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Outdoor Vs. Indoor: Lighting Pros and Cons

What’s the point of having a video production if the audience can’t see what’s happening? You want the subject of your video to be well-lit. That’s a no brainer. But how are you going to do that?

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Show your Expertise by Creating How-To Screencasts

Aside from being there, the best way to teach someone how to do something is through an informational video. This is where screencasting comes in. Screencasts are the digital recording of a computer screen output. In other words, its a video recoding of exactly what is happening on your computer screen. You

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Maximize Your Success at Trade Shows

Using Video as Introduction to Your Product Part of any trade show coverage is introducing new products. Before you have your big unveiling, it’s a good idea to show a corporate video production as a kind of introduction. You can hype up the audience with suspenseful music, and general video excitement. Think of it

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Video Editing Training Videos for Business (Pt. 2)

  In part one of “Video Editing Training Videos,” we talked about the use of motion graphics, animated text and b-roll. Part two will talk about the importance of audio, audio problems to look out for, lighting and other tips to make your training video engaging.

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Video Editing Training Videos for Business (Pt. 1)

Now that we’ve covered effective editing techniques that are specific to promotional videos for business, we want to discuss video editing training videos for business. This post is the first of a two-part training videos editing series.

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4 Reasons Why Motion Graphics Improve Business Videos

Motion Graphics & Special Effects Motion graphics are animated video that help explain a point and entertain the viewer. They’re not always appropriate, as sometimes a simple video with an actor will do the job, but sometimes they can bring something extra to an ordinary video. Here are some reasons

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Tips on Improving Your Videography Skills From Home

Video production experts know that it is important that you remain creative and diverse. Projects you take on could lead you to all sorts of topics with various subjects. Improving your videography skills is always important and can be done in many ways. For starters, it may be a bit difficult

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How to Budget for a Professional Video Production

How do I set a budget for my video? It can be difficult setting a budget for a professional video production, especially if this is your first time. I often ask our clients what budget they have in mind, not to see how much we can get out of them,

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The Rise of Twitter and How to Utilize it for Your Business

TubeMongel, Brightcove Report Twitter is key to Viewership According to a new quarterly research report from web video distribution and tracking site TubeMogul and online video production platform Brightcove, Twitter might be a key component in getting consumers to watch Internet video. The report, titled “Brightcove and TubeMogul Publish Data

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Best Ways to Rank Higher on YouTube

Rank higher on YouTube With over 200,000 videos uploaded in YouTube every day, how can you get people to watch yours instead of the millions of others? In order for your video to be noticed, it must rank higher in the search engines, YouTube or other video viewing sites. Therefore,

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6 Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Training Video

If you work for a company or run one, chances are at some point there will be some training involved- whether it’s for employees or customers. Training employees (or orienting customers) can take place in a few different forms: paper, video, images, verbal, etc. But research shows that content in

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How to Turn an eBook into a Tutorial Video

Turn your eBook into a video production So you have an ebook on Amazon or some other site and you are trying to parlay it into something bigger that will hopefully sell. Since we’re becoming a nation of watchers rather than readers, you may want to consider making a video

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