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Benefits of an Event Video Production

Advantages of an event video production

There are many benefits to having your next professional event recorded by a videographer. Whether you’re sponsoring a booth at a trade show, giving a presentation, or otherwise presenting your products or services, hiring a Chicago videographer for event video production can benefit you in many ways:

1. Those who couldn’t make itevent video production

Having the highlights of your event or trade show filmed and edited can be used to show people at the home office what you were doing for the last week! It makes them feel like part of the team when you share a ‘wish you could have joined us’ moment with them.

Aside from the morale building benefits, having files of presentations, your booth, testimonials and other important aspects of your event will be important to have so that you can build on what you did the last time(s) out of the gate.

2. Advertisement for next year

Dovetailing with the previous point, you can post your video synopsis of this years event on your website or YouTube. This will show others what they missed and to encourages them to attend your next offering or visit your booth.

3. Training

If there were presentations, seminars, training sessions, etc. that were important enough to attend or present, then reviewing them or sharing them with staff and others might also be worthwhile. Excerpts of these training sessions can be used to encourage paying customers to attend next time or buy DVD’s of it.

4. Feedback

There’s nothing more ruthlessly honest than video! Even if your presenter is in absolute denial about how they come off, video doesn’t lie. The videographer will capture the good, the bad and the ugly of their presentation and the presenter will be able to self-correct. Hearing it from the boss may not be as effective as seeing themselves in action.

5. Future sales

You can sell the seminars you present on DVD or online. It would be a shame to waste a great presentation where the speaker was really on their game, only to find that it wasn’t recorded and thus, not sharable or sellable.

If you plan to produce a scripted version of a seminar and filming it in a more staged environment, cutting in excerpts of a recorded live presentation into a staged one can be very effective in retaining interest and capturing the moment.

6. Credibility

Post your highlights video on your website to show viewers what you’ve done. The fact that you’ve organized a program or participated in a trade show will add credibility to your company and show that you folks make things happen!

7. Attract people to your booth

People are naturally attracted to moving images. Having a video at your trade show booth will definitely attract more people than not having one. Make sure it’s a video that communicates with and without sound, as there may be restrictions on sound levels at some venues.

8. Keep people busy at your booth while you’re talking to others

Ever been in a situation where you’re talking with someone at your booth and someone else wants to talk with you, but you’re busy? If you need a few minutes to finish a previous conversation, you can simply ask them to watch your video, thus buying you some time to finish talking with your current prospect.

9. Pre-qualify trade show attendees

Your video can prequalify booth visitors, freeing you up to talk with your best prospects. Your video can be as pointed as you feel is necessary. For instance, people viewing your marketing video will be able to understand if your products or services are right for them and self select to talk with you or not. Or you can produce a video that pointedly requires people to self select by stating who your company does business with and who it doesn’t, how much a minimum purchase might be, etc.

10. Pre-question answers

Your video can anticipate and answer questions your prospects may have. You can produce this in a rather straightforward fashion by posing the question and answering it. Or you can deliver the information that you know your prospects need to have, knowing what you are asked over and over about your company. This saves time, money and aggravation, especially if you have to answer the same question 50 times a day at a trade show!

11. Shorten the learning curve

Your video production should be succinct, interesting and informative. When you achieve all of these things, you help your prospect get the total picture so they can make a decision as to whether further discussion is worth everyone’s time. A professional videographer can help you achieve that.

12. Accelerate sales

Video guides the process along. Not only does it help weed out inappropriate customers, but it also guides the conversation. It leads the viewer on the journey you want to take them on. While considering their point of view, questions they probably have on their minds, etc., you have the opportunity to lead the way with an informative, entertaining and motivating video.

By your raising certain questions or issues, you definitely guide the discussion and often the answers! If having the power to set the agenda, even for a few minutes doesn’t accelerate sales, I’m not sure what will!

13. DVD’s or thumb drives will help people remember you

Give visitors to your booth a DVD or your video file on a thumb drive with your logo, contact info, etc. Even if they don’t watch it, having something material in their hands will make them think of you or your company when they see it.

Hire a Chicago videographer for your event video production

The next time you’re at McCormick Place or other venue, you would be wise to have your event professionally filmed. And if you have a trade show booth, you definitely need a marketing video. As long as you’re going through the bother of participating in a trade show or program, you may as well put your best foot forward!

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