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product demonstration

6 Tips for Finding Customers With a Product Demonstration

Advice and tips for product demonstration Initially I thought that product demonstration video production was primarily targeted at past-purchase customers who need help with their new products. However, there may actually be potential for turning product demo viewers into future clients, if your demo video is produced carefully. Below are

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Video shoot tips

Videographer Reveals Last Minute Production Tips

Last minute production tips Video editing experts know that last minute productions happen. I was recently involved in a video production where all I thought we were doing was shoot some testimonials. Turns out, the client wanted a promotional video done! Wow! Talk about last minute productions!

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Video Expert Discusses Storyboards and Shot Lists

Shot Lists and Storyboards Using shot lists and storyboards can be very beneficial during a video production shoot. Shot lists and storyboards are money-saving ways to up the quality and efficiency of your videos. Even legendary directors, like Steven Spielberg and George Lucas use storyboards to communicate the visions they

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hired talent

Talent Recruiting Tips for Your Video Production

Finding Talent for Your Video Production Having the proper talent for your video is important for portraying the ideas and focus of the shoot. I’m quite sure you’ve seen movies and shows with horrible actors and it ruined a perfectly good storyline and plot. Don’t let this happen to your

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disc duplication

Disc Duplication or Disc Replication. That is the Question.

Duplication vs. Replication Hiring a videographer company will provide you with services that are cost effective and will also give you professional results. Other than the usual production services, a good company can also help you create a distribution plan for your final product. You can distribute the final product

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videotaping in schools

Video Tips for Videotaping in Schools

Tips for Videotaping in Schools Video production can lead you to all sorts of places. You never know where you’ll end up when videotaping on location. If you find yourself shooting a video at schools, you may find these 5 tips very handy:

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Video Basics: Focal Lengths and Movement

Tips on Focal Lengths and Movement Here at Video One Productions, we live and breath video. Our staff has experience doing corporate videos, creative videos, even unusual art videos. We’ve done it all and we’re going to share some simple wisdom on the fundamentals of making a video.

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Drone video of warehouse

Drone videography

Chicago Drone Video Production The next greatest thing in video is here and it’s called a drone. Equipped with a 4K camera, with the resolution of film, our drone takes stunning shots of both the inside and outside of your business or real estate property, takes dramatic footage of your

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video transcripts

Improve SEO by Uploading a Transcript with your Video

Using video transcripts to improve SEO Including video transcripts with your YouTube video might seem like an unnecessary step but it’s more beneficial than most realize. Here are two reasons why you should upload a written transcript with your video:

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distribution timing

Distribution Timing Is Everything

Timing Is Everything Any business or videographer seriously interested in making a substantial impression in the online video community must be prepared to two do things: post regularly and often. The ability to gain impressions is, in many ways, a numbers game. The more content you publish, the greater likelihood your

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More about us

Tips For Writing Script for Your Video Production

Screenwriting Tips for Your Production Before starting any video project, it’s important to write a detailed script. This is a no-brainer, and in some cases, a script can be one of the easiest steps in video production. However, a bad script will make the entire video production process a major headache.

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