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OLC Promotional Video Production

Promotional Video Production

We were asked by a client of ours to film a promotional video production for the OLC Education and Conference Center in Rosemont, Illinois. The OLC is a full-service, state-of-the-art venue designed specifically to meet the demanding requirements of high-tech learning environments for medical, corporate and association events. They have state-of-the-art technology and flexible space, offering a multifunctional venue for conferences and hospitality events, meetings, classroom lectures, symposiums, live streaming, corporate meetings, surgical procedures training, and hands-on bio-skills training.

promotional video production at 9400 W Higgins Rd Rosemont, IL 60018

First We Filmed Video Interviews

The video is used for promotional purposes to attract clients to this multi-million dollar facility. We produced this 10-minute promotional video for OLC and then cut it down to a shorter version. First, we filmed a series of interviews of key players in the OLC organization. We put them in front of various backgrounds to keep things interesting.

It’s customary for us to upload the interviews and ask the client to choose the segments that they feel are important to highlight in the final video. If we don’t do this, we’re playing a guessing game and hoping that we pick out the best segments. We put timecode on the raw interview footage, upload it to, a video sharing site, and then ask the client to make an edit decision list for each interviewee.

promotional video production

VIdeo Interview of Key Member

Next We Shot Plenty of Cut-Aways

We then shot lots of cut away video to integrate with the interviews and voice over. After we have the segments of the interview chosen, we then assemble the interview and cutaway footage into a coherent video. We add text, graphics, titles, music, and other elements to make it more enjoyable to watch.

promotional video production 9400 W Higgins Rd Rosemont, IL 60018

If you’re interested in a promotional video for your company, please feel free to contact us.

event and interview video 5531 S. King Dr. Chicago, IL 60615

Event and Interview Video Example

Event and Interview Video Example

We were hired to film and edit a unique event and interview video for Jennifer Walker. She has a circus act consisting of 6 trained zebras performing for ‘children of all ages’. Parents generally take their children to see this unique show. Based in Florida, she travels throughout the country performing her act.

event and interview video 5531 S. King Dr. Chicago, IL 60615

Jennifer’s Zebra Act

We filmed this with only one camera, as the budget was small. We filmed her interview first and then filmed the event. For post production we included an animated title and interspersed the interview and event footage with Jennifer’s voice over. Editing cut-aways along with voice over of the interviewee is an effective way to mix things up and create variety in the video.

event and interview video photo of Jennifer's Zebra Act at 5531 S. King Dr. Chicago, IL 60615

Interview Video of Jennifer

Cutaways Enhance Any Video Production

As I’ve mentioned in other videos, b-roll or cutaways are the best way to liven up an interview. Depending on the nature of your video, charts, graphs, and graphics are also good additions to not only create visual interest, but to convey important information to the viewing audience.

On-screen text is another way to create ‘eye candy’. This not only supplements and break ups just seeing a ‘talking head’, but can convey information and accentuate what the speaker is saying. Animated text, combined with appropriate video transitions, are perfect additions to any video. This is especially true with an video interview.

Here is the finished promotional video we produced for Jennifer:

Please feel free to contact us if you would like us to help you with your event, interview, or promotional video production.

interview video at 140 E Walton Pl, Chicago, IL 60611

Adding b-roll and Cutaways to Your Interview Video

Cutaways for Your Interview Video

As I mentioned in my last blog, b-roll or cutaway footage is video we use to break up the monotony of just looking at a speaker in your interview video. In addition to using more than one camera to film a subject, adding cutaway footage is another element that you can add to retain viewer interest. Here’s an example of what we did for a Canadian company:

Interview at 140 E Walton Pl, Chicago, IL 60611

Cutaway Shot for Interview Video

Types of Cutaway Footage for Interview Videos

Cutaway footage could consist of the subject matter the speaker is discussing or something not so directly related. For instance, if we’re interviewing architect Helmut Jahn, we could inter-splice images of some of the buildings he has designed within his interview. A not so directly related cutaway might be a shot of the Chicago skyline, which is indicative of buildings and architecture in general. The point is that we don’t have to be completely literal when it comes to cutaways. However, cutaways really help bring life to your video!

140 E Walton Pl, Chicago, IL 60611 interview video

Another cutaway shot for our interview video

Getting Cutaway’s for Your Interview Video

If you don’t have the time, budget, or opportunity to get b-roll for your interview video, what can you do? You can obtain stock footage or photos to spice things up. A good source for photos and stock footage is iStock. They have a tremendous amount of images, video footage and templates that can be used to integrate into your video. When producing a professional video, never just ‘appropriate’ images or video from other sources! Make sure it’s licensed.

If you would like a price quote to produce your interview or testimonial videos, please contact us.

