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How to Hire a Video Editing Company in Chicago (Pt. 2)

Choosing the Perfect Video Editor (2/2)

In part 1, we gave you some advice to take into consideration when hiring a video editing company such as the speed of the editor and their motion graphic capabilities. Below you’ll find a couple more tips we think are important to consider.

(See part 1 here.)

video editing company


Make sure that you and your video editor are able to communicate well and that he or she has a positive and cooperative attitude. You don’t want to get locked into an edit with a ‘sensitive artist’ that insists on doing it his or her way or has a negative attitude. Your editor should be able to supply you with options rather than shutting down your ideas or insist on doing it his or her way .


Make sure that you see samples of their work. The work doesn’t have to be exactly the same as your video, but it should be similar or at least in the same genre. If you need a great marketing video produced for a trade show for instance, make sure that the company you are considering for the job has something along those lines. The closer to what you want/expect, the better, but don’t overlook someone who shows that they have the skills you need, even though they don’t have exact samples.


You may want to hire a video editing company that has varied experience in editing. Even though you may want an interesting training video, see if the editor also has experience in editing other types of videos. Their well rounded expertise in other genres can only be a plus for your project.

Show them an example

It’s helpful for you to send the editor an example of what you have in mind for your edit to make sure that you both share the same vision. Communication will be greatly facilitated if you can both agree that the final edit will look like the YouTube example you present to the editor before the edit. This assures that everyone is on the same page, and that expectations are realistic and shared by you and the editor. With video production or video editing, no one likes surprises. Over deliver on expectations, yes. But deliver a less than expected result, never!


Ask for references and check them out!


Feel free to check out samples on our editing page and other places at or contact us if you need a great edit for your video!

Who is Doing Chicago Video Production?

Who Is Doing Chicago Video Production?!

I was thinking about the enormous amount of Chicago video production that’s taking place here and the world for that matter. If you consider all of the forms of video produced ranging from surveillance video, business videos, weddings, television series, movies and other productions, the amount is staggering.

Chicago video production photo

Here is a list of films and TV shows that were filmed in Chicago and Illinois in recent years:

“American Greed” Kurtis Productions, TV Series
“Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” Crown City Pictures, Inc., Feature Film
“Becoming Us” Gay Rosenthal Productions, TV Series
“Chicago Fire” Open 4 Business, LLC, TV Series
“Chicago PD” Universal Television, LLC, TV Series
“Empire” 20th Century Fox Film Corporation, TV Series
“Garage Squad” Discovery Communications, LLC, TV Series
“Real World” BG Apple, LLC, TV Series
“Sens8” Unpronounceable Productions, LLC, TV Series
“Shameless” Bonanza Productions, Inc., TV Series
“Sinister 2” Bughual Productions, LLC, Feature Film
“Sirens” TVM Productions, TV Series
“Strange Inheritance” Towers Productions, TV Series

At McCormick Place, the Stevens Center, hundreds of hotels and other venues, in town and out of town companies and video production companies are filming conferences, trade shows, meetings, executive interviews and other event videography. In addition, commercials, marketing videos, training videos and a plethora of other types of productions are always in the process of being produced.

Chicago video production company choices

What does this mean to you? It means that Chicago is rich in talented video production companies of all levels vying for your business. And if you’re an out of towner seeking production services in the Chicago metropolitan area, you need to be very careful as to who you hire. As they say in event videography, you only get one chance to get it right. So you need to make sure that the right person is behind the camera!

Of course I know the best production company in Chicago to hire for your business videos (that would be Video One Productions), but in case you would like to use a more objective criteria to choose the right company for you, you can download our free guide at

After considering things such as reputation, samples of their work, years in business and other important considerations, you’ll be able to make a more objective decision about who will produce your next all important video production!

If you would like more information about video production or help with your video, please feel free to contact or call us at 774 252-3352.

Different Ways to Use a Chicago Video Production Company

Chicago video production company

When you hire a Chicago video production company, or any one for that matter, you don’t need to hire us for the entire project. In fact, it’s quite common for our clients to hire us to film an event or interview and then send them the original footage on a hard drive. Other times, clients have shot something themselves and then say, Help!

