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Planning a Corporate Event at McCormick Place? Here are some Facts

planning a corporate event at mccormick placeMcCormick Place is a great place for corporate events and corporate event videography. Aside from selecting event vendors for videography, photography, food, etc., here are some facts about McCormick place might affect planning a corporate event there.

McCormick Place Has Gone Green

More and more people are going green lately, and Chicago’s McCormick Place, despite its massive size, is following suit. The US Green Build Council issued McCormick Place’s West Building a LEED certification for its implementation of energy-saving products and technologies. The West Building is the largest building in the country to earn this certification. While the efforts toward energy conservation and sustainability might not manifest into the video production itself, that aspect of McCormick Place’s mission is alluring, and can attract a new clientele. Maybe you’ll even pick up some tips for going green in your own work and community.

McCormick Place is Accessible

Another great reason to set up your corporate event at Chicago’s McCormick Place is its inclusivity. The deaf and hard-of-hearing have nothing to worry about with assisted listening transmitters available free of charge in several of the campus’s venues. The convention hall has available rental equipment for wheelchairs, mobility scooters and oxygen equipment. Water fountains, restaurants, first aid stations and retail outlets are all wheelchair accessible, with restrooms providing accessibility or ambulatory stalls. Even ATMs offer audio assistance and proper heights for wheelchair accessibility.

McCormick Place Keeps You Connected

One of the hardest parts about working out of town is staying connected. Chicago’s McCormick Place offers free Wi-Fi throughout the complex, which is perfect for basic web search, email and light internet operations. For online interactions that are more crucial to your project—a corporate meeting over Skype, for example—McCormick place offers a variety of wired internet access and connectivity. If you find your cell phone reception to be spotty, you’ll find lots of great telephone access. With unlimited Chicagoland calls and 100 minutes of long distance calls for free, McCormick Place helps keep you on the map when you’re out of town.

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4 Reasons Why Motion Graphics Improve Business Videos

Motion Graphics & Special Effects

Motion graphics are animated video that help explain a point and entertain the viewer. They’re not always appropriate, as sometimes a simple video with an actor will do the job, but sometimes they can bring something extra to an ordinary video. Here are some reasons why motion graphics make great business videos.

1. Entertain

Simply said, motion graphics are entertaining to the eye. Even if you just open or close the video with animated text or graphics, you’ll make your video more entertaining. Especially in the case of business videos that can often be boring, motion graphics can really help bring some interest to the points being made in the video.

2. Flexibility

Having a fully animated video allows you to create any kind of story you want. You can use animated text to lay out a story or use motion graphics, like characters, to tell a story in an interesting way. A great tool many people are using to explain concepts is screen casting, which basically means recording what you see on your screen. You can grab a screen video then animate the text and shapes to better explain concepts and draw in the attention of your audience.

3. Informative

Motion graphics are great for videos that explain complicated concepts and ideas. Simply talking into the camera and explaining a point may not be enough. You can use animated text to draw on important points and make it easier for your audience to understand what you’re trying to explain.

4. Logo

Motion graphics don’t have to be the entirety of your video. You can simply animate your logo in the beginning or end of your video, and make it stand out much more than it would standing still. Here’s an example of an animated logo from one of our own videos. We use this animated logo in the beginning and end of all of our Chicago video production videos.

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10 Tips for Corporate Event Videography

Corporate event videography

corporate event videography

1. Lighting & audio

Lighting and audio are two of the main issues that separate the pro from the amateur. So unless you really know what you’re doing behind the camera, hire a pro. The end user or viewer of your video will appreciate it and be more inclined to purchase from you.

2. Appropriateness

If you plan to show the video at your corporate event, make sure that it matches the needs and interests of your audience. Not only that, but the temperament, pace, music, style, content and other elements need to match the viewers expectations. You can surprise them to some degree, but they need to relate to and like your video.

3. Video production company

Hire the right company. If you decide to hire a pro, there are many people and companies that claim to know what they’re doing, but may fall short when push comes to shove. Video One has a publication and series of emails focusing on this topic. Click on this link to download a copy.

4. Hiring a video production company

You want to consider many things such as how long they’ve been in business, seeing samples of their work, who has the rights to the video, and other factors before you spend one dollar! It really gets me when a company claims they own the rights and don’t release it to the client to use any way they want! If you pay for it, you own it! Thanks for listening to my rant.

