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Should I Hire Professional Talent for My Video?

Pros/cons of hiring actors No doubt, your video content should be impressive and convincing, but it’s the choice of talent that can make or break your production. This is especially true when you are creating a marketing or promotional video. The actors in the video must click with the audience

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5 Reasons to Hire a Chicago Videographer

A Chicago videographer can help increase revenue If you don’t have any videos for your company then you are greatly missing out on potential customers and clients. In this day and age companies should be required to have videos that promote their product or service in a positive and professional

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10 Tips for Corporate Event Videography

Corporate event videography 1. Lighting & audio Lighting and audio are two of the main issues that separate the pro from the amateur. So unless you really know what you’re doing behind the camera, hire a pro. The end user or viewer of your video will appreciate it and be

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Why Should I Hire a Professional Videographer? Pt. 2

Why hire a professional videographer? Cont… The process of video production Video production, or the process of shooting the video is something best left in the hands of a professional videographer because there are so many things that can go wrong — or more positively put, so much needs to

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Why Should I Hire a Professional Videographer? Pt. 1

Why hire a professional videographer? I’m often asked by potential clients if they can produce their video themselves. My first answer is yes you can. You can also fix your car, cut your own hair and do lots of other things yourself. But without training, the proper equipment and experience,

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Trade Show Videography

Videography at trade shows An increasing number of companies use video at trade shows to connect to their audience and draw crowds. Video presentations offer a great way to promote your products and services at a trade show or event. It can be a big mistake to use the same

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How to Set a Budget for a Business Video

Budget for a business video Undoubtedly video is a powerful tool to convey your message to your audience. While its true that planning and creating a business video can be time consuming, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Only you have full control over how much you plan to spend on

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How To Measure the ROI on My Video

ROI on marketing videos Are you focusing on building your brand identity? Video is the best medium to spread the message about your business and draw attention to your products and services. Video is the most effective means to share information while holding the viewer’s attention. So how do you

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How to Successfully Film a Live Event

Chicago Event Videography Capturing live events can be a big challenge. After all, you are expected to cover the entire event and present a polished final product. There are no retakes in a live event. In order to record a successful live event, whether you’re filming a sporting event, concert,

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Video One Gets Artsy – Recent Project Update

Video of an Art Installation Video One recently completed a video of an art installation. In fact, the video will be an art piece of its own, playing next to the installed art! Check it out! Art Installation Video from Video One Productions Chicago on Vimeo.

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Elements of a Promotional Video Production (Pt. 2)

In the first part of Elements of a Promotional Video Production, our Chicago videographer talks about the importance of knowing who your target audience is as well as picking your video style and genre. Continue reading to find out a couple more key elements to think about when creating a

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Elements of a Promotional Video Production (Pt.1)

Promotional videography Promotional videos are vital to the success of any business and video content is one of the most effective marketing tactics used. However, it is important to focus on certain key elements for your promotional video production. Doing this will improve the quality of visual content and create

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