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Pharma Video Services

Pharma Video Services


Video One Productions is experienced and proficient in most aspects of the roles that video plays in getting your drug or gene therapy approved. We’ve assisted Novartis, Revance, Levo Therapeutics, and other biotech’s and pharmaceuticals in various video related capacities.

Leasing of equipment

We’ve leased over 100 GoPro cameras and related equipment to research sites throughout the US, Europe, and Asia. The cameras documented the progress of various subjects before, during, and after therapy. The video footage provided proof to the FDA and other regulatory agencies that their therapy worked, which greatly supported their efforts to get it approved.

Biotech and Pharma Video Production

Biotech and Pharma Video Production Services

Leasing an SFTP site for the videos

We lease a HIPAA compliant website to store the videos that are uploaded by the research teams. We also lease user licenses so that specific researchers and others only have access to designated folders and have limited access.

We also provide site maintenance.

Video Editing

When requested, we trim the footage, add titles, and upload the edited videos to the SFTP. Sometimes a compilation video is needed to document the progress of a subject.


If the people operating the video equipment need onsite or remote video training, we can help. We’ve traveled to many sites throughout the world to train researchers and others on how to use, store and maintain the video equipment, making sure that the correct perspectives were captured, and how to upload and organize their videos. We have also consulted online and produced customized training videos. We also provide ongoing quality control.

Marketing Video

Used for investors, employees, the media, and others, a marketing video tells others what you’re all about. Great for fundraising, employee morale, and sharing your company vision, purpose, and goals.

Video One doesn’t need a learning curve to get the job done. Contact us if you would like a consultation to discuss how we can help your company to achieve its goals with video.

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