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Can all websites benefit from a corporate video? part 1

Admittedly there is probably a bias of opinion both in myself and in many of the readers at ReelSEO, but I am going to attempt to approach this subject objectively to find out if all websites can benefit form video editing. I decided that the best way to do this would be to ask 5 friends who love to stitch me up to pick a website each that they think it would be difficult to create a video production about. I would then have to come up with a way for the site to use video production that would enhance their website experience for the site visitors.

Unfortunately, as you will see below their challenges were pathetic or ridiculous so in search of a real contest I bid you to enter a website URL into the comment box for me to find a way that they could leverage video to make their site fulfill it’s purpose in life better.

The Test – Find A Small Business That Can’t Make Use Of Online Video Editing

You’re The Man Now Dog (Really not sure how to classify)

Fair do’s, this is hard. But going back to basics we look at what the point of the site is; in this case it is to give people a momentary giggle. So we have Sean Connery delivering one of his lines from Finding Forrester (I think). There could be a video production accompanying the spoken work showing scenes that could be applied to the phrase “you’re the man now dog”. This could use the same concept as the Snatch Wars series of videos – here’s one for you if you haven’t seen them:

Click here to watch the video.

Some people have far too much time on their hands….

Should All Small Businesses Get Involved With Online Video Editing?

So what about small business sites in general?

I think that many small businesses are in the position where they have a website that tells the world what they do, they paid a web designer to make it look pretty, they have a handsome looking photo of themselves on there but they struggle to get much traffic to the site. You have a homepage, an About Us page, a Services page and a Contact Us page but that is about it. It’s flat and it’s pretty boring to all except the owner and his most supportive of friends. So you decide that what you need is to create some interesting content on your site to add value to the few visitors that do come so that they may then recommend you to others through social sharing or whatever; good idea. Is Video relevant and useful to you?

Here the answer is a resounding yes, I have always found that behind almost every business that I deal with there is a passionate person with good ideas that is adding value to the world. Video is the perfect medium to be able to communicate your ideas in a compelling manner. Of course it needs to be done well, but a human being explaining something often beats a textual explanation and video gives you the opportunity to display visually what you mean.

The point is that every website has been created for a reason and if you can verbalise that reasoning then you can also communicate it visually.

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