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Chicago Videographers Keep Social Media In Mind

Chicago videographers

Chicago Videographers Share Ways to Get Noticed

Chicago videographers, as is the case with other professionals, share things of value on the internet. In your business, you sell or promote something of value. How can you make those two separate facts of life work together to fulfill your mission to promote products or services using online video production? How can you get all the exposure you want by capturing the attention of the online audience?

The millions of people who view and share YouTube video editing clips are doing so because they find something of value within those clips. Most of the time, an entertaining or compelling property to a video – regardless of its subject – causes it to spread like wildfire via email to friends, or embedded on personal web pages or blogs.

The Rules of Social Media

What is “social media” and how can you use it to your benefit? One way is to start off by entertaining or otherwise holding people’s attention? It may be a confusing new media landscape, but the good news is that the very old rules of grabbing attention still apply.

Here are some of the oldest:
• Tickle the funny bone.
No matter the product or service, chances are there is a way to use humor to talk about it. Look at your subject for ways to draw unusual comparisons to everyday things. For this, you may wish to hire a writer, or look within your own business history for amusing stories you can adapt to your clip.

• Pique curiosity.
Ask questions in your video production – questions you answer yourself, doing so with your product or service on center stage. Create tension and suggest controversy by blacking out eyes or faces of people appearing in your clip. Set up your clip as a question with your own product or service as the answer.

• Stir up anger.
Today, a huge and growing business surrounds political “discussion.” Look for ways to use this very profitable anger to frame discussion of your product or service. Be careful here, as today, politics is more ‘dangerous’ to discuss than the generally taboo subject of religion. However getting people riled up can get your video attention. Just make sure it’s the kind of attention you want!

These three methods will impart “share-ability” – another way to say it is your video editing can go “viral”. This adds value, and brings maximum exposure to your clips. Especially when using skilled video editing professionals, your YourTube videos can get you and your value noticed online.

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Chicago Videographer Identifies 7 Benefits Of Producing Marketing Videos

marketing video7 Top Reasons to Produce Marketing Videos

In the competitive Chicago production companies market there are many reasons your brand, product or company should consider using video technology to produce your marketing videos.

Here is a list of the top seven:

1. Image Management
The way your business looks on-screen is entirely under your control when you use a promotional video. That control is a rare opportunity. Your brand, product or company’s image across the entire marketplace is never entirely under your control. However, using a promotional video production puts the outcome in your hands.

2. Convenience
Video doesn’t interrupt a prospect as a phone call could. Video is viewed on demand by the prospect or customer, when they want and how they want.

3. Faster Buying Decision
Sales video productions make for a faster sales cycle. Major business schools agree that video speeds up buying decisions. Video delivers what prospects need to know – even if the video results in questions, those questions will be explicit and to the point, speeding up the sales process.

4. Reduced Sales Overhead
Traveling to an out-of-town prospect’s place of business can drive up costs beyond the benefit of doing the business, even if you land it! Video production allows you to keep sales costs in line without missing opportunities.

5. Novelty
Market studies on Chicago production companies show that nearly everyone given a DVD will view it at one point or another – even if only out of curiosity. Make that curiosity work for you! These days, not only a DVD, but a link to your marketing video is the way to go.

6. Standardization
Doing web video the right way ensures that consistent, correct information is presented to prospects at all times. Managing a library of web video production titles allows you to address many different groups of prospects, but always with consistency.

7. Retention
Modern society is used to receiving visual information. Text can be skimmed. A phone call can be a distraction. Video captures attention and holds it better than any other medium – especially as most people receive information via television or the internet.

Using these 7 tips will expand your client base within the highly competitive, yet profitable Chicago marketplace by using one of many expert Chicago production companies to produce your video.

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Chicago Video Production Tips: Know Your Audience and Speak to Them Effectively

Chicago video production audienceChicago Video Production Audiences

This post can help you successfully market your business to a more highly targeted audience whether you’re in the Chicago video production market or not. Successful marketing of your promotional and sales videos need to be aimed at a particular audience demographic.

