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5 Viral Video Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

viral video marketing

Today, viral video marketing is a method becoming more popular when it comes to advertising online. In a manner of speaking, the purpose of viral video marketing is to publish videos online that have the potential to spread like wildfire and create brand awareness in the process. This kind of promotion especially thrives in social media and video-sharing sites, but videos can only go viral if they have the characteristics that will influence people to pass it on. In this article, you will learn what it takes to create a video fit for viral marketing and how to make it so.

1. Tell a story

Most online material consumers have a short attention span which means that you need to get hold of their attention as soon as the film starts rolling. One of the purposes of creating the videos is to stir the imagination of your target audience; otherwise they will not go viral.

Just like writing a good article, you can begin a viral video with a controversy, a question, or incredible and factual statistics. No matter how short the video is, it should also be able to tell a story, something that your audience can resonate with. It’s also equally important that your videos appeal to the viewers’ intelligence. Give them something that doesn’t just make them laugh but also inspire them to take action after watching the video. You see, becoming viral isn’t solely about promoting your business, it’s also influencing consumer behavior. A video may not mention a brand name until the end of the video but if they find it in the message that your brand is encouraging a good deed, say helping each other in times of disaster, they will associate your business with it and remember you should such situations arise.

2. Invest in quality videos

A video with a powerful message can be ruined by serious technical blunders so if your videos must go viral, make sure you shoot them in acceptable quality. Film it in high resolution and clear audio that will play suitably in every device possible such as computers, tablets, and smart phones. You also have to make sure the story in the video is coherent and transitions well from one scene to another, a feature that can be achieved by proficient video editing.

3. Make it a series

Producing promotional videos is a creative process and its rules aren’t absolute rules such as how long video ads should be. For instance, lengthy videos may be engaging for some viewers but it doesn’t always mean that the viewers will remember them. There are times when short videos create the stronger impact, but if your idea for your video requires an extended presentation, consider turning it into a series. Just make sure that you leave your audience hanging enough to watch the upcoming sequels.

4. Hire a good video production company

Availing the services of a competent video production firm may be your best option especially if you don’t know where to begin with the creation of your video. They can help you come up with concepts that will best portray the message you’re want to communicate with your target customers. Just remember to ask for the portfolio of the video production companies you’re considering before you close a deal with one. See this guide for more specific tips on how to choose a video production company.

5. Allow people to share and download it

The whole point of viral video marketing is for the viewers to share it in every existing platform possible, social media sites especially. Create for your brand a YouTube channel where people can subscribe and stay updated for any videos you’re planning to upload. Once your videos are on the channel, make sure that you share it on video-friendly social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. You can also make your video available for download so that other people can show it to their friends and maybe even use it as a visual aid for relevant circumstances such as speaking or teaching opportunities. See this guide for more tips on video marketing for business.


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