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Live steaming video

Live Streaming Video

Live Streaming Video Services

If you need live stream video for a presentation, ceremony, conference, or any other type of event, Video One can do the job! As a trusted company with more than 30 years of experience in video production and editing, you can be assured that your presentation, conference, or any other event will be available to viewers in a professional and attractive fashion.

We can stream to any platform with single or multiple cameras, and include titling, graphics and other elements to make your video stream attractive to viewers.

Single Camera Feed
With a single camera feed we can include graphics, titles, pre-recorded video and other elements to add a polished look to your stream.

Multiple Camera Feed
For multiple camera shoots, we edit multiple cameras and other inputs before the video is streamed, switching from one feed to another, showing your audience the best shots, inserting graphics, titles, pre-recorded video and other elements to enhance your audience’s streaming experience.

Record Your Stream!
We can record everything we stream on to a hard drive and give you the footage. One of the main benefits of recording the stream is to have an edited video that you or we can work with to fine tune later for sale, post on your website, social media, or other use.

Uses for Streaming Video
Streaming video has been around for years, but now it’s gone mainstream. Conferences, presentations, performances and other events are now being streamed since the bandwidth and technology is allowing professionals like Video One to broadcast your event less expensively, more professionally and more digitally efficiently than ever.

  • Corporate
    Internal Employee Communication, Presentations, Conferences
  • Entertainment
    Awards Ceremonies, Product Launches, Events and Celebrations, Press Conferences, Sports
  • Education
    Virtual Classrooms, Graduation Ceremonies, Digital Lectures
  • Non Profits
    Fundraising, Live Event Promotion

We support any platform including Facebook Live, YouTube, Adobe Connect, Livestream, and others. Let us live stream your next event!

Live stream video

Setting up for a live streaming event

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