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product demonstration

6 Tips for Finding Customers With a Product Demonstration

Advice and tips for product demonstration

Initially I thought that product demonstration video production was primarily targeted at past-purchase customers who need help with their new products. However, there may actually be potential for turning product demo viewers into future clients, if your demo video is produced carefully. Below are some tips for making your e-commerce product demonstration videos into conversion engines. Based on a list that was originally compiled for ReelSEO by Jen Peep, a studio director for a creative agency called The Garrigan Lyman Group, the advice in this list features insights from one of the best advertising firms in the country. Read more

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Tips for Managing Color Temperature in Online Video

Color Temperature: What it is and How to Manage it

Light sources, from the sun to lamps, release a color temperature in Kelvin. While our eyes can adjust to the light, our cameras remain sensitive to it. Ever notice a video or photograph of something indoors with an unusual blue hue? Or something outdoors that looked oddly orange? This usually means the camera was not set to the appropriate color temperature for the environment.  Understanding these subtle technical details will set the groundwork for a successful video. And knowing how to adjust these color temperature levels in post-production (and during production with the right camera settings) is the topic of this Reel Rebel video. Read more

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Leveraging YouTube Audiences to Promote Your Own Channel

Are You Looking To Produce Viral Videos?

If you have any hopes of having a YouTube video that reaches viral status, it needs to become the talk of the social town. That means having people share, comment, Tweet, email it, the whole nine yards. And there are various things you can do to encourage the likelihood of having something reach the viral sphere. ReelSEO has the rundown on leveraging YouTube audiences for your channel. Read more

Best HTML 5 Video Players

Our favorite HTML 5 players

If you’re a production company expert who produces online video and hopes to tap into the mobile market, you have to know how to embed videos into HTML 5 players. HTML 5 players are the only format that can be opened on Apple products, whose share of the mobile market is significant – if not the greatest.


Fortunately, there’s a nice selection of HTML 5 players available online which a video production expert can choose from when deciding how to get a video on his website. YouTube is the easiest and most obvious choice, but there are alternatives for producers trying to avoid the social channel.

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Tips to Improve Your Vlogging

There are so many styles of video production, it’s easy to get consumed with the idea of producing very high quality, short film style content. But one of the easiest forms from Chicago production companies, one that sometimes resonates most with people, is the basic vlog. In fact, vlogs, or videos of people talking directly to the camera/their YouTube audience, make for some of the most popular videos on the web. The latest Creator’s Tip episode highlights some vlogging tips from the award winning vlogger, Scoot Magruder.

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Stand Out from the Crowd with Video News Releases

Video news releases stand out

News releases are a great way to keep the press updated on what your company is up to. You can write a news release to announce a promotion, introduce a new product or service, or inform your targeted audience of what they would consider news release

But you may face this problem: there are thousands of news releases being published in your area of expertise daily, so why should anyone pay attention to yours?

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How to Get Better SEO with YouTube Video Tags

YouTube is obviously a great tool for you to use for promoting your video production, but you have to do more than just upload it and hope for the best.

One of the most important things you can do is tag your video correctly. Just like you would tag a blog post on your website for SEO, YouTube video tags are very essential for SEO purposes. A keyword search program, such as YouTube Keyword Tool, can help you discover keywords that lead people to your site, and these keywords and phrases make perfect tags:

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