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disc duplication

Disc Duplication or Disc Replication. That is the Question.

Duplication vs. Replication

Hiring a videographer company will provide you with services that are cost effective and will also give you professional results. Other than the usual production services, a good company can also help you create a distribution plan for your final product. You can distribute the final product as a file or post it to your website or a video site like YouTube. If you decide to distribute your program on disc, you need to know the differences between video replication and duplication. These two terms can mean totally distinct processes when making disc copies. Read more

Chicago Videographer Professionals On Editing

The importance of editing

Using a video editing company opens your project to all sorts of possibilities. The magic lies in the multiple stages involved in a professional video production. Steps like pre-production, post production and even the conversion of copies into HD all lend more character and quality to your video. Together, these essential steps allow you to develop a more compelling message that will truly get across your audience. This may sound complicated for some people and it can be. However, the good news is that hiring a video company will take care of all these steps. Your company should be involved from conceptualization up to the final version of your video.

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When to Use Motion Graphics & Animated Video

Motion Graphics – When and How To Use Them

animated video

Whether you need simple animated text or a fully animated video, motion graphics is the best thing to choose to add some spice to your videos. Motion graphics hold the key to making your video stand out while effectively conveying information in an engaging way to your audience.

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A Guide on Green Screen and Chroma Key Technology

green screen

What is Green Screen?

Green screen videography has been around for many years. Green screen is used to give video editors the opportunity to substitute the green screen with any background. And there’s noting carved in stone regarding the color green. You could use blue screen or any other solid color background that you want. Just make sure that nothing in the foreground is the same color as the background.

This is because your video editor will ‘tell the computer’ to replace everything that has the color of the background with a different background, which could be anything. It’s a more affordable alternative than building some set backdrops, and is a great way to add special effects for any videographer. Your editor could replace the green screen with a beach screen, Mars or anything that works for you. You could also replace the green screen with a high- resolution photograph, stock footage or something you’ve shot yourself. It could be a still frame or moving video. The sky is the limit!

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Audio Considerations for Your Video Production

Audio Tips for Videography

audio tips for video production

Imagine a movie without sound effects! Gone are the days when simplified video was appreciated and admired, because there were no sound options. Today, you will not find anyone who can tolerate a video without sound and music. Adding creative sound and music can do wonders for your video. Below are a couple audio tips to consider for your video production.

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