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product demonstration

6 Tips for Finding Customers With a Product Demonstration

Advice and tips for product demonstration

Initially I thought that product demonstration video production was primarily targeted at past-purchase customers who need help with their new products. However, there may actually be potential for turning product demo viewers into future clients, if your demo video is produced carefully. Below are some tips for making your e-commerce product demonstration videos into conversion engines. Based on a list that was originally compiled for ReelSEO by Jen Peep, a studio director for a creative agency called The Garrigan Lyman Group, the advice in this list features insights from one of the best advertising firms in the country. Read more

video transcripts

Improve SEO by Uploading a Transcript with your Video

Using video transcripts to improve SEO

Including video transcripts with your YouTube video might seem like an unnecessary step but it’s more beneficial than most realize. Here are two reasons why you should upload a written transcript with your video: Read more

Color scale image

Tips for Managing Color Temperature in Online Video

Color Temperature: What it is and How to Manage it

Light sources, from the sun to lamps, release a color temperature in Kelvin. While our eyes can adjust to the light, our cameras remain sensitive to it. Ever notice a video or photograph of something indoors with an unusual blue hue? Or something outdoors that looked oddly orange? This usually means the camera was not set to the appropriate color temperature for the environment.  Understanding these subtle technical details will set the groundwork for a successful video. And knowing how to adjust these color temperature levels in post-production (and during production with the right camera settings) is the topic of this Reel Rebel video. Read more

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Leveraging YouTube Audiences to Promote Your Own Channel

Are You Looking To Produce Viral Videos?

If you have any hopes of having a YouTube video that reaches viral status, it needs to become the talk of the social town. That means having people share, comment, Tweet, email it, the whole nine yards. And there are various things you can do to encourage the likelihood of having something reach the viral sphere. ReelSEO has the rundown on leveraging YouTube audiences for your channel. Read more

Chicago Videographer Tells How to Prepare for a Shoot

preparing for a shootPreparing for a shoot is one of the many stages a production company will professionally oversee. Without the proper foundation for a video, it is bound to fail. Fortunately, a videographer will prevent disaster. The preparation or pre-production stage of videography will likely be the most taxing in that many preparations must be made at once. Organizing the various forms of talent from actors to animators to lighting experts can be stressful at best for the amateur filmmaker, but is familiar territory for the videographer. If you decide to go at it alone, here are some things to consider.

Have a clear, concise idea of what the client is looking for from their video production. The best and easiest way to do this is to communicate with the client. Listen not only to the ideas the client expresses, but also the moods and feelings desired for the final project. Considering the target audience is another way to begin preparing. A music video for children will have a drastically different appearance from covering a major event.

Most video projects will have some sort of script. It is important to read the script when preparing for a shoot and be very familiar with it before production begins. Knowing the script will allow the direction of production to become apparent. When the director has decided how a project is to be filmed, scenery, lighting and other “background” experts can be contracted to create the perfect set for each scene. If the video is something simple or the budget is tight, then resources will need to be carefully parceled out between pre-production, production and post production activities. That’s why it’s always important to be frank with the client about what can be done given their budget for the video production.

The style of camera should be decided before production begins. There are more styles of recording and types of cameras than ever. Knowing which is right for the project is imperative. From simple handheld digital camcorders to high definition cameras, the options provide lots of choices in how a final product will turn out. High definition cameras will provide a fantastic, crisp picture, but such a picture will not always be required or wanted. Sometimes a hand held or urban look might be called for. So know what your goals are before you jump into the project.

If any special effects or motion graphics are required, these will have to be accounted for starting pre-production and of course in the budgeting phase. Whether it is a green screen, images manipulated in post production or graphics to be inserted, these special effects are bound to add a professional touch.

From the budget, to the ambitions of the final project, planning and preparing for production are some of the most important steps in creating a professional looking, artful video production. Regardless of video genre, the method of beginning a video always revolves around communication.

For help using video for your business or need more advice on preparing for a shoot, call us at (773)252-3352 or email us at

Customizing YouTube For Better Branding

youtubeYouTube channels give experts a lot of control over the way their content is delivered. Users can change so much about their page’s appearance and layout that no two expert pages look alike. It’s a beautiful function that gives YouTube viewers a unique experience regardless of where they watch videos. Below are three tips for redesigning your YouTube channel page to give it a feel unlike any others.

Banner Space

Most YouTube users don’t get access to a lot of banner space, just enough to fit a channel name or a link. But YouTube Partners actually have 150 pixels of vertical space to create a more engaging banner.

While this is enough space to put in a graphic or logo, channels such as The Nerdist and the BBC America use the space to display a line-up of their latest programs, links to their respective Web sites, and their Facebook and Twitter pages to expand their brand engagements even further.


