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Best Practices: Product Demonstrations

There is a common saying among Chicago production companies to “show, don’t tell.” Similar advice should be offered to anyone with a product to sell. Most of the goods that are sold online still have little more than a photo or a description to advertise them. Is that really enough to sell products?

For instance, let’s pretend that you are in the market for a new pair of Hush Puppies Gadana shoes. The Hush Puppies site offers multi-angle photographs and a short description. Amazon offers the typically detailed product page, a few photographs, and reviews. And at Zappos, the shoes are accompanied by photographs, reviews, details, and a short video production.

The video production is simple and incredibly cheap to produce. But by adding the video, Zappos has targeted its audience from every media platform possible. By using text, photos, and video, Zappos targets potential customers with so much information about the shoe that people might even buy a pair without trying it on.

Whether the customer is buying the shoe through Amazon or Zappos almost doesn’t matter, although certain selling policies like shipping and dedicated customer service would also help. But both Chicago production companies websites have good reputations and neither can offer a sample shoe to try on before your transaction. Even so, since Zappos has so much more media for customers to absorb, people are more likely to stay and buy from that site than another one.

The power of video to demonstrate and eventually sell products can even be done entirely with motion graphics.

The video production above is little more than a Powerpoint presentation on auto-run, but it shows in great detail what the product’s capabilities are. It offers a lot of technical information that might be hard to consume at first, but thanks to video, customers have the freedom to watch and rewatch until they understand enough to buy it. The video is equally useful to those who have already bought the product and need help using it. Likewise, because it is online, customers aren’t attached to the operating hours of a company’s customer service. Once a demonstration video is online, it is available whenever and wherever a person needs it.

After three and a half minutes of watching a video about SAP Business Communications Management, potential customers deserve a call-to-action that the video fails to offer them. The Zappos video is on an actual product page, and buying the shoe is the next logical course of action for a customer. But SAP keeps their video on a demo page, and to actually buy it people need to navigate to another page on the site. Once the viewer has sat through the video, SAP would have been wise to direct people to a product page or offer them an incentive to buy the program. Whether its a Chicago production companies discount, a link, or a guarantee, the video ends abruptly and customers are left to make their own decisions. SAP needs to close the deal; the only decision a customer should be making is which credit card to use.

So whether you’re selling an app, a blender, or a washcloth, consider making a short video production to show potential customers how it works. If the product is easy to use and effective, people will see that and be much more inclined to give you some Crisp Internet Money.

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