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Tips to Improve Your Vlogging

There are so many styles of video production, it’s easy to get consumed with the idea of producing very high quality, short film style content. But one of the easiest forms from Chicago production companies, one that sometimes resonates most with people, is the basic vlog. In fact, vlogs, or

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Fair Use standards and Corporate Video Production

Guide to Fair Use Standards A lot of videographer projects can be considered parodies or remakes of other familiar concepts. Amateurs do the same thing, sometimes producing videos that push the boundary of parody and rip-off. At last, the Center for Internet and Society has released a comprehensive video production

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Stand Out from the Crowd with Video News Releases

Video news releases stand out News releases are a great way to keep the press updated on what your company is up to. You can write a news release to announce a promotion, introduce a new product or service, or inform your targeted audience of what they would consider newsworthy.

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Benefits of an Event Video Production

Advantages of an event video production There are many benefits to having your next professional event recorded by a videographer. Whether you’re sponsoring a booth at a trade show, giving a presentation, or otherwise presenting your products or services, hiring a Chicago videographer for event video production can benefit you

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How to Get Better SEO with YouTube Video Tags

YouTube is obviously a great tool for you to use for promoting your video production, but you have to do more than just upload it and hope for the best. One of the most important things you can do is tag your video correctly. Just like you would tag a

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The 5 W’s of B2B Marketing Videos

B2B: The 5 W’s A recent post from ReelSEO offers some of the best advice a video production expert can find on B2B video production. The aimClear Blog also offers a thorough synopsis called “B2B Video in Da House! Essential Techniques & Tips for Success from #SESSF,” inspired by “Keys

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Managing Client and Videographer Relationships

How to manage shaky client/videographer relationships Video production is a rewarding process that often comes with a great sense of accomplishment, a sense that is heightened with a video’s success. But video production can be a long process, with a lot of players involved, all of whom have a unique stake in

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Top 3 Mistakes For Nonprofit Video Production

Non-profit video mistakes ReelSEO recently interviewed Michael Hoffman, President of the video editing agency See3 communications, which focuses on non-profit video production. In 2006, See3 created the DoGooder Nonprofit Video Awards to honor the best uses of video by nonprofits annually. They also started The Daily DoGooder to showcase even more nonprofit video

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Non-Profit Video Production

Non-profit best examples Chicago has more nonprofit organizations than any other city in America. They exist in every neighborhood and operate out of a variety of locations, from basements to downtown skyscrapers. Most commercial organizations use excess revenue to reward employees or improve the company. Nonprofits however, rely on revenues

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Ethics of Fake YouTube Videos

Last week, ViralBlog published a post about fake videos on YouTube, branded content that tricks users into thinking they’re not watching a marketing video production company or commercial, or videos about a product that involve deceptive special effects. Below are some examples of such content.

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How to Avoid a Video Production Disaster

Tips on avoiding disaster If you’ve never made a video production company for your business, be prepared: it’s difficult, time consuming, and occasionally infuriating. Generally, the outcome outweighs the obstacles but you should know there will probably be snags along the way. ReelSEO published a thoughtful list of ways to

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