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5 reasons businesses aren’t using video

REELSEO posted an article listing the top five reasons some businesses don’t use video production company. Below is a run-down of these reasons, and solutions to those problems.

1. Not enough people watch online videos.
Why that’s bunk: “When I give my speeches I speak all over the world – with audiences from fifty, to hundreds, to thousands of people… in the last couple of years. I speak to all kinds of groups, all different ages, all different job functions.  Frequently I’ll ask the question ‘how many people in the last one to two months have watched a video online,’ and it’s as close to 100% of each room as you can get.”

2. Google searches don’t always find the good videos.
Why that’s bunk: “I think Google does a tremendous job of cutting through the noise. That is why so many people still use Google, and it’s made them one of the most successful companies on the planet. Google is still the place you go to if you’ve got a problem to solve. You know that while people could potentially go to 50,000 or more places that could potentially solve whatever problem they have – typing a query into Google is what pulls up quick, relevant results.  I think good video is already being surfaced in that way, and more good video will be showing up there. If you create a video that’s valuable and people point to it, every time they point to the link, then that’s a vote of confidence that that’s good video, and the Google algorithm surfaces that video.”

3. Video production company is too much work.
Why that’s bunk: “The plain and simple truth is I could pull out my Flip video camera right now, and I could have something up and on YouTube in less than an hour.”

4. Production takes too much time.
Why that’s bunk: A great example is “musician Dave Carroll’s “United Breaks Guitars” video last year. It was a great example of consumer-genereated media (and justifiable outrage over terrible customer service by United), using humor and a catchy tune, and generated around 9 million views. With that huge amount of traffic that was showing up for Caroll’s video under “broken Taylor guitars,” The Taylor Guitar company decided to create their own video response. They wrote, filmed, shot and then uploaded their video literally within hours after Caroll’s YouTube video broke.

5. Hard to get legal permission for video.
Why that’s bunk:
“Stop obsessing over video release forms… What works for me is when I turn on my video camera I say would you “I’m going to be filming this video interview with you, and I’m going to be posting it on YouTube and linked into YouTube from my blog, is that OK?”  And they say “yes,” and I then say, “can you spell your name, and tell me your title and affiliation.” After I’m done, I upload the edited version to YouTube, and I keep the other part in case I need it later.”

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