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Drone video of warehouse

Drone videography

Chicago Drone Video Production

The next greatest thing in video is here and it’s called a drone. Equipped with a 4K camera, with the resolution of film, our drone takes stunning shots of both the inside and outside of your business or real estate property, takes dramatic footage of your event, and otherwise dazzles the people watching your video!

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How to Select the Best SEO Titles for Your Videos

SEO-friendly titles

seo-friendly titles

Ever wondered what is the first thing that attracts visitors to your page? Of course, it is the title – whether it is a video or an article. An appealing title will stand apart from the rest and attract viewers to your video. So when it comes to writing the best title for your video, the following tips from our Chicago video production experts will come to your rescue:

Make it SEO friendly

The best title is one that works well for search. If the video title isn’t optimized for search engines, potential viewers cannot find it in their organic searches. An impressive video title that describes your video well and speaks to your viewers, compels them to explore your video. No doubt, the video is the most important piece of content on your page. However, the title isn’t less important either, especially when it comes to attracting an audience. Writing a good title with targeted keywords can greatly affect your click-through. Read more

A best practices guide to corporate online video

Econsultancy has published an Online Video Best Practice Guide which contains comprehensive guidance for marketers who want to use video as an effective tool for business.

The 60-page report, written by independent digital specialist Steffan Aquarone, contains technical insight, practical tips and numerous case studies for companies who want to use the medium in an engaging and successful way.

Expert contributors to the report include Chris Gorell Barnes (Adjust Your Set), Will Grant (Buto), Mike Johnston (Boss Creative), Lee Kemp (Fullrange), Bismarck Lepe (Ooyala), Stuart Maister (BroadView Communications), Manley (LBi), Joe Pélissier (independent marketing consultant and producer) and Sarah Wood (Unruly Media). Read more

YouTube’s self-funded original content and how it might affect you

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that YouTube has plans to overhaul its website, create categorical channels of content, and invest $100 million in original content. The goal is to entice advertisers to spend more money on ads for the site.

The good news is YouTube might start putting out a bunch of great new video production Chicago projects for consumers to enjoy. The bad new is, corporate video producers now have a lot more competition in the market.

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Tips for YouTube marketing

A recent ReelSEO article features some strategies for effective YouTube marketing. Highlights are below.

  1. Start with quality video content: “If you’ve got crappy video content, there is not enough holy water nor big enough crucifix to get the demon out of it period… the users are in charge.”
  2. Plan for a large video library: Simply put, having more videos in your YouTube channel beget more views and search visibility.
  3. Create annotations and links: Annotations can be areas of text or hotspots that you can create after you upload a video.  So you can display simple text or create these hot little clickable elements. Have a “subscribe” hot link as an annotation in your YouTube video. Include an annotation with a hotlink to whatever subsequent video you think would be good to follow with for your audience.

To read more, visit ReelSEO. To find out how we can help you with your video editing or your video production projects, call or email us today!

Tips for a corporate interview video

TurnHere has put together a nice, little how-to on making an effective corporate interview video. Unfortunately, they used an unusual video player so the video can’t be embedded on this site. But, here are the highlights:

Your video should be seperated into three distinct parts — the hook, a unique selling point, and a call to action.

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Pixability’s Online Video Grader Tool

The problem with video as a content format is that it’s still so new–and so wildly different from text–that many on the web simply aren’t educated as to the best practices of video production company . But if you want your clips to be found and enjoyed by your target audience, you’ve got a lot of work to do on the back end to make sure your videos, YouTube channel, and website are configured in a way that maximizes your video’s reach.

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The cons of using YouTube for your corporate videos

YouTube is the current leader in online video production company. It is used by professionals and amateurs, and has even turned some amateurs into unique kinds of professionals. However, YouTube has a set of limitations that might make it less than ideal for your company. Consider these aspects before using the site to host your corporate videos.

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Five years of online video

ViralBlog found a great infographic that demonstrates the progress video has made in the last five years. The entire image is below. This is a nice resource to understand the climate of online video before investing in a corporate video for your business.

To find out how we can help you with your next video production company project, call or email us today!