Obviously, you speak differently in a video production to a group of kindergarten students than to a consortium of chief executive officers of Fortune 500 companies. You would likewise use a different vocabulary with a group of college educated professionals than with blue collar workers.

However, not all video productions need to be so narrowly focused. If your target audience is association or society executives, you may need to speak their language. But if your objective is to sell office supplies to companies or products to the general public, you can stay more general. So the take-away is that if your product is broadly purchased, your video should also be. Narrow interest means your video needs to appeal to a more narrowly focused audience.

Your Video Production Script

You would be wise to fine-tune the script of your video production marketing efforts. People don’t like to be talked down to, but don’t feel as though you have to wow them and talk over their heads. Don’t underestimate the intelligence of your audience, but at the same time, don’t try to impress them with how smart YOU are, either.

Any Chicago video producer knows that success and sales hinge upon the video production appropriately reaching out to the target audience and identifying with them. Speak in plain English and tell your story. Describe your services and why they should use your company.

The place to start telling your story is with your script. The script falls under pre-production activities, which entails marrying up what you will say and what you will show. It’s a shot by shot description that will identify how and what you will communicate to your audience.

Video Production Can Be the Great Convincer

Sometimes you’re in the position of knowing that what you are selling is something that people need, but don’t see the immediate value in. Convincing people requires salesmanship and good communication skills that come through in a polished script and presentation.

If  you need to find a resonant chord to strike with your audience, somehow relate your product or service to something important in their lives. Convince them that what you are selling genuinely IS the best thing since sliced bread.

The main point is, know your audience, even though you sometimes have a tough sell to make. Think about or research what motivates and inspires them. Doing so will help you increase your client base in what is a highly competitive Chicago video production market for your web videos.

We can help you develop a script and produce a promotional video that will be specific enough to speak to your target audience, yet broad enough to reach enough potential customers to make producing your your marketing video a worthwhile effort. For help using video production for your business contact us at or 773 252-3352.

5 Top Tips for Traffic To Your YouTube Videos from a Chicago Videographer

chicago videographer photoChicago Videographer Offers Tips for Traffic

As a leading Chicago videographer, I am often asked by my clients about YouTube and if they should be loading their videos up to it. My answer is simple, “I say absolutely! The only reason to upload your video clips to YouTube is so that people will find them and watch them.”

While it’s true that some people will watch anything online, those probably aren’t the people whose attention you are seeking with your video production efforts, especially as a business professional. Here are my top 5 tips for uploading and driving traffic to your professional business videos on YouTube.

1. Social Networking

Business is a form of socializing and the modern marketing method is called social networking. Social networking is very popular because of the interaction among people online. They call it sharing. Interact, be social and share your knowledge.

2. Produce a Good Video Production

Social networking is based on the fact that on the internet, people share things of value. Typically that value is knowledge, your expertise. Sharing your expertise in your video makes the video production valuable. Have an audience clearly in mind and make the video production with that audience in mind.

3. Use Social Bookmarking

Try social bookmarking sites, such as Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Reddit or Twitter. Think of these sites as places where people congregate to find things to share. These sites allow you to fill out a small form including a link to your video and a description of what it is. StumbleUpon offers a free browser toolbar to help you add content to StumbleUpon.

4. Write Careful Descriptions

Be very clear and explicit with your video description. Think of the person searching for the subject of your video clip and all the words they might use to search for that clip. Include these words in the video description. Remember that unless you have a very prominent brand name, you are much better off using manly plain English words to describe the video clip, even if the clip concerns your brand or product.

5. Be Generous

Remember that while your job is to get viewers to your video clip, you shouldn’t only share your own clips, as that is considered spamming. You should instead make sure to share quality clips and websites and blogs that are connected by subject to your clip. If you persist in sharing quality content, people will return to and share your content and business video clips again and again, thereby racking up impressions for your business again and again. Whether you specifically need a Chicago videographer, the web can make your business videos powerful by simply using these 5 tips.