Here are the major areas that you can consider either doing yourself or farming out to a professional Chicago video production company:


Scriptwriting – You or we could write the script. Sometimes a professional can help you think through ideas and help you put your best foot forward through a powerful script. A video professional can also help you ‘visualize’ the narration and come up with good visuals to use to support the audio.

Voice over narration – a professional sounds great, but you or we could film and interview your CEO or another person in your company and use them as the voice for your video.

Chicago Video Production

Professional digital videoVideo production – If it ‘aint’ shot right, nothing is going to save your video! In other words, if the video is sub-par, no amount of editing will save it. High end HD cameras, proper audio and lighting, correct framing, attention to background and other details are the hallmarks of an experienced video production crew. So if you’re going to spend any money on your video, the production end of it is the place to do it!


Editing can be done by you. But the hallmark of a professional video editor is proper shot selection, appropriate transitions between edits, use of animated text and graphics, good (and licensed) music, color correction and other details that will give your finished video a professional look and feel.

There are other aspects to the video production process such as whether to use actors or not, how to screen talent, proper location, how to shoot and edit for your target audience, etc., but these are the major aspects of any video production, whether done in Chicago or elsewhere.

Feel free to contact us at if you would like help with your Chicago video production.

Make a Video Production That Gets Results – Part II

In part one, I presented some ideas for making a video production that gets results. This week, I’ll finish up with more ideas.

YouTube video production

Look at video production on YouTube

Video production by others can inspire and teach you many lessons. Last week I touched upon this, but here’s more about looking at other videos to get ideas for yours. Watch a bunch of other people’s videos and decide what elements you might want to include in yours. Do they use onscreen talent or voice over narration? Do they use professional actors or people from their own company? This is sometimes difficult to discern, but if you can get away with using people from your own company, do it. Just make sure they sign a release. Also make sure that they are stable. Seriously. We had to produce another video for someone because the ‘star’ of their previous video went ‘whacko’ and they didn’t want this person to in any way represent their company.

Note the style or approach video producers use

Is it a warm, friendly style or a high tech approach? Does it include a lot of motion graphics to accentuate or better communicate certain points? How do they weave their branding into the production? What type of music do they use, if any? What font do they use in the text? Is it serif or sans serif? Is the font light and breezy or a ‘this stuff is serious’ type of font?

You get the idea. Take note of everything in their video. View it as a producer would, rather than as an audience member.

Recording at TV studio with television anchorwoman. TV NEWS

Who is your target audience?

Another crucial step is to decide who your target audience is. And don’t say, ‘my audience is anyone who will buy my product’. The ‘shotgun’ approach to marketing can work, but it’s more effective if you can identify more precisely who will be in the market for what you have to offer. Once you’ve done that, you’ll want to produce your video with them in mind.

If you’re trying to recruit Millennials to work at your company, do your research. What appeals to Millennials? Of course, people of a certain generation or any other ‘market’ are not all the same, but there are some common traits that most of them share.

Black cinema clapper board in hands, close up

You might be ready to start producing your video now

Whether you decide to produce your own video or use a professional video production company like ours, being aware of these considerations will put you ahead of the game. If you use us to help you, we’ll be asking you these and more questions to make sure that you hit the nail on the head and produce the type of video that will ring true for your target audience.

Ultimately, the results you achieve will be the telling of the tale as to whether you’re successful. But if you follow these initial steps and you produce a professional looking video and are still not achieving your desired results, then you’re probably not marketing your video correctly. I’ve written other blogs on video marketing, so take a look at other blog articles on this site.

If you would like help producing or marketing your video, you can contact us at (773) 252-3352 or

Chicago Video Editing – Looking for a Chicago Video Editor (Pt. 1)


Searching for a Video Editor

There are several aspects to consider regarding your hiring a an individual or company to help you with Chicago video editing and I’ll explore them with you now.

seo-friendly titles

Should You Edit Your Video?

