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Boosting international appeal with multilingual SEO

Lots of videographer Chicagocompanies with ambitions of growth want to have some international appeal for their brand. It’s a logical step for any business that has experienced sizable success inland. A couple days ago, ReelSEO ran a piece that highlights some great strategies for implementing video SEO for multi-language efforts, which could be effective in the States or elsewhere.

Trying to optimize your video production can be like an art-form at times, but what happens when you want to go global? With foreign language use online growing at phenomenal rates, more and more video producers—amateurs and professionals alike—are choosing to go multilingual. And it certainly makes sense. A recent Eurobarometer survey found that 9 out of 10 EU Internet users preferred to use their native language to read or watch content on the Internet.

While many aspects of multilingual video SEO (VSEO) remain the same, there are some distinct differences that you’ll need to think about when optimising your video for an international audience.

Your first port of call is to set up a different account for each of the languages you intend to broadcast in. International telecommunications giant Vodafone has separate channels for its customers from Albania to New Zealand and everywhere else in between (we lost count after about 15 channels including Qatar and Ghana!).

Even if you’re not planning on achieving total global videographer Chicago domination, it’s worth it. Nothing will alienate your foreign language viewers more than broadcasting one message in a dozen different languages from one channel! Also don’t forget that something as simple as the country name might be in a different language. To an English-speaker, it’s Germany, to a native it’s Deutschland. This will need to be reflected in your account name if you choose to use country names to differentiate between channels.

Any video production you then upload (whether you decide to subtitle, or to reshoot in a different language if you’re feeling brave enough) to your foreign language channel will need everything perfectly optimizing for your new global audience. And we mean everything. Your channel bio, your video title, your keywords and tags (and if possible, any comments you make) will all need to be translated and optimized.

Unfortunately it’s not as easy as simply translating your existing videographer Chicago keywords or tags directly into your videographer Chicago target language(s). After all, people don’t speak the same language, and in many cases, they don’t search in the same ways either. You can even find major search differences in those whose native language is English. For example someone wishing to soothe a child in America would search for a ‘pacifier’, while a British person would be looking for a ‘dummy’. Add in a foreign language or two and suddenly you’re out of your depth!

One of the easiest ways to get your keywords right is to draft in the help of a native speaker, preferably one who lives in the country where the target language is spoken. This way they can be on top of any new trends or changes in the language—particularly important when it comes to the topic of media and video production technology.

Check out the full story at ReelSEO for more great tips.

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