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How to Select the Best SEO Titles for Your Videos

SEO-friendly titles

seo-friendly titles

Ever wondered what is the first thing that attracts visitors to your page? Of course, it is the title – whether it is a video or an article. An appealing title will stand apart from the rest and attract viewers to your video. So when it comes to writing the best title for your video, the following tips from our Chicago video production experts will come to your rescue:

Make it SEO friendly

The best title is one that works well for search. If the video title isn’t optimized for search engines, potential viewers cannot find it in their organic searches. An impressive video title that describes your video well and speaks to your viewers, compels them to explore your video. No doubt, the video is the most important piece of content on your page. However, the title isn’t less important either, especially when it comes to attracting an audience. Writing a good title with targeted keywords can greatly affect your click-through. Read more

YouTube launches a new analytics platform

Web analytics is a Chicago videographer tool used to track how online users engage websites and certain content. Based on the analytics tool you are using, details about specific pages, user demographics, and user habits can be used to tailor a site or content to a specific audience, perhaps even to make money. YouTube’s latest analytic tool offers unprecedented information about the way users engage specific video production and entire channels.

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Wine and dine with video marketing

Cafes, restaurants, and bars have a unique opportunity to market themselves with video because people often eat with their eyes before switching to their mouths, stomachs and wallets. Considering how much emphasis certain places put on interior appearance, meal presentation, and staff beauty (re: Hooters), video production Chicago should be a mainstay in food industry advertising.

In a recent interview with ReelSEO, Conrad Saam, Director of Marketing for Urbanspoon, an online restaurant directory, laid out some tips for restaurant owners who use video to promote their establishment.

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Views beyond YouTube

In much of the web connected world, YouTube is home to the most popular video production Chicago projects and the most active users. So when a certain video has millions of views on the social video site, this is a good indicator of actual popularity. But as VIRALBLOG pointed out last week, YouTube is not the only indicator of viral success.

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Online video revenue at all time high

Annual revenue for online video reached $3 billion in 2011. According to FutureSource Consulting, the combined number of free and paid-for video views among the world’s most video friendly nations will exceed 770 billion this year. Between the US, UK, France, and Germany, there are more people, and more money, in online video than ever before.

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Free webinar on new media video solutions

Another free webinar is happening next week, focusing on videographer Chicago strategy for startups and new media companies. “Jumpstarting Online Video for Startups & New Media Companies,” is scheduled for Thursday, December 1st, from 10-11am PST. The webinar is sponsored by Kaltura, an open source video platform that serves more than 150,000 media and entertainment companies; and Akamai, an online cloud service for corporate content management.

The webinar is aimed at teaching viewers how to deliver engaging video experiences across a variety of web based decises. It will also teach younger startups to efficiently manage and deliver video content to users. The webinar’s presenters include Devon Copley, managing director at Kaltura; Andrew Grant, who leads development and distribution of Akami marketing; and Mark Robertson, founder of ReelSEO, will moderate.

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More advertisers coming to YouTube

Being a YouTube partner might get more fruitful than ever. According to a report from ReelSEO, YouTube plans to expand the number of advertisers it features from 200,000 to 7 million. For years, advertisers have been nervous to work with YouTube because a lot of the content is controversial and potentially damaging to brand image. However, this might change once YouTube rolls out the 100 new channels of original content they are funding.

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Online video marketing tips for brands

NBC-owned iVillage is the web’s largest content-driven community for women and has been a huge success for its parent company. It generates more than 4 million videographer Chicago views each month, with plans to expand the video on its site in 2012. Kelly Wallace, the site’s head of video and chief correspondent talked to Daisy Whitney for this week’s New Media Minute, and offered some tips for brands to use online video with their marketing strategy.

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Using keywords to build a YouTube audience

Using appropriate metadata is an important step in boosting the SEO of your online content. Carefully worded titles, descriptions, and accurate keywords can mean the difference between a viral hit and a waste of space. But yesterday’ Reel Web Creator’s Tip reveals another use for keywords: creating a YouTube audience from Chicago production companies.

If you need help using the powerful medium of video production to help your business, visit Video One Pro to see what we can do for you.

Proprietary video production

Have you considered selling your branded video content? This might seem like an unusual thought considering how often this blog champions social Chicago production companies and sites such as YouTube, that offer free video content. But a startup called MovieLocker now offers a unique digital platform for online video selling.

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