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interview video at 140 E Walton Pl, Chicago, IL 60611

Adding b-roll and Cutaways to Your Interview Video

Cutaways for Your Interview Video

As I mentioned in my last blog, b-roll or cutaway footage is video we use to break up the monotony of just looking at a speaker in your interview video. In addition to using more than one camera to film a subject, adding cutaway footage is another element that you can add to retain viewer interest. Here’s an example of what we did for a Canadian company:

Interview at 140 E Walton Pl, Chicago, IL 60611

Cutaway Shot for Interview Video

Types of Cutaway Footage for Interview Videos

Cutaway footage could consist of the subject matter the speaker is discussing or something not so directly related. For instance, if we’re interviewing architect Helmut Jahn, we could inter-splice images of some of the buildings he has designed within his interview. A not so directly related cutaway might be a shot of the Chicago skyline, which is indicative of buildings and architecture in general. The point is that we don’t have to be completely literal when it comes to cutaways. However, cutaways really help bring life to your video!

140 E Walton Pl, Chicago, IL 60611 interview video

Another cutaway shot for our interview video

Getting Cutaway’s for Your Interview Video

If you don’t have the time, budget, or opportunity to get b-roll for your interview video, what can you do? You can obtain stock footage or photos to spice things up. A good source for photos and stock footage is iStock. They have a tremendous amount of images, video footage and templates that can be used to integrate into your video. When producing a professional video, never just ‘appropriate’ images or video from other sources! Make sure it’s licensed.

If you would like a price quote to produce your interview or testimonial videos, please contact us.

Two Camera Interview Video Demo

Two Camera Interview Video

The two camera interview video is much more interesting to watch than seeing just one camera. This is especially true if we’re only seeing a ‘talking head.’ There are several ways we can set up two cameras for the two camera shoot. One camera might be focused straight on the subject and the other camera could be getting the side of the subject’s face. I’m not too fond of this setup, as I always like to see the subject talking to the audience rather than the distancing side view. I like to see two direct shots as we did for Peak 10, shown below.

two camera interview video

Two Camera Interview Video for Peak 10

two camera interview video

Second Camera for Peak 10 Interview Video

Reverse Example of “Looking Away” Two Camera Interview Video

The interview we conducted below shows the second camera with the subject looking away in the close up shot. I feel that it’s a distancing thing and doesn’t help connect the subject with the audience. However, many people like, and even prefer this look. I think it’s just a matter of preference, as there is no right or wrong to it.

2500 Curtiss St, Downers Grove, IL 60515

Wide shot of Interview Video at a Manufacturer


Close up of interview at 2500 Curtiss St, Downers Grove, IL 60515

Close up of Interview Video

Here’s another example of the wide shot where our subject was looking away. We were instructed to film the interview this way by our German client who hired us. They wanted to use this interview in a documentary they were producing and told us exactly the way they wanted it shot. Here are some screen grabs from the interview:

Video Interview at 111 N Lake Shore Dr, Chicago, IL 60601

Helmut Jnan Interview Video Wide shot

Video Interview at 111 N Lake Shore Dr, Chicago, IL 60601

Helmut Jnan at Columbia Yacht Club

The next blog will focus on using b-boll or cutaway footage to create further interest. So stay tuned!

If you would like to have a one or two camera interview video produced, feel free to contact us.

testimonial videos

Testimonial Videos for Dental Office

Testimonial Videos for Grand Dental Group

Video Testimonial

We were contacted by Grand Dental Group to produce a series of testimonial videos at their office. Actually, a consultant from Pennsylvania found us on the internet and hired us for the project. We sent our camera crew out to their Aurora office and filmed testimonials for two days. We also obtained b-roll, cutaway footage of their office for an eventual promotional video.

video testimonial

Dr. Mark Kaschube is their skilled dentist who provided the services. Judging from the testimonials from his patients, I’d say he did a great job. Watch our video and you’ll see what some of his patients have to say about his great service!

Two Person Video Production Crew

They had the budget for a two person camera crew that consists of a videographer and an audio person to monitor the sound. The videographer has to focus on getting the right shot for the video. The audio persons role is to listen intently to make sure that the sounds of airplanes, ambulances, air passing through vents, and other distractions to make sure that the person speaking on camera is clearly heard. Our videographer can shoot and listen at the same time. However, it helps the production if there is someone else checking the sound as well.

Two Person Crew Helps with Audio and Lighting

Testimonial Video

Having a two person crew is also helpful when there are multiple setups at a location and lighting has to be taken down and established again. A lighting assistant who doubles as someone who monitors the audio can be a cost effective approach for clients. When our videographer has help during a shoot, having help can allow the production to go more quickly, thus avoiding having us come out another time to obtain all of the footage.

If you would like assistance in obtaining testimonial videos, please feel free to contact us.