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How to Select and Prep Your Talent

Business video actors It is the talent behind your production that will help define its success. Undoubtedly, the success of a production’s storyline is heavily dependent on the talent of your contributors who are a priceless resource for lending it credibility and communicating your message. Here are a couple tips on how

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How to Script for a Documentary

Writing a Script for Video Production A documentary is all about leaving a lasting impression on viewers with a message that resonates with them. It’s the script that forms the crux of a documentary. Whether your focus is to educate and motivate your audience or to establish yourself as an

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Tips for Recording an Interview

Recording on-camera interviews requires all of your production skills. When it comes to recording documentaries or commercial productions or even news programs, it all comes down to a well-lit ambiance, a well-equipped production unit, well-composed questions, and a well framed setting. A recorded interview is one of the most powerful

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How to Make a Video Go Viral (Pt. 2)

Below are a couple more tips on how to make a video go viral. If you missed our first set of tips, check them out here. How Will You Market Your Video? Don’t be the tree that falls in the forest that no one hears or sees. You need to

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How to Make a Video Go Viral (Pt. 1)

If you want to know how to make a video go viral, the first question to ask is, what makes a video ‘viral’? According to Wikipedia, there are no set rules. Some of the criteria that people use to determine what is viral are page views, how quickly a video

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Best Approach to Video Editing (Pt. 2)

Video Editing Tips from a Chicago Video Editor (2/2) (See part 1 here.) Time for the Video Editing Process Since I’m focusing on video editing, I’m skipping the video production process which I’ve addressed in other blog articles. If you shoot your video as described in the script, you should

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Best Approach to Video Editing (Pt. 1)

Video Editing Tips from a Professional Chicago Video Editor (1/2) There are many ways to approach video editing. One approach is to look at it like Michael Angelo did. When asked how he approached sculpture he said he just took the excess granite away to reveal God’s work inside. Not that

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Video Games in Education continued

How Video Games In Education Are Being Used Video games in education are a wonderful way to engage and teach not only children, but adults as well! It’s no secret that we’re in a fast paced, digital environment where people want everything fast and entertaining and that includes education. Over

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Blu-ray, DVD or Streaming. What Are Your Best Choices?

Blu-ray, DVD or Streaming? The answers may surprise you. Whether you’ve just completed a promotional or training video, have a seminar you just recorded or have a bunch of VHS, mini DV or 8mm tapes you want to convert, the eternal question is what media do you use to master,

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Planning a Corporate Event Video Production

  What type of corporate event video? What do you need to know before you engage in a corporate event video production? The first and foremost thing you need to know is why you’re doing it. Do you want to document a trade show booth or your presence at a convention?

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Who is Doing Chicago Video Production?

Who Is Doing Chicago Video Production?! I was thinking about the enormous amount of Chicago video production that’s taking place here and the world for that matter. If you consider all of the forms of video produced ranging from surveillance video, business videos, weddings, television series, movies and other productions, the amount

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