Two Camera Interview Video Demo

Two Camera Interview Video

The two camera interview video is much more interesting to watch than seeing just one camera. This is especially true if we’re only seeing a ‘talking head.’ There are several ways we can set up two cameras for the two camera shoot. One camera might be focused straight on the subject and the other camera could be getting the side of the subject’s face. I’m not too fond of this setup, as I always like to see the subject talking to the audience rather than the distancing side view. I like to see two direct shots as we did for Peak 10, shown below.

two camera interview video

Two Camera Interview Video for Peak 10

two camera interview video

Second Camera for Peak 10 Interview Video

Reverse Example of “Looking Away” Two Camera Interview Video

The interview we conducted below shows the second camera with the subject looking away in the close up shot. I feel that it’s a distancing thing and doesn’t help connect the subject with the audience. However, many people like, and even prefer this look. I think it’s just a matter of preference, as there is no right or wrong to it.

2500 Curtiss St, Downers Grove, IL 60515

Wide shot of Interview Video at a Manufacturer


Close up of interview at 2500 Curtiss St, Downers Grove, IL 60515

Close up of Interview Video

Here’s another example of the wide shot where our subject was looking away. We were instructed to film the interview this way by our German client who hired us. They wanted to use this interview in a documentary they were producing and told us exactly the way they wanted it shot. Here are some screen grabs from the interview:

Video Interview at 111 N Lake Shore Dr, Chicago, IL 60601

Helmut Jnan Interview Video Wide shot

Video Interview at 111 N Lake Shore Dr, Chicago, IL 60601

Helmut Jnan at Columbia Yacht Club

The next blog will focus on using b-boll or cutaway footage to create further interest. So stay tuned!

If you would like to have a one or two camera interview video produced, feel free to contact us.

testimonial videos

Testimonial Videos for Dental Office

Testimonial Videos for Grand Dental Group

Video Testimonial

We were contacted by Grand Dental Group to produce a series of testimonial videos at their office. Actually, a consultant from Pennsylvania found us on the internet and hired us for the project. We sent our camera crew out to their Aurora office and filmed testimonials for two days. We also obtained b-roll, cutaway footage of their office for an eventual promotional video.

video testimonial

Dr. Mark Kaschube is their skilled dentist who provided the services. Judging from the testimonials from his patients, I’d say he did a great job. Watch our video and you’ll see what some of his patients have to say about his great service!

Two Person Video Production Crew

They had the budget for a two person camera crew that consists of a videographer and an audio person to monitor the sound. The videographer has to focus on getting the right shot for the video. The audio persons role is to listen intently to make sure that the sounds of airplanes, ambulances, air passing through vents, and other distractions to make sure that the person speaking on camera is clearly heard. Our videographer can shoot and listen at the same time. However, it helps the production if there is someone else checking the sound as well.

Two Person Crew Helps with Audio and Lighting

Testimonial Video

Having a two person crew is also helpful when there are multiple setups at a location and lighting has to be taken down and established again. A lighting assistant who doubles as someone who monitors the audio can be a cost effective approach for clients. When our videographer has help during a shoot, having help can allow the production to go more quickly, thus avoiding having us come out another time to obtain all of the footage.

If you would like assistance in obtaining testimonial videos, please feel free to contact us.

Marketing Video Production for Celsi

UK Marketing Video Production

promotional video production

Screen Shot from Celsi Fireplace Video

We were contacted by Celsi, a UK manufacturer of wall mounted fireplaces to produce a marketing video production and a training video for them. Celsi is an established fireplace manufacturer in the UK and was interested in creating a presence in the United States.

Promotional video production

Fireplace for the Kitchen

Filming a Commercial and Training Video Production

We produced the commercial and a training video to instruct owners on how to set it up once they purchased it. First we rented a home in the Chicago suburbs to do the filming, hired two actors, designed the sets, and organized our crew to film.  Then we edited the training video and marketing commercial for them.

Elements of the Video Production

We hired a set designer to stage the house to make it look extra cozy. The wall hanging fireplaces in the kitchen, bedroom and living room were installed by electricians and carpenters. Once installation and set design was completed, the location looked like a warm and inviting home.

promotional video production

Production shot in the Bedroom

The actors had no speaking roles and only had to look like a happy couple in various scenarios at their home. Production took a day and editing for the two videos took two days. The costs included the home rental, the fireplace installers, the set desig

ner, the video production crew and our editor.

If you would like us to produce a training video or marketing video production for you, please feel free to contact us.


Presentation Video Production and Edit

Productivity Expert Presentation

presentation video production services

Presentation Video Production at Summit Executive Center

Video One was asked by the Summit Executive Center to provide presentation video production services for them. Chris Bailey, author, motivational speaker and consultant gave quite a compelling talk. He discussed ways to be more productive at work and in life in general. His book, “The Productivity Project” goes into more detail, but he did generously share several aspects of his book with his audience.

