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Video Editing Promotional Videos for Business (Pt. 3)

(Part 1 & part 2)

What Does a Promotional Video Need To Do?

  • Project a sincere message
  • Entertain (without making the viewer dizzy!)
  • Motivate
  • Create a sense of trust
  • Identify the 3-5 major attributes of your company, product or service.

Examples of major attributes you can highlight include:

  • Specialized experience or training
  • How long your company has been in business
  • Price
  • Value
  • Quality
  • Employees
  • Location
  • Variety
  • Convenience
  • Hours
  • Guarentees
  • Samples or examples of your work, product or service.

The Use of Testimonials in Video Production

You may want to include testimonials in your video as well. It can be very effective to get one or two of your clients to say how you helped them. To add credibility, when editing testimonials, you’ll want to include their name, title and company a couple of seconds after they appear on screen. This titling is commonly called ‘lower thirds’. You may want to include their company logo, especially if they are from a well known company. To see how long it should be on the screen, actually read the information as though it was the first time you were doing so. This will avoid the lower thirds being on for too long or short of a time.

Now That I’m Done Editing my Promotional Video…

Once you’re done editing your promotional video, it’s time to get it viewed. Like the proverbial tree falling in the forest, people need to view your video! So once you’re done editing it, you’ll need to save it as a file. Make sure you save different versions of it, possibly in different file formats. For instance, you’ll want to save a high resolution version of your finished program for posting on your website and video posting sites such as YouTube and Vimeo. And you’ll want to save a smaller size one in case you want to send it to someone in an email. While you’re at it, you might want to save a QuickTime and WMV version of it too, as large and small sized files. To leap the horns of the outputting dilemma, you may want to just output an Mp4 version, which can be opened and seen on Macs and PC’s.

Even though you’ll have seen the video many times, make sure you watch each version to make sure that it’s not chunking along or has artifacts in it due to it not being of sufficient resolution. You may have to do a fair amount of experimenting to make a small sized file that still looks good when played. So before releasing it to the public, test it before sending the video you’ve spent all of this time filming and editing.

Using Video Production for Business

If you’re considering implementing video to better your business but are not sure where to start, our Chicago video production team has broken down a few ways you can use video for your business.

Using Video Production for Business

Corporate videos

This category covers a lot of different kinds of videos, but they’re all meant for large companies that are using video production as an additional way to reach new and old clients (branding), and to communicate more clearly with employees (internal communication).

Some uses of corporate video production:

– Employee training
– Orienting clients
– Corporate event videography- such as conferences, trade shows, galas, etc.
– Company meeting videos

For more information on corporate video production for business, visit our Corporate Videography page.

chicago video productionEvent Videos

Company event videography is a great way to 1) record useful information to refer to whenever needed and 2) promote company activities to show productivity and attract an audience for future events.

Examples of company events that can implement event videography:

– Trade show booth video and trade show video coverage
– Convention video coverage
– Company meeting- presentation slides and presenter
– Fun company events- such as galas, parties, get togethers etc.
– New hire interviews

For more information on Event Video Production for business, visit our Event Videography page.

Promotional Videos

chicago video production

Promotional videography is probably the most prevalent kind of business video. Promotional videos are typically short videos (1-2 minutes) that communicate a specific message to a specific audience in a motivating way that directs them to take an action.


Types of promotional videography for business:

– Product/service demonstration
– Facility promotion
– Upcoming event promotion
– Branding

For more information on Promotional Video Production for business, visit our Promotional Videography page.

Training Videos

This category of videos is perhaps the most useful for internal efficiency. Instead of explaining how to use machinery, computer programs, or products to employees time and time again, why not provide them with a short, entraining video that they can pause and play until they fully understand the concept?

A few ways you can use training videos for your company:

– New employee training
– New task training
– Orienting customers

For more information on Training Video Production for business, visit our Training Videography page.

Video Production for Business Works

Whether you’re new to the use of video for business enhancement or have tried implementing video for your business and didn’t get the results you were looking for, we’re here to help you figure out exactly what kind of video would work for you. Video production for business works- the numbers prove this fact. And if the numbers aren’t enough, we’ll be happy to show you examples of how video has helped other businesses just like yours. For more information on videography for business and to see examples of other business videos, visit our Chicago Video Production page and contact us with any questions!

Video Editing Promotional Videos for Business (Pt. 2)

The Use of Motion Graphics in Video Editing

Motion graphics are used to illustrate a point and/or entertain. So it’s best to use them to accentuate the points you want the viewer to remember. As we all have busier and busier lives, our attention spans get shorter and shorter. So save the ‘eye candy’ that motion graphics often represent for bringing home the 3-5 major points you want to present in your video.

Technically, motion graphics can be any graphic that moves on the screen. This could include animated text, animating a logo, or just about anything else that hasn’t been filmed by the camera crew. Of course, to get the attention of the viewer, you can also use special effects on shot footage too. You can use a variety of filters and special effects that come with many professional editing programs. You can also purchase them if you’re looking for something that doesn’t come with your video editing program.

The Use of Special Effects in Video Editing

While your promotional video needs to move and be entertaining, remember that this isn’t a music video. No need to pull every special effect or editing filter out of your editing bag of tricks. Sometimes, less is better. Often cuts and dissolves work just fine too. The viewer will soon tire of the special effects, wild transitions between shots and the like. Though you have to keep the viewer’s attention, the idea is to communicate and motivate rather than to show them all of the editing program’s capabilities.