5. Clear expectations

See what others have done. Go to YouTube and see what other corporate event videos look like and make sure that the company you hire can emulate it or do better. A production company can’t read your mind, so you have to either show them a sample of what you want, look at the company’s samples or otherwise communicate your expectations. If this is your first video and you’re not sure what your expectations should be, all the more reason to look for samples that you like.

6. Repurpose your video

If you film your convention or meeting, don’t just film the speakers. Get testimonials. Shoot b-roll of people having meaningful discussions or having fun. Get lots of footage so you can use it for all sorts of purposes. Some of those purposes include a marketing video to promote next years event, a video to play at the event itself, a marketing video for your company, selling the seminars that are presented, prepare a video to show those who couldn’t make it what they missed, etc.

7. Don’t procrastinate

Yes, hiring a video company and having a production made requires effort. But as a business person, you surely understand that effort is required to move forward. Video is the medium of choice to communicate these days and for the foreseeable future. So get on board and use this powerful medium to communicate to your audiences.

8. Do something different

Even if you’ve used video in the past, mix it up. Use a different company or have a different vision. A formulaic anything is ultimately boring. Use different graphics, a different style, different content, different spokes people, etc. Again, YouTube will give you lots of ideas on how to produce a video that will keep your audience(s) interested.

9. SEO

Don’t forget about the search engine optimization (seo) benefits of video. Posting your video on line helps promote your event or company to who knows who? If you want to broaden your audience, make Google happy so they reward you with a higher ranking, have a marketing tool that works 24/7 and never has a bad day, video is the way to go!

10. Build your brand

Your video will help you and others flesh out your company’s identity and brand. If you create a marketing video from your corporate event, what does it say about your company? Will you take a humorous approach? What kind of music would you use? Will you have testimonials? Will the president or CEO speak? What will the pacing look like? How about the graphics? There are many considerations that go into building a brand and your corporate event video should be consistent with your vision.

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Planning a Corporate Event Video Production


What type of corporate event video?corporate event video production

What do you need to know before you engage in a corporate event video production? The first and foremost thing you need to know is why you’re doing it. Do you want to document a trade show booth or your presence at a convention? Do you want to record speaker presentations of seminars or workshops for sale or distribution? Or do you want to document your event so that you can use the video as part of a promo video for business? Whatever the use is, it needs to be filmed professionally, because your video is a representation of your company.

Corporate event videography – seminars

If you’re wanting to film a seminar or workshop, you need to decide on the production value of your video. Do you want this to be a one, two or even a three camera shoot? Do you want or expect audio interaction? If so, do you want them in the shot? Will there be impromptu questions that you want captured on video? If so, you’ll need a wide shot to start with and then either zoom in with a single camera, or keep the wide shot and have a second camera get a tighter shot on them.

Multiple camera video shoots

Keep in mind that a two camera shoot of a speaker is more dynamic than a one camera shoot. Of course two cameras add to the editing time, but the final result will look much nicer and help retain the viewers interest.

Presentation slides in corporate event videography

If you have slides, how do you want to deal with them? If it’s a one-camera shoot, the videographer can focus on the presenter and then cut in the slides later. Or the videographer can start filming the presenter and then do a camera move to focus on the slides. Your final production will look better if the slides are edited in after the presentation has been filmed and during post production editing.


There are many other aspects to consider before you engage in corporate event videography, which will be taken up in other posts. The major takeaway from this post is asking yourself important questions in the planning stages of a corporate event video production will result in quality videos.

Chicago Video Production Checklist

chicago video production

Chicago Video Production Checklist Saves Time & Money!

There are a number of important matters to consider when preparing for a video production. Our expert Chicago video production team has put together a video production checklist for your use. In the next few weeks, we’ll be releasing blog posts on each tip that go into detail about that specific topic.

Here are 7 items you should sort out before a video production:

1. Camera crew

Our production checklist discusses how many cameras you need, where they’ll be positioned, who will be doing what, etc.

2. Video shoot location

Consider lighting and sound issues, whether the space is suitable for a video, etc.

3. Use of special effects

More for editing, but does your video need special effects, motion graphics or other bells and whistles.

4. Need for actors

How to audition actors and prep them for their roles.

5. Production Budget

There is nothing worse during a production than running out of money. Figure out as much as you can on paper, BEFORE one frame of video is shot.