There was only one problem with his presentation video. Can you guess what it is? It was the large mic and the dangling cord that hung from outside of his shirt. Not good It distracts viewer interest from his presentation and looks sloppy. It’s possible that since he didn’t see the shot from the audience’s perspective that he didn’t think he needed to keep the cord in his shirt. Unfortunately, the venue mic’d him, and when we suggested his putting the cord under his shirt, he preferred not to do it.

video presentation services at 205 N Michigan Ave 10th Floor, Chicago, IL 60601

Graphic from the Productivity Video

Audio Issue for the Video Presentation

Though the video consisted of just him speaking in front of a screen with a PowerPoint presentation projected behind him, it’s possible to produce a good video with so few elements. The fact that he was a compelling speaker certainly helped. He was positioned to the side of the slide show. Therefore, the audience was able to clearly see the slides. I think the video would have looked better if we were allowed to edit in the PowerPoint slides. However, the budget wasn’t there to enable us to edit in the slides into his video presentation.

presentation video production

Conclusion of the Productivity Presentation

We could have added titles, branding, music, animated text, graphics, and other elements to this video. Then again, it’s possible that the video did meet his needs.

If you would like us to produce a presentation video for you, please contact us.

Video Editing for Torque King

Video Editing project

Video Editing for an Automotive Manufacturer

We were hired by Torque King, an automotive parts manufacturer, to edit to complete a video editing project. They gave us the raw footage on 8mm tape to re-edit into a  series of suitable programs for their customers. Their customers are part dealers who need training to better understand Torque King’s line of parts.

video editing frame grab

How We Approach a Video Editing Project

The first step in this process was to digitize the 8mm tapes to editable QuickTime files. Next, we uploaded the files to, a video sharing website. This enabled them to create a timecoded edit decision list that identified the sections they wanted in and out of the video.

After receiving their edit decision list, we cut them down to the timecode specifications they provided. We added text to the videos, but mainly just cut them down.

Finally, we exported them and burned a series of DVD’s that they or we could duplicate in larger quantities.

video editing graphics

Excellent Communication Yields Excellent Video

When engaging in a video editing project that requires our client’s input, it’s always best to send them a link to an uploaded video. Sometimes we put the timecode directly on the video. Other times they can just click along the bottom of the frame to see the timecode. Both approaches work just fine.

The main thing is to have good communication with our clients so that were all on the same page. Timecode that is used to identify what a client is thinking is precise and leaves nothing to the imagination. Once we have that, we’re able to proceed with confidence on our video editing project.

Whether you’re located in the Chicago metropolitan area or live in another state, if you need a video edited, please feel free to contact us for a price quote.

Installation Training Video Production

Training Video Production

We were hired by Life Shield, a division of the Sherwin Williams, to produce a safety equipment installation training video for their contractors.

Installation training video production

Lifeshield creates modular wall systems that protect people and property from intentional and accidental explosions. They have developed a patented wall system to insulate and minimize the impact of explosions.

The purpose of the video is to provide contractors and installers  with an installation training video production for the proper installation of their protective panel technology.

Installation training video production

Corporate Safety Video Instruction Guide

We used a combination of existing video that they had, plus video we shot and edited to produce the 22-minute training video for their contractors.

Thanks to Harmon, Inc, a contractor of Life Shield’s, we were able to go to a construction site  to capture the footage we needed. We filmed their installers as they worked on protecting a facility with Life Shields products. For editing, we assembled the video we shot, combined with the archival footage they had, added graphics, branding, scrolling and building titles, music, and other elements to produce their an informative, motivating and entertaining training video production.

Installation training video production

We were able to video everything with one camera. We took wide shots and close-up shots to get everything we needed for the edit. We hired a professional voice over narrator and used licensed music for the audio.

When the project was completed, they wanted DVD’s and a digital version for online use.

If you would like us to produce a training video for your company, feel free to contact us for a proposal.

Presentation Video Production and Editing at a Dental Conference

 Presentation Video Production and Editing for NADL

A client of ours needed presentation video production and editing services for several speakers at a recent conference in Chicago. We filmed and edited several presentations for National Association of Dental Laboratories (NADL) last year, and they requested that we help them again this year.

Video presentation and edit

Slide for the NADL Conference

We filmed the presentations at the Hyatt Regency Chicago. It was a one day shoot and we edited four seminars. We included titling, branding, lower thirds identifying the speakers, and of course the edited footage. We also inserted slides into the final videos.

Video presentation and edit

Slide for the NADL Presentation

Often slides don’t show up well on video. This is especially true if the lights are fairly high or the video projector isn’t as great as it could be. The key to determining if a projector is great or not is the luminance output. The higher the lumens, generally the better the image quality. I say generally because that’s not always the case. If you’re interested in learning more about luminance levels for projectors, here is a good resource.

Video presentation and edit

NADL Conference Presentation Slide

We completed all of the edits for the four presentations and of course our client was very pleased with the results. We look forward to working with them again next year!

If you need presentation video production and editing services that you would like us to help you with, please contact us for a proposal.