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Boosting YouTube views with a live event

Some people who are just getting started or want to start making videos for themselves or their businesses have a limited assumption about the type of content that is appropriate for video production. The truth is, if handled carefully, just about anything can be adapted into a corporate video by a Chicago videographer. Including a special event. Here’s the scoop from ReelSEO.

The calendar is filled with a number of special events that get people excited: Halloween, Christmas, the Super Bowl, and those aren’t nearly the only ones.  When it comes to video production, releasing content that capitalizes on the buzz surrounding those events can also mean a boost in your viewership.  And you don’t have to do just the major ones.  You can find special events almost every week and capitalize on them if you plan accordingly.  Take a look at a calendar and start finding the events that create buzz, and have a video out during the days or weeks leading up to those events.

Here’s the YouTube Creator Playbook overview:

Strategy: Create and release content themed around tent-pole events.

Why It Works: Tent-pole events drive search trends, editorial opportunities, and advertiser campaigns.

How To Do It: Create and publish content according to a programming calendar.

The Most Obvious Tent-pole Event: The Holiday

Take a look at the calendar and you will find those easy holidays like New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  Then there’s Memorial Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Labor Day, and Columbus Day.  But you can do literally any special day and capitalize even on the slightest Chicago videographer buzz that those days create.

So now it’s time to make a video with a theme surrounding that event.

Obvious Tent-pole Events That Aren’t Holidays

The biggest event of the year that doesn’t revolve around a holiday is the Super Bowl.  There’s also the Oscars and other awards shows.  There’s Oktoberfest.  Really, any big event that people care about can be a reason to release a video.

Major advertisers spend the whole year trying to plan out next year’s Super Bowl ad, and it comes as no surprise that those are the most popular Super Bowl-related videos on YouTube, but many YouTube channel owners create theme videos for their shows, and see a bump in viewers.

Not-So-Obvious Tent-pole Events

The release of a big movie, premiere of a popular TV show, or chart-topping album can be reason to make a new video.  For instance, you can take a look at any release schedule on a popular site like Box Office Mojo, Entertainment Weekly, or Rolling Stone and see what is supposed to come out and when.  This is where you make entertainment out of the buzz from other entertainment.

What is important is that you release the video well before the day.  People get excited about Halloween pretty much on October 1 and maybe sooner.  Releasing your video on the special date will miss out on a lot of the excitement and interest that builds during the entire month.  Plus, your video will still be there when it comes around.  You can still get a significant amount of views by releasing a video on the very day, but you lose all the steam it generates leading up to it.  The important thing to remember is that web video works differently from TV special episodes and movies, which try to plan their release dates right around the special day.  Web video has a longer life to grow an audience and be relevant.

If you would like to use the powerful medium of video production to help your business, visit Chicago videographer Video One Productions’ website to see what we can do for you.

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