6. Video Equipment

Assess your video equipment needs. Lights, cameras, audio, jib, slider, etc. all need to be considered.

7. Lowering Costs

Follow our guide and you’ll keep your costs to a minimum and get the biggest bang from your video dollars.

As they say in carpentry, measure twice and cut once. The same goes for video production. Pre-production is the time to consider all of your production needs – not on the day of the shoot!

Preparing for a video production?

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Chicago Videographer Says Keep Your Video Production Succinct

Chicago videographerHow long should your corporate video production be?

The Chicago videographer advice on the subject is “the shorter, the better.” Sure, videos are inherently engaging, but if you deliver your message in 60 seconds instead of 120, people are more likely to watch the whole thing. It was Shakespear who said, ‘Brevity is the soul of wit’. So keep it succinct. Don’t say more than you have to to get your message across to your target audience.

That being said, videos appropriately come in all shapes and sizes. Commercials are generally 30 seconds to a minute. Internal communication videos can last from 5 minutes to 20. Therefore the correct answer is that the video’s length should be determined by its objective. However, if you are using video to engage consumers and potential customers, video length can make or break your success.

Chicago Videographer says marketing videos should be around 60-90 seconds

Depending on your audience of course, your marketing video should be between 60 and 90 seconds. If possible, make it shorter especially if it’s website promotional video. Prepare to produce your marketing video by thinking about the 3-5 most important strengths of your company, service or product. Since time is so short, three really strong points are better than three strong ones and two so-so points. However you decide, these points will be the foundation that you build your video around.

Training videos vary in length

The proper length of your training video will be determined by the topic and the audience. If you are presenting to a motivated audience of employees, it can be longer. Perhaps up to 15-30 minutes. However, it also depends on the topic. It it’s highly technical, think about breaking it up into modules. If your audience is hotel guests for instance, and you’re presenting a safety video, just keep it short and to the point. Five to seven minutes is all you can expect the general public to watch.

If you would like the advice about how long your video production should be or help with producing it, call us at 773 252-3352 or email

Tips for Shooting and Editing a Corporate Interview Video


Need an executive interview video shot and edited? The first thing you want to do is plan it right. You have to think about the production value that it requires, as well as the level of editing you’ll need.

Preparing For and Shooting Your Video

Corporate_interview_video_photo_1There’s the adage, ‘we’ll just fix it in post’ (meaning post production or editing). Well, there’s only so much you can do in post. So the smart thing is to shoot it right in the first place so you don’t have to spend time and resources to try to fix something that should have been done right in the first place. Plus, there are some things that just can’t be fixed.

Mistakes can be replaced by other shots sometimes, but if someone says something important in an interview and there is too much background noise to even hear them, for instance, you’re never going to fix that. In addition, there are some times where you only get one chance to do the interview. So if the shoot doesn’t go right, then you’re out of luck. Here are some production questions to ask before anything happens:

  • Does the subject need a teleprompter?
  • How many cameras will you need?
  • Where will it be shot?
  • Is the location controlled, quiet and certain that you won’t be disturbed?
  • How will you record sound? Boom mic, lavalier, house sound, etc.?
  • Need a makeup person?

You may think the interview location question isn’t very important, but it is. I remember a client thinking that they could just shoot the interview in a hotel lobby, only to be told that it was off limits by management. We had warned them to check first, but they didn’t take the time to make sure it was ok. So we had to scramble to find a location to conduct the interview (which of course we did!). However, there isn’t always a good plan ‘b’. So location is crucial.


An edited video always looks better if you use two cameras to cut between. One camera view can look stagnant. So if you have two views to cut from, that’s always a good start. Camera movement is also a good thing. Using a slider, jib or dolly may not be practical. However you can zoom in or out, do a small pan across the screen, or even hand hold the camera for a slightly edgier effect. Obviously make sure your lighting and audio are spot on. The background behind the exec and extraneous noises are the other things to look out for as well.

Editing Your Interview Video

Had to tell you about production. Now for the edit. Cuts and dissolves are pretty much all you need for a corporate interview video. Use other transitions at your own risk, as inappropriate ones can make your production look amateurish.

The opening of the video is another story. To create initial interest and give people an idea of what they will see and hear in the interview, you can go with any combination of the following;

  • motion graphics introduction;
  • video montage introduction;
  • fade up on a text slate with the company logo, the title of the presentation and any other text you deem necessary;
  • b-roll cut away shots of what the person is talking about;
  • b-roll of the company;
  • or you could just open on the speaker.