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Different Ways to Use a Chicago Video Production Company

Chicago video production company

When you hire a Chicago video production company, or any one for that matter, you don’t need to hire us for the entire project. In fact, it’s quite common for our clients to hire us to film an event or interview and then send them the original footage on a hard drive. Other times, clients have shot something themselves and then say, Help!

Here are the major areas that you can consider either doing yourself or farming out to a professional Chicago video production company:


Scriptwriting – You or we could write the script. Sometimes a professional can help you think through ideas and help you put your best foot forward through a powerful script. A video professional can also help you ‘visualize’ the narration and come up with good visuals to use to support the audio.

Voice over narration – a professional sounds great, but you or we could film and interview your CEO or another person in your company and use them as the voice for your video.

Chicago Video Production

Professional digital videoVideo production – If it ‘aint’ shot right, nothing is going to save your video! In other words, if the video is sub-par, no amount of editing will save it. High end HD cameras, proper audio and lighting, correct framing, attention to background and other details are the hallmarks of an experienced video production crew. So if you’re going to spend any money on your video, the production end of it is the place to do it!


Editing can be done by you. But the hallmark of a professional video editor is proper shot selection, appropriate transitions between edits, use of animated text and graphics, good (and licensed) music, color correction and other details that will give your finished video a professional look and feel.

There are other aspects to the video production process such as whether to use actors or not, how to screen talent, proper location, how to shoot and edit for your target audience, etc., but these are the major aspects of any video production, whether done in Chicago or elsewhere.

Feel free to contact us at if you would like help with your Chicago video production.

Repurpose Images from Videos for Social Media Promotion

social media promotion

Use Images from Videos for Social Media Promotion

If you already have a video produced for your business, whether it’s informative, promotional, or of any sort, repurposing images and text from your video to promote the video (and your company) via social media is a very smart way to grab people’s attention.

You can use these pieces as ads, Facebook posts, tweets, Instagram posts, Pinterest pins, and more.

Use Frame Grabs from Your Video Productions

You can and probably should use a frame grab from a video you’ve produced or want to promote. You can open the video in QuickTIme and find a frame that represents your video. Then go to the select frame feature, capture it and save it to your hard drive. Then you need to name it in such a way as to give it ‘seo juice’. In other words, you want Google and the other search engines to notice that you are using certain keywords so they associate them with your blogs, videos and of course your all important website!

This is a great way to give your audience a teaser of your videos and invite them to watch the rest. Just think about the main point of your video and decide what images/text are the most interesting and best describe your video and promote them.

If you need help with this or any aspect of video production or video editing, call us at 773 252-3352 or email

Video one productions background image 2

Pro Tip: Preparing for Production

What does it take to make sure that your video production goes well?

Among the worst words you ever want to hear are, ‘I should have thought of that before’. Of course those words lead to other words that are best left off this blog! But that’s another story. This blog is about how not to have to say those words.  Since there are many types of video shoots, I’ll focus on event videography and shooting a scripted production.

  • Event Videography
    An event is to some extent ‘cinéma vérité’ or filming whatever happens to happen. Even though you know what is supposed to happen, event videography is not as controllable as a scripted production where you generally have an opportunity to redo a shot. The good news is that even during an event where you don’t know exactly what will be said or done, you have a good idea about where the action will be taking place. Whether it’s a corporate presentation, party, or performance, you can certainly make preparations so that you get the shot.
  • Audio Considerationschicago video production
    The audio portion of a video is never given a second thought by a viewer of your video, unless it’s bad. So this is one area that you definitely need to troubleshoot. For instance, ideally, you always want to put a wireless microphone on the speaker or patch into the venue’s sound system and get a feed directly to your camera. You never want to use your onboard camera mic to capture the audio unless you have no other choice. Always test your audio before the event and make sure that you have fresh batteries installed in the transmitter.
  • Let There be Good Lighting!
    Another vital area of video production is lighting. No matter how good your HD camera is, it’s impossible to get around an extremely low light situation. That’s why we always inquire about this important area before we get to the shoot. It’s always great if we can get a photo of the lighting in the room or see some existing video someone else has shot in the same location with the venue’s lighting. If the lighting isn’t sufficient for good video, you have some choices. Make sure that the venue has the ability, will and authorization to turn up the lighting. This generally requires the person paying for the venue to communicate with the manager of the venue beforehand to make sure that this will be done.  Another option is to bring your own lighting. But remember, in order to light a large area, you need large lights! You may need to hire an audio video company for this, as an on-board camera light will not do the trick.
  • Where to Position the Video Camera
    While the position of the subject of your shoot may not be in question, the vantage point from which you film them is always a decision that needs to be made. Of course the nature of the event, the client, or the venue may dictate that this is where you’ll be positioned and that’s that! But if you have a choice in the matter, consider what you’ll want in the background.chicago video production camera  Do you want the background to be in focus or out of focus. Your options will be determined by the type of camera you use. For instance, we use the Canon Mark II or III and the C100 that allows us to have the subject crystal clear in the foreground, while making the background diffused or out of focus. Here’s an example of that look in our interview demo.
  • Video Background
    Who or what will be in the background? Make sure that the background of the subject is not cluttered or otherwise unprofessional or unsightly if you have any control over it. If you don’t have control over the background or you’re not happy with it for some reason, you can try to tighten up the shot and eliminate as much of it as possible. More foreground, less background is one way to clean up the shot.