  • Don’t waste this space. Be concise and honest about the channel’s producer.
  • Be very clear about who you are and the role of your channel. This serves as a promise that tells your visitors what they can expect from you.
  • Be creative and let you or your brand’s identity show. This can create interest around your page, and attract attention among your potential follower.
  • Direct people to your Web site, and other social media sites where they can interact with your brand. For instance, CollegeHumor‘s bio is pretty straightforward, stating what they do, where they’re based, and links to Twitter, Facebook, iOS apps and their Web site where all their videos premiere before they hit YouTube. This drive traffic back to their home page of people eager to find more videos.


Perhaps the largest screen real estate YouTube will allow you to customize is your channel’s background. This includes the space on the sides of the video production, and the space at the bottom of the video editing selections. These spaces can be used in many different ways so you can put into motion any branding strategies you may have.

Drifting around the social video sharing site, the most common personalization done to the background is making it look like the brand’s own Web site—including the color schemes and the images. This is exactly what KFC has done, with their own YouTube page looking like an extension of their Web site. This is, again, consistency at work, helping mold together your online properties into a social media experience for your followers.

There’s no group, business, or community that’s too big or too small for goals that can be reached with the help of a thoughtful video editing and marketing strategy. If you’re searching for some assistance with a Chicago video production project, call or email us today. We have over 25 years of experience and can help you develop a project from concept to completion! Our seasoned team will help you to produce the high quality products that you envision.

Tips for viral video success

viral video

ReelSEO talked to Dan Best, Unruly’s Planning Director, and he gave some great surface advice for Chicago videographer experts on making a viral video and creating content that will reach as many users as possible.

“This is the first lab to focus on the science behind what makes content shareable. It’s also the first lab to offer brands a full social video health check. This health check includes the brands’ SOV against their competitive set, benchmarking their performance against category and audience, creative pre-testing plus insight from taste-makers, bloggers and sharers. This arms brands with insight they need to make their video content truly social.”
-Dan Best

  1. Get under your viewer’s skin: Think about the audience you want to reach and find out what they like to talk about with their friends.  Online video production is a valuable social currency, increasingly used as conversation starters, social lubricants, props for self-expression and as a means of winning validation and approbation within a peer group.
  2. Use triggers to capture audience attention: Once a Chicago videographer gets an understanding of what makes your audience tick, you’ll be better placed to identify the content triggers most likely to hit your target audience’s sweet spot. These triggers are visual symbols that instantly tell your audience what they will be watching, and it will help get their attention when browsing multitudes of content online.
  3. Turn up the volume: Once you are targeting your audience with specific triggers and interest-driven content, don’t let modesty or subtleties dampen your impact. Say it loud and proud, whatever “it” is you’re trying to say.

There’s no group, business, or community that’s too big or too small for goals that can be reached with the help of a thoughtful Chicago videographer and video production marketing strategy. If you’re searching for some assistance with a video project, call or email us today. We have over 25 years of experience and can help you develop a project from concept to completion! Our seasoned team will help you to produce the high quality products that you envision.

Creating a paywall for your video content

Among the see of online video editing and hosting platforms (where YouTube is king and Vimeo is cool too), is a business-oriented platform called Vzaar. For $30/month, users can upload their content to Vzaar, and obtain unprecedented control over the security, distribution, and appearance of all your video production content. However, until now, anything you host through Vzaar was free to consume by anyone who could find your work.paywall

That platform has teamed up with a company called MPP Global Solutions, which gives users the chance to put a paywall before their content. As such, viewers must either pay to see your individual videos, or purchase a subscription to get access to all your content. Asking viewers to pay for content might be a bad idea for some video editing producers – those making short, viral videos or branded, sales content meant to introduce a product or service.

But if video monetization is a part of your business model, if video production is the product you offer, perhaps setting up paywall accounts with Vzaar and MPP makes sense. The latter is a major online payment processor who are partnered with some other big online video names like Brightcove, Accedo Broadband and They also do payment processing for Philips Smart TVs, the Times Online and Playjam (a connected TV social gaming platform). But according to ReelSEO, the company’s background might actually make them harder to work with if you’re a small business.

… before you can even work with MPP Global Solutions, you need to contact them, get an account set up, and they’re most likely going to take a sizable cut of the monies you accumulate. It’s all very closed-loop in that there is zero information about any of it on the consumer-facing side of the website, zero transparency until you talk to them. That generally means it’s pricey and they only want to work with high volume sites that are going to generate large amounts of revenue. Just my personal feeling about it all, nothing against them per se, but when I see a site like that, it’s the first thing I think. They make you ask so they can find out whether you can afford it or not. So while you can do it with Vzaar and MPP Global Solutions, there’s no clear path on how to do it and no guarantee that you’d qualify to even become an MPP Global Solutions client.