I’d also suggest that you place ‘lower thirds’ identifying the interviewee, their company and title. Might want to add the logo of their company as well. If there are multiple interviewees, all titling must be consistent.

If you have used one camera for the entire interview, there isn’t much to break things up with unless you add b-roll cut-away shots throughout the video. If you’ve zoomed in or out, or did any camera moves during the interview, that could create more dynamism. However if not done appropriately, it could look contrived and amateurish.

Even with a two camera interview, adding b-roll will definitely help add interest and help make the interviewee’s words come to life. The video that we produced for North American Insurance incorporates most of the elements I mentioned. It has a motion graphics opening, we used two cameras, used a slider for camera movement, has cut-away footage, we used a teleprompter, plus other elements to make this production as interesting as possible.

If you would like help with your corporate interview video or presentation, contact me at 773 252-3352 or I’ll be happy to provide you with a no cost consultation and price quote for any assistance you may want.

Best Convention Centers in Chicago for Executive Meetings

Chicago offers many great locations for Chicago video production taking place at convention center meetings, trade shows and other kinds of corporate events. Whether your company is planning a meeting in Chicago from out of town or you’re based here, take a look at the list of Chicago convention centers below to help you choose the right convention center for Chicago video production at your company event.

Chicago video production locations – Best convention centers in Chicago


McCormick Place

chicago video production Located just south of Chicago’s downtown Loop and practically on the shore of Lake Michigan, McCormick Place is North America’s largest convention center. Offering four state-of-the-art buildings, McCormick Place is ideal for conventions, trade shows, and executive meetings that that include Chicago video production. Up to three million visitors attend meetings in McCormick Place every year. Learn more about McCormick Place here.

DES Convention Center – Rosemont Center

chicago video production company The Donald E. Stephens Convention Center is another great location for conventions, trade shows and other Chicago video production meetings. It offers a total 840,000 square feet of flexible exhibition space, including six halls, unlimited floor loads and a parking garage. DES specializes in customized floor plans, so you can fit as many booths and trade show areas as needed for your Chicago video production. Learn more about DES Convention Center here.

Midwest Conference Center

chicago video production

For one of the best executive meeting locations in the midwest, try the Midwest Conference Center. The Midwest Conference Center has over 33,000 square feet of event space available for all kinds of corporate events, and accommodates spaces for Chicago video production. Learn more about Midwest Conference Center here.

The conference Center

chicago video production

Conveniently located in the heart of downtown Chicago at One North Wacker Drive, The Conference Center is the perfect meeting location whether it’s for two people or 300 people. With more than 6,200 square feet of meeting space and high speed internet throughout the facility, The Conference Center is a good meeting option if you want to be right downtown. Learn more about The Conference Center here.

Four Seasons Chicago

chicago video production company Located on the waterfront in Downtown Chicago, Four Seasons accommodates meetings and events in the Gold Coast. With 23,757 Sq Ft of conference space and on-site technical assistance, Four Seasons makes your meeting and conference planning as easy as it can be. Learn more about Four Seasons Chicago here.

Orrington Hilton Hotel

chicago video production company If you’re looking to organize an executive meeting near Chicago but not necessarily downtown, Hilton Hotel in Evanston is the perfect option. Orrington Hilton also accommodates for a Chicago video production at your presentation, meeting or conference. Hilton makes it convenient for you to hold your event there by providing high-speed internet, state-of-the-art built-in audio/visual capabilities and tackable and writable wall surfaces. Learn more about Orrington Hilton here.

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Video Recording Company Meetings Comes In Handy

Video recording company meetings has grown into a necessity for most corporation and small businesses. If you have an essential employee who can’t make a meeting, video recording company meetings for later viewing allows them to experience it firsthand instead of depending on someone else’s notes.

You can connect to a satellite office through a streaming service or Skype. If you’re looking to travel for your video shoot, you can connect with the Chicago video production company you’re going to partner with, and their staff can begin brainstorming with you. Plus, it never hurts to have your meetings on file with video. Being able to go back and see what happened, how you said it and what your thought process was can come in handy down the road.

If you want to learn more about corporate event videography or watch company event video samples, visit our Event Video Production page. And feel free to contact us at any time for a free consultation.