During my next blog, I’ll discuss more about how to make sure your event shoot goes well. Then after that, I’ll discuss how to make sure that your scripted production is a success too.
If you would like help with any aspect of video, production or video editing, click here!

Closed Captioning and Subtitles for Video Editing

We’re just wrapping up a video editing project for a client who originally wanted closed captioning on their DVD’s and website videos. This turned into a much more involved process than one would think.

First, a few definitions. Both captioning and subtitling display text on the lower portion of the screen. Subtitling, which most of us are familiar with when watching foreign films, is used to display text on the screen throughout the film or program.

Captioning is similar to subtitling, but is geared to the hearing impaired. Captioning describes sounds as well as dialogue in text. Below are a couple of examples of captioning and subtitles for video editing.

Closed Captioning Example

Getting back to our client, they wanted closed captioning on their DVD. However, they wanted the text to appear with a black background so it would stand out better. This seemed to be a reasonable enough request, as when you watch a video on YouTube and you press the ‘CC’ button, you see white text with a black rectangle background. What happens here is that YouTube uses voice recognition technology to interpret what it thinks the words are. Though this technology is pretty good, it’s not perfect.

However, to incorporate white text on a black background on a DVD, we’d have had to create a separate graphic for each line of text that appears on the screen throughout the entire video. This would have taken hours to do, even for 15 minutes of programming. In addition, we’d have to have two separate videos of the same program on the DVD. One video would have the captions burned into the actual video and one without captions.

captioning and subtitles for video editing

Subtitling Sample

The viewer would have the option to select the caption button on the menu of the DVD to decide whether captions would be displayed or not. But instead of captions just popping on or off, an entirely new video would play. This means that if a viewer wanted to turn captions on or off, they’d have to stop the video, go to the main menu, press captions on or off and start the program over again.

This wasn’t an appealing choice, as it would have taken hours for us to create and place each text graphic on one of the videos, plus the user experience would have cumbersome. In addition to that, the caption/subtitling button on their remote control would be disabled. So we decided to just make the text larger, increase the black outline of the text and go with subtitles that could be turned on or off.


captioning and subtitles for video editing

Closed Captioning Example on YouTube

We also created a SCC file that our client will upload to YouTube. Once uploaded to YouTube, if they link to it from their website, viewers will have the option to watch with closed captioning or now. If they select closed captioning, their video will display white text with a black background.

So the big take-away for us was that if you are producing a program for the hearing impaired, just distribute it on YouTube and not DVD. Otherwise, you’ll need to go with subtitling unless you’re prepared to spend a lot of time and money creating graphics for each line of text. Plus, if you convert a HD program to DVD, chances are the resolution won’t be acceptable to today’s discerning audience. This is because even though a program is filmed and edited in HD, when you turn it into a standard definition DVD, it will not look good on a HD monitor.

