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Chicago Videographer Solves Video Compatibility Problems

If there is one thing that a video production company can help you with, it is in ensuring compatibility between your video format and the player or media that you will use. This is very important because the technologies that are used in video production are advancing at a rapid pace. Imagine if you wanted to distribute your program in VHS format. You obviously would find it difficult to find enough people who still have VHS players to even see the program. In addition, people would be quite suspect of your using such an outdated format.

Many people are converting their old videos to the current format, DVD or the Blu-ray format. Not only will this help you save space, because the DVD is smaller than the VHS, but you will be preserving the quality that is remaining on the old analog format of VHS. VHS tape loses its electrical charge over the years. And it is this electrical charge that holds the integrity of the particles together on the tape that make up your video. So if you have old family videos on VHS, it’s best that you convert them to DVD as soon as possible.

However, if you want to make a new video, and you have decided to hire a video production company, you have to ask about the best video format to use. You will never know when the current formats will be replaced by newer ones. By making sure that your new or old videos are in digital format, you are in a more advantageous situation. Digital videos are designed to be more compatible not just with the current video technologies, but also with the up and coming formats. Take the case of the DVD format. After the Blu-ray was introduced and eventually positioned to replace DVD, it was easy for most video producers to adopt Blu-ray. One reason for this is that both formats use digital composition. Another is that Blu-ray players play regular DVDs. So often the new format will often be downward compatible, at least for a while.

Make it a point to ask the video production company expert about the equipment that he or she will use to shoot or edit your video. Currently, as it has been for years, it pays to have your videos in high definition. HD videos are sharper, crisper and have better resolution than standard definition. Many Hollywood films are shot on HD these days, as its quality rivals film. Of course these filmmakers are using HD cameras that are worth many thousands of dollars. But the bottom line is that HD is certainly a superior format to standard definition. Indeed, the trend in video production has always been going digital. So by being digital, your videographer can adopt your videos to most if not all formats.

For instance, when we shoot HD footage, it’s already a file. So we simply transfer the file from the P2 card to a computer, thus eliminating the necessity to digitize the file, since it’s already in a digital format.

The decision to adopt the latest video formats rests upon you. Your video production company can only make recommendations and make sure that your chosen format is implemented. Speaking of format compatibility, you also have to think about the purpose of your videos. If you still have a standard definition camera that shoots good video, then you can keep using it for home videos and non-professional videos at work. But if you want to have a professional video produced, these days the public expects an excellent quality image. So you need to make sure that whatever camera you or your videographer uses, that the image and sound quality are excellent.

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