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distribution timing

Distribution Timing Is Everything

Timing Is Everything

Any business or videographer seriously interested in making a substantial impression in the online video community must be prepared to two do things: post regularly and often. The ability to gain impressions is, in many ways, a numbers game. The more content you publish, the greater likelihood your intended audience will see it. But you can improve your chances further by perfecting your distribution timing. If you want to captivate your audience, give them something to look forward to. Read more

online video hunting

Tools for Online Video Hunting

Update Your Online Video Hunting

Although YouTube might be the king of online video, the truth is, it doesn’t have the most ideal interface for content discovery. Though the site makes it easy to upload and share videos, there are sites that make finding viral videos, corporate and otherwise, much easier. Here are a couple our favorite online video hunting sites. Read more

You Should Have a Promotional Video On Your Website

promotional video photo

Everyone knows about the common wisdom that every business needs a website.  They also know that every website needs a promotional video. But why? OK. Here’s goes…

Everyone Expects You To Have a Promotional Video in 2016

First and foremost, everyone more or less expects you to have a promotional video on your website that succinctly explains your business. Your web-video should be your 60 second elevator pitch to anyone who visits your site. Your explainer or marketing video should be succinct, entertaining, informative and motivating. It should cover the major ‘talking points’ about your business. It should also keep your website visitors’ attention, offer them good content about your business, be interesting to view and of course, motivate them to take action.

The call to action at the end of the video is perhaps the most important aspect of the video. It can entail asking them to call you, fill out a form, send you their email, buy a product, etc.

So the first reason to have is video is that people expect it in 2016. People used to expect you to have a website. Then they expected you to have graphics to break up the text. Now they expect you to have a good video that reflects the quality of your business.

It’s Easier to Watch a Marketing Video Than Read Text

Another reason that a video is imperative is that most people would prefer to watch an entertaining video. They expect to learn everything they need to know about the business, product or service within 60 seconds, rather than having to scour around the website, reading text.

website video

Great for Social Media

In addition to being seen on your website, your promotional video can also be distributed to a variety of video distribution sites and seen by potential customers on YouTube, Facebook, Yelp!, LinkedIn, a blog and other internet sites.

I’ll discuss more great reasons to have a video on your website and what you can do with it next week. So stay tuned! If you would like assistance in producing or marketing your great video, please feel free to contact us at or 773 252-3352.

Reasons to Have an Automatic 10-Second Website Video Production

website video

What happens in the first few seconds after someone lands on your website is crucial. If they see a bunch of text on your site, forget about it. They’re gone! Photos are nice, but everyone has that. And a clickable website video production is definitely state of the art. But the question of the day is, are 10 second videos that start up automatically when someone visits your website a good idea?

To me, it depends on how they’re done. If you have a video playing the background, without any audio, while the visitor to your site is able to navigate through your site– no problem. No problem unless it’s a frenetic video that distracts visitors from taking a good look at your site.

But if you have video and audio playing as soon as someone gets to your website, then you’re taking a risk.

Here are some pro’s and con’s of having audio and video immediately playing your site, where the visitor to your site has no other place to go, other than to click off of your site. I’ll start with the pro’s.

Pro’s of Your Website Video Playing Automatically

The pro’s include:

  • You get to make the first move. In chess, it would be like you having the white pieces. You get the opportunity to set the pace. And of course, the pace should match the nature of your website/organization. If the viewer likes your video, they’ll want more of what you have to offer.
  • If you offer one product or service, it’s relatively easy to create a 10 second video that represents what you do. Here’s an example of a video we produced for a company that just produces websites for optometrists:


  • Eyevertise Website Video.
  • Provides a great lead-in to your business. Your 10 second video gives you an opportunity to provide a concise synopsis of what you’re all about.
  • Short is sweet! It more quickly I can convey the product/service I have to offer, the more the viewer will appreciate it. With the popularity of Vine videos (6 seconds long!), a 10 second web video isn’t too much more to ask the visitor to bear!
  • It gets your website visitors heart pumping. Any time someone is surprised by something like a video automatically playing, or anything for that matter, the adrenaline starts to flow – for better or for worse. Hopefully, in the case of someone who decides to have automatic video and audio playing, for better!

Next week, I’ll discuss reasons not to have a 10 second video production automatically play on your website, plus my recommendations.