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Are you afraid of online video?

There are scary videos on YouTube. A lot of them feature teenagers talking about their lives. But some businesses that could or should be using video, are actually to afraid to use the medium. Below is an excerpt from REELSEO on where this fear of video production company stems from.

  • Personal Fear / Job Security. BJ explains that on one level, people are afraid of appearing dumb. “They are afraid of looking stupid to their peers and bosses, thinking they are going to get fired or lose status in their company. There is a personal kind of fear like, ‘Oh… my… gosh.’” He says.
  • Brand Risk. “This is what businesses will often explain it as, and it’s true I think, even stronger than personal fear.” Says BJ. “Businesses will often say that ‘we can’t put our brand at risk.  Everything our brand goes on has to go through all these approval channels.  It has to have this level of quality and so we are afraid of hurting our brand.’”
  • Self-image. Many people are still very self-conscious about how they appear on video, either cosmetically or audibly, despite how well they know their content.
  • Anonymity. Some people simply don’t want to attract any attention to themselves.
  • Control. Anything that is recorded and posted online is something that can always be used by someone else indiscriminately. Even if someone doing a self-recording, they are still having to relinquish control once that video shared with others. There’s also another element with control, and that’s NOT wanting to share. (It goes to the old mentality of some people in management wanting to hoard information for themselves. They less you share with others, the more you think people will need to be dependent on you.)
  • Perception. Some business people still have the perception that admitting that you’re unable to keep up with the rapid pace of online technology and video (which practically everyone can’t), would make them be perceived as no longer qualified to be in the position they currently hold. In a cutthroat business world, others may perceive admitting to what you don’t know as a sign of weakness.


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