Though this seems obvious, it isn’t always. Sure, if you want a marketing video where you hope to attract the eyes of many prospective clients, your video definitely needs to be edited, unless you’re trying to go for a very different and unique approach and for some reason just want to show raw footage. However, this is never really done. If anything, a marketing video may contain a ‘rough’ look where it looks homespun or amateurishly shot, but this is all planned and quite professionally done.

If you’re producing a training film, it may not have to be edited. If you’re producing a ‘homemade’ video where you just point and shoot Chuck demonstrating how to service a machine for instance, you may get away with just showing your audience the raw footage. However, if you expect to keep their attention, you may want to consider adding some titles and text and possibly close ups to your video. If you’re trying to convey a more complicated process, motion graphics may be called for, in which case a professional should be brought in to help.

An event video doesn’t have to be edited unless you want to show it to anyone. Sometimes you just want to archive the footage of a trade show you sponsored or participated in, just in case you want to use it for some future purpose such as making a sizzle reel to attract attendees to next year’s show.

So you may not need a Chicago video editor, at least not right away, if you just want your video for archival purposes, are just showing it in-house to a ‘captive’ audience or it just don’t need high production value.

When you DO need Video Editing

I posted a blog on how to choose a video production company and similar criteria apply to choosing a Chicago video editor. If you missed it, you can download our ‘consumers guide’ to choosing a production company. Most of the principles apply to hiring an editor as well. Here are the criteria I’d recommend when selecting a Chicago editor for your next video:

  1. See samples of his or her work.
  2. Discuss how the editor plans to approach your video. Don’t be shy. This is the time to get specific about what he or she intends to do. I wouldn’t accept the response, ‘we’ll see how it goes as the project unfolds’ as an answer.
  3. Have the editor edit a small amount of the footage and see how it goes. Tell them to put in 2-3 hours of work and send you a Vimeo link so you can see their progress. This will give you an idea of how fast they work and the quality you can expect the rest of your project to be.
  4. Speaking of time, get an estimate in advance of how long the edit is expected to take. Unless you decide to add elements to the edit and make it more complex, the video editor should be able to at least give you a range of how long the edit will go and stay within that range.


Come back for part 2 next week! Meanwhile, contact us if you have any questions or are in need of a video producer or editor!

Things to Consider Before You Hire a Video Production Company

Things to Consider Before You Hire a Video Production Company

Hiring a video production company is not as easy as looking someone up in the Yellow Pages. There are many factors that you should consider that will make a big difference in the quality of your video and the overall production experience. Below are some things to think about before you make the big decision.

Hiring a Professional Chicago Videographer

hire a video production companyFirst, you should consider the scope of the project. If you’re looking for a Chicago production company to film your next meeting or trade show, you should consider hiring a professional video production company instead of a recent film graduate who is looking for experience.

Video Production Company Credentials

You should check out the company’s credentials including their website, how long they’ve been in business and other clients they’ve worked. If their website looks professional, has examples of good videos and has references from prestigious clients, chances are that they are reputable and won’t let you down.

If you want a professional video, you want to make sure you hire a video production company that has had experience filming all kinds of professional videos such as trade shows, conventions and presentations. If you want a presentation filmed, for example, the videographer needs to know how to get the right sound from the presenter. If you need good lighting, you want to make sure that the videographer has the proper equipment or can troubleshoot any potential problems.

Video Production Equipment

Speaking of equipment, make sure that they are using high definition video. While almost no one uses standard definition anymore, make sure they are shooing with professional high definition, rather than with a camcorder that just says HD. These days, they put HD on just about everything because they know it’s a good buzz word. There are also several ‘flavors’ of HD, ranging from consumer level to broadcast level.

You may need to have the company rent equipment for you. If this is the case, make sure that they have accounts at rental houses where they can readily access additional lighting, cameras, audio and other equipment.


If you want to read more about how to choose a video production company, go to our “Hiring a Video Production Company: A Checklist” page and download our free guide. And feel free to contact us for a free consultation on your next video project!