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Chicago Video Production Company Helps Save Manatees!

Video Production to the Rescue!manatee close up portrait underwater

Even though we’re a Chicago video production company, the Department of Interior’s Manatee Wildlife Refuge in Crystal River, Florida chose Video One Productions to produce Manatee Manners, a series of video productions that educate visitors about how to behave around manatees. Here’s one of the the videos we produced that’s posted to the Refuge’s website: Manatee Manners for Swimmers

Contrary to appearances, manatees are really defenseless giants of the sea with no real means to defend themselves from mistreatment. They can suffer harm from visitors to the world’s largest manatee refuge who run over them with boats, ride them, catch them on their fishing hooks and otherwise carelessly inflict damage on these defenseless creatures.

Chicago Video Editing Services

Video One Productions provided video editing services to produce a series of videos about fishing, boating, swimming and photography best practices around manatees. The refuge attracts international visitors and each video had to be produced in English, Spanish, German, Japanese and French.

The Refuge sent us HD video that visitors and friends donated, in addition to other shots that Video One commissioned. They also supplied the voice over narration that we edited the visuals, graphics, text and other elements to. This has been a three year project, as there were a variety of changes that needed to be accommodated. But the great news is that all 500 of the DVD’s (100 in each language) were recently sent out. In addition to playing these videos for visitors to the Refuge, they’ll be distributed to parks, schools and others to educate the public about how to appropriately behave around this form of wildlife.

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Ingredients That Went Into the Edit

The mechanics of producing these videos were pretty straight forward, but detailed. Though there were few motion graphics, we incorporated animated text in five languages throughout the videos. Since the video wasn’t shot with the voice over narration in mind, our editors had to be very creative about how to marry up the audio and visuals. This fact gives me an opportunity to mention that you should always have a script before shooting a training video like this. This way you know what to shoot to.

Fortunately, we were working with a very cooperative representative of the Refuge and we were able to work well together throughout the entire project. With all modesty aside, this is a hallmark of the way we work with all of our clients. We’re mission-oriented and strive for a sense of teamwork with every video we produce.

We’re very proud to have worked on this huge project. Our client and Video One are very pleased with the way things worked out.

If you would like to experience working with a company that has your best interests at heart, give us a call and see if there’s a fit.

Just call 773 252-3352 or email to see how we can work together to use video to shape and project your message to your target audience.


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