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Trade Show Video Production at McCormick Place

Trade Show Video Production

Recently, VTS, an international corporation based in Gdansk, Poland, that produces air handling equipment, contacted Video One to provide trade show video production, editing, and photography services for their appearance at McCormick Place, in Chicago.


VTS Tradeshow event

VTS trade show booth at McCormick Place









They hired us to document their activities for several days of video production, photography, and subsequent video editing. We filmed activities in and around their booth, presentations, testimonials from satisfied clients, and other events for them. We also produced a summary video that they were very pleased with.

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Video shoot in action

Videographer Provides 5 Steps to Great Production

Five steps for a successful video production

Here are some ideas for planning out a proper video production are essential for success. For starters, you shouldn’t limit yourself and you should always keep an open and creative mind. If it is required of you to be creative, you will find these 5 steps very useful:

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How to Hire a Video Editing Company in Chicago (Pt. 2)

Choosing the Perfect Video Editor (2/2)

In part 1, we gave you some advice to take into consideration when hiring a video editing company such as the speed of the editor and their motion graphic capabilities. Below you’ll find a couple more tips we think are important to consider.

(See part 1 here.)

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Who is Doing Chicago Video Production?

Who Is Doing Chicago Video Production?!

I was thinking about the enormous amount of Chicago video production that’s taking place here and the world for that matter. If you consider all of the forms of video produced ranging from surveillance video, business videos, weddings, television series, movies and other productions, the amount is staggering.

Chicago video production photo

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Different Ways to Use a Chicago Video Production Company

Chicago video production company

When you hire a Chicago video production company, or any one for that matter, you don’t need to hire us for the entire project. In fact, it’s quite common for our clients to hire us to film an event or interview and then send them the original footage on a hard drive. Other times, clients have shot something themselves and then say, Help!

Here are the major areas that you can consider either doing yourself or farming out to a professional Chicago video production company:

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Make a Video Production That Gets Results – Part II

In part one, I presented some ideas for making a video production that gets results. This week, I’ll finish up with more ideas.

YouTube video production

Look at video production on YouTube

Video production by others can inspire and teach you many lessons. Last week I touched upon this, but here’s more about looking at other videos to get ideas for yours. Watch a bunch of other people’s videos and decide what elements you might want to include in yours. Do they use onscreen talent or voice over narration? Do they use professional actors or people from their own company? This is sometimes difficult to discern, but if you can get away with using people from your own company, do it. Just make sure they sign a release. Also make sure that they are stable. Seriously. We had to produce another video for someone because the ‘star’ of their previous video went ‘whacko’ and they didn’t want this person to in any way represent their company.

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Chicago Video Editing – Looking for a Chicago Video Editor (Pt. 1)


Searching for a Video Editor

There are several aspects to consider regarding your hiring a an individual or company to help you with Chicago video editing and I’ll explore them with you now.

seo-friendly titles

Should You Edit Your Video?

Though this seems obvious, it isn’t always. Sure, if you want a marketing video where you hope to attract the eyes of many prospective clients, your video definitely needs to be edited, unless you’re trying to go for a very different and unique approach and for some reason just want to show raw footage. However, this is never really done. If anything, a marketing video may contain a ‘rough’ look where it looks homespun or amateurishly shot, but this is all planned and quite professionally done.

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Things to Consider Before You Hire a Video Production Company

Things to Consider Before You Hire a Video Production Company

Hiring a video production company is not as easy as looking someone up in the Yellow Pages. There are many factors that you should consider that will make a big difference in the quality of your video and the overall production experience. Below are some things to think about before you make the big decision.

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