I hope you have found this instructive. Please contact us at (773) 252-3352 or if you would like to know more about closed captioning, subtitles or producing your next video.

You Should Have a Promotional Video On Your Website

promotional video photo

Everyone knows about the common wisdom that every business needs a website.  They also know that every website needs a promotional video. But why? OK. Here’s goes…

Everyone Expects You To Have a Promotional Video in 2016

First and foremost, everyone more or less expects you to have a promotional video on your website that succinctly explains your business. Your web-video should be your 60 second elevator pitch to anyone who visits your site. Your explainer or marketing video should be succinct, entertaining, informative and motivating. It should cover the major ‘talking points’ about your business. It should also keep your website visitors’ attention, offer them good content about your business, be interesting to view and of course, motivate them to take action.

The call to action at the end of the video is perhaps the most important aspect of the video. It can entail asking them to call you, fill out a form, send you their email, buy a product, etc.

So the first reason to have is video is that people expect it in 2016. People used to expect you to have a website. Then they expected you to have graphics to break up the text. Now they expect you to have a good video that reflects the quality of your business.

It’s Easier to Watch a Marketing Video Than Read Text

Another reason that a video is imperative is that most people would prefer to watch an entertaining video. They expect to learn everything they need to know about the business, product or service within 60 seconds, rather than having to scour around the website, reading text.

website video

Great for Social Media

In addition to being seen on your website, your promotional video can also be distributed to a variety of video distribution sites and seen by potential customers on YouTube, Facebook, Yelp!, LinkedIn, a blog and other internet sites.

I’ll discuss more great reasons to have a video on your website and what you can do with it next week. So stay tuned! If you would like assistance in producing or marketing your great video, please feel free to contact us at or 773 252-3352.

Make a Video Production That Gets Results – Part II

In part one, I presented some ideas for making a video production that gets results. This week, I’ll finish up with more ideas.

YouTube video production

Look at video production on YouTube

Video production by others can inspire and teach you many lessons. Last week I touched upon this, but here’s more about looking at other videos to get ideas for yours. Watch a bunch of other people’s videos and decide what elements you might want to include in yours. Do they use onscreen talent or voice over narration? Do they use professional actors or people from their own company? This is sometimes difficult to discern, but if you can get away with using people from your own company, do it. Just make sure they sign a release. Also make sure that they are stable. Seriously. We had to produce another video for someone because the ‘star’ of their previous video went ‘whacko’ and they didn’t want this person to in any way represent their company.

Note the style or approach video producers use

Is it a warm, friendly style or a high tech approach? Does it include a lot of motion graphics to accentuate or better communicate certain points? How do they weave their branding into the production? What type of music do they use, if any? What font do they use in the text? Is it serif or sans serif? Is the font light and breezy or a ‘this stuff is serious’ type of font?

You get the idea. Take note of everything in their video. View it as a producer would, rather than as an audience member.

Recording at TV studio with television anchorwoman. TV NEWS

Who is your target audience?

Another crucial step is to decide who your target audience is. And don’t say, ‘my audience is anyone who will buy my product’. The ‘shotgun’ approach to marketing can work, but it’s more effective if you can identify more precisely who will be in the market for what you have to offer. Once you’ve done that, you’ll want to produce your video with them in mind.

If you’re trying to recruit Millennials to work at your company, do your research. What appeals to Millennials? Of course, people of a certain generation or any other ‘market’ are not all the same, but there are some common traits that most of them share.

Black cinema clapper board in hands, close up

You might be ready to start producing your video now

Whether you decide to produce your own video or use a professional video production company like ours, being aware of these considerations will put you ahead of the game. If you use us to help you, we’ll be asking you these and more questions to make sure that you hit the nail on the head and produce the type of video that will ring true for your target audience.

Ultimately, the results you achieve will be the telling of the tale as to whether you’re successful. But if you follow these initial steps and you produce a professional looking video and are still not achieving your desired results, then you’re probably not marketing your video correctly. I’ve written other blogs on video marketing, so take a look at other blog articles on this site.

If you would like help producing or marketing your video, you can contact us at (773) 252-3352 or