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Installation Training Video Production

Training Video Production

We were hired by Life Shield, a division of the Sherwin Williams, to produce a safety equipment installation training video for their contractors.

Installation training video production

Lifeshield creates modular wall systems that protect people and property from intentional and accidental explosions. They have developed a patented wall system to insulate and minimize the impact of explosions.

The purpose of the video is to provide contractors and installers  with an installation training video production for the proper installation of their protective panel technology.

Installation training video production

Corporate Safety Video Instruction Guide

We used a combination of existing video that they had, plus video we shot and edited to produce the 22-minute training video for their contractors.

Thanks to Harmon, Inc, a contractor of Life Shield’s, we were able to go to a construction site  to capture the footage we needed. We filmed their installers as they worked on protecting a facility with Life Shields products. For editing, we assembled the video we shot, combined with the archival footage they had, added graphics, branding, scrolling and building titles, music, and other elements to produce their an informative, motivating and entertaining training video production.

Installation training video production

We were able to video everything with one camera. We took wide shots and close-up shots to get everything we needed for the edit. We hired a professional voice over narrator and used licensed music for the audio.

When the project was completed, they wanted DVD’s and a digital version for online use.

If you would like us to produce a training video for your company, feel free to contact us for a proposal.

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