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Chicago Video Production 101

If you’re brand new to the world of video production company, you will need to learn about the terms of the business. The elements of video are people, places, things and budget. Sounds like discussing nouns in English class. Here is a basic overview:

This is your crew – the cameramen, actors, subjects, etc. Sometimes managing them can be a bit hard to do, especially if they are amateurs and aren’t familiar with the industry. This is especially the case if your crew consists of friends and family who are laid back. In order to make your crew more reliable, it will take time and devotion. Make sure to stress to your crew how important production is. When it comes to your actors, they need to know that without them, the production will be delayed.

You should take your crew seriously in order for them to feel like they’re important and are a great contribution to the video production company. Pay attention to the ideas and suggestions of your co-workers. Who knows? They may come up with something great. As any good manager would do, when the work is completed, praise them for it. It sounds like you’re dealing with children, but it’s a fact that people enjoy working more when appreciation is showed to them. Even for the crew members whose work isn’t really visible to others should be acknowledged. One of the best ways to praise your crew is to give them credit on screen.

Places are the locations where production and meetings will be held. Before picking a location, you should scout around for the perfect spot. Security, superintendents and other personnel can put obstacles in your way during production. Sometimes they have an attitude and will try to flaunt their authority. So be prepared to deal with them tactfully or know how to circumvent their authority. No sense having them hold up your production!

You’ll also need to check the facility to see if there is lighting and lockable rooms for all of your equipment. You may also want a comfortable place where the crew can get dressed and made-up in between sets. Another consideration is where to place food for the crew. Make sure there isn’t too much noise on the outside, which could be caused by ambulance routes, traffic, etc. Proper heating and air conditioning are also a necessity.

Having all of the proper equipment and accessories is important for the video production process, such as costumes, enough batteries, blank tapes, etc. Make sure that you keep track of everything that’s needed and keep inventory on items that are disposable. For costumes, you can have your crew bring different outfits for production.

Scheduling is the most important part of planning. If you have actors that will be playing multiple parts in different scenes, you want to make sure that times don’t conflict. For instance, if your Romeo has to play a super hero at the same time on another set, things can get hectic rather quickly. If there are certain props needed that have to be rented, ensure that they are available during the time you need them. For instance, the truck for the big action scene may be available during the morning, but you need it at night. Scheduling can also help save money on rentals if planned out wisely.

It may be hard to plan when shooting outside because the weather is always changing. Day and night scenes are usually simple, but rain, snow and wind can easily get in the way.

Depending on the budget you’re working with, you will need to carefully plan your video production company. So if you have a small amount to spend, you will need extra planning to ensure that you stay within budget. During script writing, make sure that there aren’t any expensive items, such as a Ferrari, that’s needed for a particular scene. Be realistic. Also, you should never begin shooting without having a contingency fund. With proper budgeting, you should never have to worry about hassles during production.

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Video Production Chicago
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