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Drone Video Production for Telnyx

311 W Superior St #504, Chicago, IL 60654

Telnyx Office

Drone Video Production Indoors

Drone video production is generally associated with filming outside, not indoors. But that’s what we did for Telnyx, a start up technology company that needed footage for their marketing video. We all know that there’s nothing like the perspective of a drone to capture that perfect shot of employees going about their work in an office and to give a company’s marketing video a little more interest!

Telnyx, a technology start up, located at 311 W. Superior, in Chicago, asked us to film their office in an unique fashion. So we used our drone and other equipment to provide them with the types of shots they wanted, focusing on their employees working and their food display.

Precautions and Regulations Regarding Piloting a Drone

The Federal Aviation Administration considers a drone to be an aircraft and the operator a pilot. As a result, you will need at the minimum a $5 license from the FAA. Here’s a link to their website to register your drone.


311 W Superior St #504, Chicago, IL 60654

Drone Footage from Telnyx Rooftop

There are local restrictions to consider as well. The city of Chicago doesn’t allow you to fly a drone over people or autos. However, our client wanted footage of their building and the skyline for their video. So we took some shots from across the street, making sure that no people or autos were anywhere near the drone. We also went up on the roof of their building to shoot some drone video of the Chicago skyline and downtown area. We did this while remaining well within the perimeter of the building.

They were very pleased with the footage and of course promised to use Video One for their next shoot!

311 W Superior St #504, Chicago, IL 60654

Telnyx Staff and Food Area

Drone video isn’t so novel any more. However, the effect of drone video footage shot inside of a building is unique. Besides, it adds a fresh look to any marketing video. Don’t get me wrong though. Out of doors shots of drone video is still spectacular, as witnessed by our drone demo. But if you want an unique take on shooting your next marketing video, contact us.

If you would like us to provide drone, marketing or other video production services, please feel free to contact us.

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