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Are there too many videos on the web?

Even if we wanted to crawl through the raw feed of uploaded videos… we couldn’t. Seriously–I just did some quick math and proved it. It’s mathematically impossible for all YouTube videos to get a fair shot. Most of you probably don’t need proof, but let’s just run the numbers real quick just for fun.

YouTube says there are 35 hours of video uploaded every minute. So…

35 (hours) X 60 (minutes per hour) = 2100 minutes of video uploaded every minute

The average length of a YouTube video is 2 minutes 46 seconds. We’ll call that 2.75 minutes for our mathematical purposes. So…

2100 (minutes) divided by 2.75 (average minutes per video) = 763 videos uploaded every minute (give or take)

Now… how many people would it take to keep up with a stream like that? Basic logic says that if you wanted to track all video production Chicago uploaded to make sure no one ever missed a great video… then you’d need 2100 employees working round the clock… it takes one employee one minute to watch one minute of video, right?

Even if you only pay $5/hour, which would be pushing it anywhere in the U.S. these days, that’s $10,500 an hour:

2100 (employees) x 5.00 (dollars) = 10,500.00

That’s just one hour. Generally as an employer, you have to pay employees for all the hours they work… and since there’s no “business hours” at YouTube and video can be uploaded any time, day or night… we actually have to pay these video production Chicago hounds for round the clock work. Oh, and don’t forget YouTube doesn’t take holidays off either. So…

$10,500.00 (dollars per hour) x 24 (hours in a day) = $252,000 (dollars spent on payroll in one day)


$252,000 (daily payroll) x 365 (days in a year) = $91,980,000 (annual payroll costs)

So… clearly… nobody’s monitoring all videos. It’s impossible—mathematically, physically, and financially–and we’ve only looked at YouTube just now, which means we aren’t even counting video production Chicago from Vimeo, DailyMotion, etc. The sheer volume of videos being uploaded far outweighs our ability (and interest) to keep up with them. Which means that every day… every minute… right this second… there are great videos going unnoticed and getting buried in the flood. What a shame.

What’s worse, is that even if we had the time and inclination to view the raw upload feed of all videos, it’s impossible. YouTube won’t let you search or browse by any negative things like “lowest view count” or “least subscribed,” and there’s certainly no “raw pipeline” view or feed we can tap into. So there’s a lot of gatekeeping going on.

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