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Best Ways to Rank Higher on YouTube

Rank higher on YouTube With over 200,000 videos uploaded in YouTube every day, how can you get people to watch yours instead of the millions of others? In order for your video to be noticed, it must rank higher in the search engines, YouTube or other video viewing sites. Therefore,

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6 Reasons Why Your Company Needs a Training Video

If you work for a company or run one, chances are at some point there will be some training involved- whether it’s for employees or customers. Training employees (or orienting customers) can take place in a few different forms: paper, video, images, verbal, etc. But research shows that content in

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How to Turn an eBook into a Tutorial Video

Turn your eBook into a video production So you have an ebook on Amazon or some other site and you are trying to parlay it into something bigger that will hopefully sell. Since we’re becoming a nation of watchers rather than readers, you may want to consider making a video

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When to Use Motion Graphics & Animated Video

Motion Graphics – When and How To Use Them Whether you need simple animated text or a fully animated video, motion graphics is the best thing to choose to add some spice to your videos. Motion graphics hold the key to making your video stand out while effectively conveying information

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Training Video Considerations

Training & educational videography Training videos are unique in their own way, with special considerations compared to other videos. These videos need certain elements to keep your audience’s attention while helping them learn how to do something being taught in the video. When it comes to creating an instructional video,

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A Guide on Green Screen and Chroma Key Technology

What is Green Screen? Green screen videography has been around for many years. Green screen is used to give video editors the opportunity to substitute the green screen with any background. And there’s noting carved in stone regarding the color green. You could use blue screen or any other solid

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Understanding Digital Video Recording Formats

MiniDVs When you’re shopping for a digital video camera, understanding the different digital video recording formats can have a huge impact on the model you choose to buy. There are four formats prevalent today, and MiniDV is the most common lately. The tapes are cheap and hold up to 90

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14 Ways to Use a Promotional Video to Improve Business

How to market your promotional video: 1. Trade shows If you have a trade show booth, a promotional video will be a great addition, or more likely, a necessity. Why? Because a video will attract the attention of trade show attendees. They’ll go where the action is or where their

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Chicago Video Editors Explain the Process

There are three major aspects to video production. Pre-production, production and post-production. Video editing occurs when you put everything together for your video. Most Chicago video production companies offer video editing in addition to their production services.

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