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Corporate videography can serve many purposes. Corporate videos can be used to promote branding, capture company events, train and orient employees, and much more. Watch our corporate video demo below and contact us to produce your corporate video!

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Corporate Demo Reel

Corporate Promotional Videography Services in Chicago

video production services - promotional corporate video
Probably the most prevalent form of corporate videography is the promotional video. After all, nothing happens unless a sale is made! Keep in mind that the quality of your promotional video is a direct reflection on the quality of your company. Great video = great company.

A promotional video needs to be short and entertaining, convey 3-5 ‘talking points’, and have a strong call to action at the end. For tips on how to market your promotional video, take a look at our Video Marketing Guide for business.

The general steps to producing a promotional video include:

Pre-production – includes meeting with client, developing a script, creating a shot list, hiring actors or voice over talent, securing locations, and anything else that’s necessary to do before anything has been filmed.

Production – includes filming on-screen talent, scenery, etc. Requires camera(s), crew, having proper audio and lighting, etc.

Post production – includes editing the original footage, graphics, music, photos, charts, etc., and using appropriate transitions and effects to make your video serve its purpose.

Corporate Videos for Events

video production services - promotional corporate video
Event videos come in all varieties. These types of videos can include speakers presentations, trade shows, galas, news conferences, building openings, and other generally unscripted events.


Some things to consider before filming events include:

– How do you plan to use the footage after it has been filmed?
– How many cameras do you need for proper coverage?
– Do you want audience interaction? If so, do you want them filmed? If so, how many cameras do you need to get the audience AND the presenter?
– Does the venue you’re considering have good lighting and audio? Will they work with the video crew to give them a ‘house feed’ if they are handling the audio?
– How to choose the best production company to film the event. We have a downloadable guide to help you with the decision making process.

Corporate Training Video Production

video production services - promotional corporate video
A training video is a must for businesses that need to make sure that their employees receive clear, consistent instructions. Whether it’s for teaching new techniques, training employees on machinery, orienting new employees or filming safety procedures, a well crafted training video will make sure that the viewer’s attention is kept and that the information is absorbed.

This is especially useful if the material needs to be often repeated or learned on demand. As they say, video never has a bad day! So you can be assured that the video will be as entertaining, informative and motivating at 8 am on Monday morning as at any other time. Video also allows viewers to watch on demand and/or over and over, until the material is fully absorbed. 

If you’re looking for a reliable and professional corporate video company, contact us for a free consultation!

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