or go to

Videos Promote Company Events, Even After They’re Over

Event videos keep working after the event is over.

Company events take time and effort to plan. Make sure that the time and effort put into an event is paid off by using event videography. By filming your event you provide a long standing example of what type of affair the company or group can achieve. This will help to give your consumer a clear picture as to what qualities you have to offer. Watch the Chicago video production demo reel below to see how videos promote company events, even after they’re over.

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Promotional Videos for Business are Proven Effective

Promotional videos are versatile and can be projected to fit the way your company wants to be portrayed. There are many ways to create a business promotional video: with interviews, motion graphics, and product sampling. Check out an example of the promotional motion graphics video we created for Lion’s Club below. Follow it with the motion graphics and promotional videos playlist.

Business promotional videos work. If you’re thinking about trying this effective method for your business, give us a call at 773-252-3352. We want to be your go-to Chicago video production company.

Earn the Trust of Your Consumers by Making Tutorial Videos

You’re an expert in your field, so why not share that expertise with your audience and in return gain their trust? If you want to prove your level of skill in your industry, show people you know what you’re talking about—rather than simply telling them that you’re an expert.


For example, do you build things for a living? Create a video showing step by step how to make something from beginning to end. At the end of the video encourage people to ask questions or othewise engage with you so you can establish a relationship with them and improve future videos.

There are a few things you should remember while making a tutorial video:

1. Use a script- don’t just ramble. Know what you want to say ahead of time and practice it. Clear verbal communication is extremely important in a tutorial video.

2.  Keep it short- most people tend to have a short attention span and would prefer for you to get to the point. Think of the last time you wanted to figure out how to do something via a video—you probably fast forwarded to the part you needed. Depending on the content of the video, a good rule of thumb for tutorial videos is to keep them between 2 to 5 minutes.

3. Make sure you have good audio- if your viewers can’t clearly hear what you’re saying, what’s the point of a tutorial video? Use an external microphone if possible and make sure to test your audio by playing it back to make sure it sounds okay.

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Orrington Gives Video A Chicago Feel in the Suburbs


hotel video space

Image via Hotel Orrington

For a Chicago video production looking for a more laid-back approach than the hustle and bustle of downtown Chicago, Evanston’s Orrington Hilton offers a just-barely-suburban respite from the bright lights of the big city. Orrington gives video a Chicago feel in the suburbs. We all know the benefits a hotel has for corporate video production—the guest rooms make for great interview backdrops, banquet halls, etc.—so what this specific Hilton offers is location. You can get that luxurious North Shore look and still have the Chicago skyline in the background. Maybe you could even wrangle some Northwestern film students in as interns. Or just film on the beautiful campus. That works, too.

If you need help booking a venue give us a call! We can assist you in finding the perfect space for your video. Leave a comment below, call us directly at 773-252-3352, or go to