For help with all your video editing, video production or marketing projects, or if you have questions on how to set up a paywall, contact us at (773)252-3352 or at

The Qualities of Sharable Content

sharable contentIf your brand has any hopes of producing viral content, it will have to be appealing enough to audiences that they feel compelled to share it with others online. Fortunately, sharing content is so easy these days that most digital content destinations have turned the share function into a button. Unfortunately, producing something that effects people so profoundly is getting harder every day. The flood of online video production, blog posts, photos, and infographics people face every day has all-but numbed audiences to the impact of certain video editing. As such, producers must go above in beyond in their content and hit all the right notes in order to inspire their audiences to sing praise.

In a recent entry on the Social Media Marketing blog, Luis Oliveros highlights three qualities of highly sharable content. The qualities might not surprise you, but that doesn’t mean these qualities have not been overlooked at some point.

Emotionally Driven Content
Any content that genuinely triggers an emotional response in viewers is significantly more likely to inspire shares. In fact, if your content manages to evoke emotion, sharability is just about guaranteed. However, the nature of your audience’s emotional response is important too. People will be less likely to curate content if it makes them upset.

Exclusive Content
People want to feel part of a community, especially secret communities or clubs that reward membership. While this doesn’t mean you should exclude potential audience members from certain online channels, give your Twitter followers something different than your Facebook followers. Not only will this give people the sense that following certain channels is worthwhile, they might want to share the material with people who aren’t on those channels.

Straight from the Horse’s Mouth
Luis explains this principal best.

Hearing news from a good source, as reputable as they may be, is good. But hearing it straight from the people involved is even better. Interviews with industry leaders, celebrities, and other important personalities can generate good site traffic and get shared a lot online, provided that the content writer knows the right questions to ask. Along with this, content developers can also write articles to feature these personalities, or even directly have them pen guest blog posts for the sites.

If you want to put these tips on sharable content to use, contact Video One Productions and let us help you with your next video! You can reach us at (773)252-3352 or at

How to Utilize Customer Testimonials

I Heard It Through The Grapevine

customer testimonialsWhen 70% of people claim to look up reviews before making a purchase, a customer testimonial is probably the best reference your company can have. A happy customer is invaluable. They are more trusted than any advertisement and are a limitless source of good publicity.

In the age of social media, brands are what customers say they are. Thanks to online reviews, forums, and blogs, customers can say anything about the products they buy and the brands they support. It’s become such an integral part of consumer behavior that a lot of companies hire dedicated web-searchers to find what customers are saying about that company’s products or services. As a result, public relations and customer service are becoming intrinsically linked because brand image and customer experience are no longer exclusive.

Using It To Your Advantage

Because of this reliance on customer testimonials, you might want to think about making reviews an integral part of your marketing plan. And because most reviews are long blocks of text, why not add a video to shake things up? Ask some of your best customers if they’d like to talk about what makes your product or service great, and build a video production around it. To make your testimonial video more interesting, alternate between interview-style shots of the client in which he or she is talking directly to the camera with scenes where the customer is using your product or enjoying your service. Think of it as a customer testimonial, but with a little more depth and focus on what makes your product or service the best.

Check out this customer testimonial video created by Lydia’s Uniforms:


In addition to being able to post the customer testimonials video on your website, you can also post your video on YouTube. Not only will your video be available to millions of potential customers, but you can boost your search engine results by including your SEO keywords in the title and description.

Client testimonial videos are also great to have on hand at your next trade show booth. Of course you and your brand reps at the trade show are going to sing the praises of your business, but your potential customers are probably more interested in what other, “real” people have to say about what you do.You can even sneak in some footage from previous trade shows when you launched the product to show customers’ first reactions and then how they liked it after using it.

Using Social Media

Maybe you don’t have the funds to create a customer testimonials video yourself. That’s okay! By utilizing social media, you can have customers post their reviews to your site, Facebook, Instagram, etc. at no cost to you. Let your customers do your marketing for you. On Instagram, for example, you can ask customers to post videos of their testimonials by tagging your company page or by using a #hashtag of your company name. You can even have a contest where you pick a random customer testimonial that uses your hashtag. The winner can receive a git certificate to your store/company or a free service.

Other video sites like Vine can also be useful to you. Although Vine only allows 6 seconds of video, it might be a fun way to force your customers to get creative in the way they record their testimonial. MixBit, on the other hand, would allow you to create a mobile-ready video of several testimonials.

Remember, a video of customer testimonials offers all the benefits of word of mouth publicity, without having to meet or actually talk to customers one-on-one. You reach a larger audience, more quickly and more easily. So what are you waiting for?

If you need help creating your customer testimonials video, contact Video One Productions at (773)252-3352 or