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Videographer Provides 5 Steps to Great Production

Five steps for a successful video production

Here are some ideas for planning out a proper video production are essential for success. For starters, you shouldn’t limit yourself and you should always keep an open and creative mind. If it is required of you to be creative, you will find these 5 steps very useful:

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Video Expert Discusses Storyboards and Shot Lists

Shot Lists and Storyboards

Using shot lists and storyboards can be very beneficial during a video production shoot. Shot lists and storyboards are money-saving ways to up the quality and efficiency of your videos. Even legendary directors, like Steven Spielberg and George Lucas use storyboards to communicate the visions they have for their projects. With a storyboard, your subjects, actors and crew will have a better idea of your vision, which then improves the likeliness of everything running smoothly. Read more

hired talent

Talent Recruiting Tips for Your Video Production

Finding Talent for Your Video Production

Having the proper talent for your video is important for portraying the ideas and focus of the shoot. I’m quite sure you’ve seen movies and shows with horrible actors and it ruined a perfectly good storyline and plot. Don’t let this happen to your video. Make sure that you recruit the right talent for your productions. Read more

Preparing for a Chicago Video Production: Tip #7 Production Checklist (2)

Tip #7: Chicago Video Production Checklist

production checklistWith so many factors going into your Chicago video production, many things can be overlooked. Below are a couple more suggestions about things to think about when going over your production checklist and preparing for a video production.

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Preparing for a Video Production Tip #5: Budget


How do I set a budget for my video?

It can be difficult setting a budget for a video, especially if this is your first time. I often ask our clients what budget they have in mind, not to see how much we can get out of them, but because this way we can determine the production value the client is expecting for their video.

At Video One, we have produced promotional videos for as little as $1250 and as much as $45,000. An example of a $1250 shoot is one we did for a small business with one camera and little editing. Here’s what that looks like:

The $45,000 one, however, was a longer, scripted video for a national brand with actors, multiple cameras, props, scripting and other necessities. Here’s what that one looks like:

As discussed earlier, two cameras will often give the video production a better look. However, two cameras are more expensive than one and add to the editing time.

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Preparing for a Video Production Tip #4: Actors

Should I use actors in my video?

Unless you have a solid storyline for your video, actors aren’t really needed for a business video production. Now let’s go under the premises that you will need people to act in your video. Should you hire actors? Maybe. It depends on how much true acting needs to be done, your budget and who your target audience is.

If not a lot of acting, but mainly ‘placeholders’ in your video, then anyone who will follow direction will do. If your target audience is other employees at work, then maybe you can use employees as actors. Of course there are budget considerations, which we’ll get into in the next section.

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Preparing for a Video Production Tip #3: Special Effects

Do I need motion graphics or special effects for my video?

First, let’s define motion graphics. Motion graphics are animated videos that make use of illustrations, photos, and other images. They provide clarity, entertain and otherwise help the communication process in a video. Here’s an example of an entirely motion graphics video:

So let’s figure out which productions need motion graphics.

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