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Blu-ray, DVD & CD Disc Duplication, Replication & Conversions. Chicago Video Production

Once your production is completed, let us expertly convert it to a file or disc. Then we can send you your file(s), or duplicate or replicate your disc for physical distribution. All discs include thermal printing, a variety of cases to choose from, inserts and other options.

Contact the Experienced Blu-ray, DVD and CD Disc Duplication Company in Chicago!

Video One has been in the duplication business for more than 28 years! Our expert disc duplication, replication, digitizing and conversion processes are quality-controlled with every order checked for accuracy before delivery.


Disc Duplication

We are Chicago’s go-to Blu-ray, DVD & CD disc duplication company. Includes thermal printing on your disc, fast turn-around, choice of cases, custom design services, in-house duplication and printing of inserts and wraps.

Disc Replication

Have a large disc replication project requiring more than 1000 copies? Our replication services include the disc, case, 4 panel 4/4 insert, 5-color printing and tray card. Bulk pricing and retail packaging available!

File Conversion

Upload, download, post and share. Get web-ready audio or web video delivered as Flash video (.flv), QuickTime (.mov), Windows Media (.wmv), or mp4 files. Digitizing services also provided. Perfect for internet video or video email.

Fast Turn AroundThermal PrintingDesign ServicesChoice of CasesPrinting of Inserts and Wraps

We can take any format

BetacamSPBetaSXP2 Cards
miniDVDVcamHi-8 / Video8
Digital 8VHS/BHS-cBetamax

More about Disc Duplication and Replication

Disc Duplication

If you want a physical copy of your program, disc duplication and replication are the last important steps in the video production process. Video One takes special care to assure that the equipment we use to duplicate your Blu-ray’s, DVD’s or CD’s is maintained and error free. Our duplication towers perform internal quality control procedures to assure that your discs have been perfectly duplicated. We also use top quality CD/DVD discs and cases.

We take pride in our thermal printing process that gives each disc a beautiful, ceramic like, professional finish. Thermal printing doesn’t run or bleed like inkjet printing. Recipients of your discs will really appreciate how good they look.

Disc Replication

Unlike disc duplication, which is a performed with laser technology, disc replication is actually a manufacturing process carried out in a factory setting. The first step in the process is to make a glass master of your disc. Then a stamper is made. Next, silicone is squished out on a conveyor belt and an impression of your master is made with the stamper. After the surface art has been placed on the disc, all discs undergo a strict quality control process. All discs are weighed and surveyed by an electronic eye to make sure that they have been properly replicated. About 10% of the discs are discarded as a result of this quality control process.

File Conversation

As an alternative to disc duplication or replication, file conversion is the other end-product of the production process. If you want your video for streaming or uploaded to your website, we prepare your file(s) to the exact specs that are required. If you would like your file uploaded to YouTube or another video sharing site, we can take care of that for you as well. Whether you need a QuickTime, mp4, WMV or any other file format, we can prepare it exactly as you need it.

Give us a call for our file conversion, duplication or replication services in Chicago!

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    Tim McGee, Head of Sourcing at Avexis:

    “Based on our experience with Video One and having had the pleasure of working with Irwin, I would recommend both Irwin, Video One, and their services to any company looking to fulfill their photography and videography requirements.” More…

    Robert McSwain, Sr. Curriculum Developer & Technologist at Hyster-Yale Group:

    “My company hired Video One and Irwin and his team hit it out of the park for us. We were working on a short deadline and needed video production work in Chicago and I was unable to get my crew there on the time frame I was given. Video One tackled the project head one and communicated thoroughly with me throughout the process and got the job done.” More…

    Tim Donovan, Corporate Communications, at Fundbox:

    “I had a wonderful experience working with Irwin and Ryan from Video One. We hired Video One to produce a corporate case study video of one of our clients. The shoot was effortless and the team did a great job on editing. We will totally be working with Video One again. We highly recommend them! More…