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How to Select the Best SEO Titles for Your Videos

SEO-friendly titles

seo-friendly titles

Ever wondered what is the first thing that attracts visitors to your page? Of course, it is the title – whether it is a video or an article. An appealing title will stand apart from the rest and attract viewers to your video. So when it comes to writing the best title for your video, the following tips from our Chicago video production experts will come to your rescue:

Make it SEO friendly

The best title is one that works well for search. If the video title isn’t optimized for search engines, potential viewers cannot find it in their organic searches. An impressive video title that describes your video well and speaks to your viewers, compels them to explore your video. No doubt, the video is the most important piece of content on your page. However, the title isn’t less important either, especially when it comes to attracting an audience. Writing a good title with targeted keywords can greatly affect your click-through. Read more

YouTube’s self-funded original content and how it might affect you

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that YouTube has plans to overhaul its website, create categorical channels of content, and invest $100 million in original content. The goal is to entice advertisers to spend more money on ads for the site.

The good news is YouTube might start putting out a bunch of great new video production Chicago projects for consumers to enjoy. The bad new is, corporate video producers now have a lot more competition in the market.

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Charities love video

We have blogged about a few different non-profit and charity organizations. Some of them have even won our coveted Chicago videographer Video Professional’s Award. During our daily search for online video production, we’ve bumped into quote a few come from charities. It seems that non-profits are big proponents of using video to engage viewers. It makes perfect sense. Videos are viewed by millions of people every day. A single video can get hundreds of thousands of views over the course of a weekend. Since charities rely so heavily on human involvement to thrive, it’s no wonder they would rely on video to find supporters.

Video is just one of many tools non-profits have used. Another popular one has been social media. Below are some of some of these videos, and what the charity is trying to do. The rest of this post will go up tomorrow afternoon, so check back for more!

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Best Practices: Video Press Releases

Of all the uses for online video, press releases are one of the hardest to pull off. A good videographer Chicago press release builds interest and awareness towards a business, event, or individual. But a bad press release can have the opposite effect, capable of tarnishing someone’s reputation and eliminating any interest people had.

The shortcomings of the above release should be obvious, but these are my top 3.

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Facebook video ads work according to released a report last week detailing promising numbers for Facebook’s video advertisements.

For their research, took a sample of 25 major video ad campaigns, including Symantec, Microsoft, Hyundai, 20th-Century Fox, and ran identical videos on Facebook and on comparable click-to-play video ads on publisher sites. TubeMogul then compared cost, viewing time and more.

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Meet Tunerfish: Social media for video watchers

Comcast is bringing social media to video watchers with Tunerfish.

According to, Tunerfish will be Foursquare for those who love video and TV and want to share it with our friends. The service will encourage users to share what they are watching with members of their social circle through game mechanics. Tunerfish hopes to be driven by users’ passion for watching TV and ability to share content in real time.

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Retailers see value in online video

According to a new study from, retailers are using more and more online videos and understand its value. Here’s a quote from the study on how retailers are using online video:

In the past year, significant technological advances have allowed retailers to incorporate interactive elements, such as the ability to click on an item in a video and have it placed in the customer?s shopping cart. Video optimization is allowing retailers to change elements in their videos and measure the effect on sales conversion rates.

Additionally, graphs such as the one below show the substantial increase in online video usage from the Top 50 retailers:


Finally, this graph shows what the Top 50 Retailers plan on adding to their websites soon. Video comes in at 42.3% – second only to social media:


Read the entire report from right now. To find out how we can help you use the powerful tool of video production Chicago for your business, call or email us today!

Google announces Google TV

Today, Google announced that they are throwing their video production company hat in the web-TV ring by introducing Google TV.

According to Google’s Blog, Google TV is a device that will seamlessly integrate the internet with your television set, which is something that has been tried many times before but has never really caught on.

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Making a video for Oprah’s Search For The Next TV Star? Video One Productions can help

Oprah fanatic? Then you probably know that Ms. Winfrey is holding a “Search For The Next TV Star”.

Oprah has joined forces with Survivor producer Mark Burnett to find the next TV star, and the winner will star in their own TV show!

If you want to throw your hat in the ring, there are two ways to go about it. One is to go to the live auditions being held around the country. But really, who has hours to wait around in line for a short audition?

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