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Online video coaching for athletes

Online video helps athletes We often say that video production can solve practically any business problem, well according to a recent ReelSEO post, it can now help solve athletic problems.

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Working with International Video Production Clients

International Client Challenges Recently, Video One has had the pleasure of providing international video production services for clients from London, India and the Netherlands. While we certainly value their business, there are some challenges and considerations that I’d like to share. Why share them? Well, I know that many of

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Video: The Future of Education

How to Improve Education with Video As we’ve seen, video is amazingly versatile. It’s used in entertainment, business, marketing, training, and many other areas. It’s even used with cell phones and body cameras to document incidents ‘on the street’ that document one’s innocence or guilt. However this blog will focus on

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Tips and Best Practices for a Web Series

Tips for a successful web series Among the most popular formats for video production is the web series. Viral one-shots, such as every video that’s ever involved a playful cat, are unpredictable and often unfulfilling. A regular series, on the other hand, creates communities of people around a single product

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Hiring Professional Videograhy Services for Special Occasions

Video production for marketing Video editing services can help your business in many different situations. Whether you’re starting a new video marketing campaign or having a special event, professional video services can help. They can help you create the videos that will grab the attention of consumers that are interested in

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Chicago Videographer Tells How to Prepare for a Shoot

Preparing for a shoot is one of the many stages a production company will professionally oversee. Without the proper foundation for a video, it is bound to fail. Fortunately, a videographer will prevent disaster. The preparation or pre-production stage of videography will likely be the most taxing in that many preparations

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3 Reasons Why your Business Needs a Promotional Video

You can explain the benefits of the services or products your business provides all day, but nothing beats the strong impression a video production will leave with your potential clients. When someone visits your website in search of services, they’re much more likely to trust your business if you can

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Customizing YouTube For Better Branding

YouTube channels give experts a lot of control over the way their content is delivered. Users can change so much about their page’s appearance and layout that no two expert pages look alike. It’s a beautiful function that gives YouTube viewers a unique experience regardless of where they watch videos.

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Tips for viral video success

ReelSEO talked to Dan Best, Unruly’s Planning Director, and he gave some great surface advice for Chicago videographer experts on making a viral video and creating content that will reach as many users as possible.

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Creating a paywall for your video content

Among the see of online video editing and hosting platforms (where YouTube is king and Vimeo is cool too), is a business-oriented platform called Vzaar. For $30/month, users can upload their content to Vzaar, and obtain unprecedented control over the security, distribution, and appearance of all your video production content.

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    Tim McGee, Head of Sourcing at Avexis:

    “Based on our experience with Video One and having had the pleasure of working with Irwin, I would recommend both Irwin, Video One, and their services to any company looking to fulfill their photography and videography requirements.” More…

    Robert McSwain, Sr. Curriculum Developer & Technologist at Hyster-Yale Group:

    “My company hired Video One and Irwin and his team hit it out of the park for us. We were working on a short deadline and needed video production work in Chicago and I was unable to get my crew there on the time frame I was given. Video One tackled the project head one and communicated thoroughly with me throughout the process and got the job done.” More…

    Tim Donovan, Corporate Communications, at Fundbox:

    “I had a wonderful experience working with Irwin and Ryan from Video One. We hired Video One to produce a corporate case study video of one of our clients. The shoot was effortless and the team did a great job on editing. We will totally be working with Video One again. We highly recommend them! More…