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Presentation Video Production and Edit

Productivity Expert Presentation

presentation video production services

Presentation Video Production at Summit Executive Center

Video One was asked by the Summit Executive Center to provide presentation video production services for them. Chris Bailey, author, motivational speaker and consultant gave quite a compelling talk. He discussed ways to be more productive at work and in life in general. His book, “The Productivity Project” goes into more detail, but he did generously share several aspects of his book with his audience. Read more

Presentation Video Production and Editing at a Dental Conference

 Presentation Video Production and Editing for NADL

A client of ours needed presentation video production and editing services for several speakers at a recent conference in Chicago. We filmed and edited several presentations for National Association of Dental Laboratories (NADL) last year, and they requested that we help them again this year.

Video presentation and edit

Slide for the NADL Conference

We filmed the presentations at the Hyatt Regency Chicago. It was a one day shoot and we edited four seminars. We included titling, branding, lower thirds identifying the speakers, and of course the edited footage. We also inserted slides into the final videos. Read more

Panel Discussion and Presentation Shoot For An Energy Developer

Panel Discussion and Presentation Shoot

panel discussion and presentation shoot

Panel Discussion at a Chicago Location

Video One recently provided a two person, one day panel discussion and presentation shoot and edit. Our client was Invenergy, LLC, a Chicago based, energy development corporation. In preparation for the shoot, our client asked us to provide a test runthrough to make sure that the audio was adequate. We checked the speaker system of the venue to assure that the discussions could be heard by the audience. They also wanted to make sure that we were able to patch into the venue’s audio board. Read more

Benefits of an Event Video Production

Advantages of an event video production

There are many benefits to having your next professional event recorded by a videographer. Whether you’re sponsoring a booth at a trade show, giving a presentation, or otherwise presenting your products or services, hiring a Chicago videographer for event video production can benefit you in many ways:

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4 Reasons Why Motion Graphics Improve Business Videos

Motion Graphics & Special Effects

Motion graphics are animated video that help explain a point and entertain the viewer. They’re not always appropriate, as sometimes a simple video with an actor will do the job, but sometimes they can bring something extra to an ordinary video. Here are some reasons why motion graphics make great business videos.

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10 Tips for Corporate Event Videography

Corporate event videography

corporate event videography

1. Lighting & audio

Lighting and audio are two of the main issues that separate the pro from the amateur. So unless you really know what you’re doing behind the camera, hire a pro. The end user or viewer of your video will appreciate it and be more inclined to purchase from you.

2. Appropriateness

If you plan to show the video at your corporate event, make sure that it matches the needs and interests of your audience. Not only that, but the temperament, pace, music, style, content and other elements need to match the viewers expectations. You can surprise them to some degree, but they need to relate to and like your video.

3. Video production company

Hire the right company. If you decide to hire a pro, there are many people and companies that claim to know what they’re doing, but may fall short when push comes to shove. Video One has a publication and series of emails focusing on this topic. Click on this link to download a copy.

4. Hiring a video production company

You want to consider many things such as how long they’ve been in business, seeing samples of their work, who has the rights to the video, and other factors before you spend one dollar! It really gets me when a company claims they own the rights and don’t release it to the client to use any way they want! If you pay for it, you own it! Thanks for listening to my rant.

5. Clear expectations

See what others have done. Go to YouTube and see what other corporate event videos look like and make sure that the company you hire can emulate it or do better. A production company can’t read your mind, so you have to either show them a sample of what you want, look at the company’s samples or otherwise communicate your expectations. If this is your first video and you’re not sure what your expectations should be, all the more reason to look for samples that you like.

6. Repurpose your video

If you film your convention or meeting, don’t just film the speakers. Get testimonials. Shoot b-roll of people having meaningful discussions or having fun. Get lots of footage so you can use it for all sorts of purposes. Some of those purposes include a marketing video to promote next years event, a video to play at the event itself, a marketing video for your company, selling the seminars that are presented, prepare a video to show those who couldn’t make it what they missed, etc.

7. Don’t procrastinate

Yes, hiring a video company and having a production made requires effort. But as a business person, you surely understand that effort is required to move forward. Video is the medium of choice to communicate these days and for the foreseeable future. So get on board and use this powerful medium to communicate to your audiences.

8. Do something different

Even if you’ve used video in the past, mix it up. Use a different company or have a different vision. A formulaic anything is ultimately boring. Use different graphics, a different style, different content, different spokes people, etc. Again, YouTube will give you lots of ideas on how to produce a video that will keep your audience(s) interested.

9. SEO

Don’t forget about the search engine optimization (seo) benefits of video. Posting your video on line helps promote your event or company to who knows who? If you want to broaden your audience, make Google happy so they reward you with a higher ranking, have a marketing tool that works 24/7 and never has a bad day, video is the way to go!

10. Build your brand

Your video will help you and others flesh out your company’s identity and brand. If you create a marketing video from your corporate event, what does it say about your company? Will you take a humorous approach? What kind of music would you use? Will you have testimonials? Will the president or CEO speak? What will the pacing look like? How about the graphics? There are many considerations that go into building a brand and your corporate event video should be consistent with your vision.

If you need a Chicago video production company for your corporate event videography, contact us at (773) 252-3352 or

Planning a Corporate Event Video Production


What type of corporate event video?corporate event video production

What do you need to know before you engage in a corporate event video production? The first and foremost thing you need to know is why you’re doing it. Do you want to document a trade show booth or your presence at a convention? Do you want to record speaker presentations of seminars or workshops for sale or distribution? Or do you want to document your event so that you can use the video as part of a promo video for business? Whatever the use is, it needs to be filmed professionally, because your video is a representation of your company.

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Chicago Video Production Checklist

chicago video production

Chicago Video Production Checklist Saves Time & Money!

There are a number of important matters to consider when preparing for a video production. Our expert Chicago video production team has put together a video production checklist for your use. In the next few weeks, we’ll be releasing blog posts on each tip that go into detail about that specific topic.

Here are 7 items you should sort out before a video production:

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Chicago Videographer Says Keep Your Video Production Succinct

Chicago videographerHow long should your corporate video production be?

The Chicago videographer advice on the subject is “the shorter, the better.” Sure, videos are inherently engaging, but if you deliver your message in 60 seconds instead of 120, people are more likely to watch the whole thing. It was Shakespear who said, ‘Brevity is the soul of wit’. So keep it succinct. Don’t say more than you have to to get your message across to your target audience.

That being said, videos appropriately come in all shapes and sizes. Commercials are generally 30 seconds to a minute. Internal communication videos can last from 5 minutes to 20. Therefore the correct answer is that the video’s length should be determined by its objective. However, if you are using video to engage consumers and potential customers, video length can make or break your success.

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