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Best Practices: Corporate Overview

What makes your business special? If a person visits your company’s website, how long would it take them to figure that out? What if your company isn’t special? Unless you have a monopoly in your industry, chances are you have competition whose work is similar to yours. Whether or not your competition is better than you is irrelevant, as long as you can find a way to separate your business from the rest. Differentiation should be the goal for practically all Chicago production companies.

One way to make your business stand out is to produce a corporate overview video production. A short movie that explains who you are and what you do. It’s a great way to separate yourself from that other shop down the street, especially if they haven’t made their own video production yet. Not to mention a video’s impact on SEO. If your site has video and your competitor’s site doesn’t, chances are you’ll be higher than him on Google. So who do you want to be, the trend setter or the trend follower?

Below is a pretty good video for Chicago DMC, a destination management company. The video is flashy, edited well, and moves faster than some action movies. However, the video can be made more personalized. The video mentions experts of Chicago production companies, but never introduces the viewer to them. There are some bold claims made in the video, promises about affordability and service guarantees, but the piece relies on these key words and carefully placed imagery to engage the viewer. There’s no doubt that this approach will work, but the video isn’t perfect yet. It still needs that human element.

Below is another overview video that can use some improvements. Sod Solutions, a company that sells and produces turfgrass (EXCITING!), created a video production that explains the company’s philosophy and methods of operation. Like the previous video, this one only consists of a narration over video and images. However, Sod Solutions’ overview actually introduces viewers to some of the company’s employees and describes their background. It also doesn’t rely on stock footage and photos to fill up the video, but actual footage filmed on the job and within the industry. It isn’t as flashy, but it gives an accurate and detailed description of the company.

The last video is the best of the lot. Alteva is a Philadelphia-based information technology shop that develops networks for businesses and technology products. The video is easy to watch, introduces viewers to company employees, demonstrates some products, and doesn’t rely on any stock footage to fill the gaps. Who ever put that video together is a real pro, good enough for Chicago production companies.

Obviously, the more detailed a video is the costlier it will be to produce. However, practically any video is better than no video. As long as the content is honest, thorough, concise, and pleasant to watch, potential customers will value your company’s efforts to introduce them to your business. If you want Video One to produce your company’s overview video production, mention this blog and we’ll take 10% off editing fees. And make sure to check out the overview video we did for Connor Floors, the biggest name in basketball… flooring.

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