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Chicago Trade Show Video Production Services

Do you need trade show video production in Chicago? Whether you need interviews, presentations, your trade show booth, or other business events filmed and edited, we can easily and expertly complete your project.

Why Video One

We have more than 30-years of experience filming and editing single and multiple camera trade show events;

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Trade show presentation video services

Our Google reviews show that our clients are extremely pleased with the process and results of working with us;

We’re a full service video production company, able to either just film events and hand over the footage, or produce fully edited, engaging marketing videos summarizing trade show highlights, multiple camera presentations, interviews and testimonials or any other trade show event.


Trade Show Interviews and Testimonials

Whether you rent a space that will allow us to set up a beautiful lighting situation, or if we need to capture your client’s interviews and testimonials at your booth or on the fly, our experienced videographers are able to do the job professionally, making the subject of the interview comfortable with the process. We can set up and light a green screen background, use the existing background, or diffuse the background for an ‘artsy’ look.

We use wireless, Sennheiser mics to capture crisp audio. We can also record your footage in amazing ProRes resolution. We supply a Kino Flo light kit and a kicker light for a nice splash of light in the background to give your video that polished look.

Marketing Sizzle Reels

You may want a highlights video summarizing the trade show or convention to show attendees and prospective clients what they missed. A short marketing video can be used to recruit people to attend your next event by showing them how fun, informative and otherwise rewarding it was to be there. You may want to use this ‘sizzle reel’ on your website, in your social media feeds, as part of a press release, or simply send the link to prospective attendees.

Trade Show Presentations and Panel Discussions

Don’t let a wonderful presentation just become a distant memory! Let us record and edit your presentations and panel discussions so that you can sell or otherwise distribute these insightful programs. We can film your workshops with one or multiple cameras to give them a more dynamic look. We can also edit in b-roll, cutaway footage to give them further entertainment value, and add your branding, titles, text and other elements for the finishing touches.

Trade Show Booth Video

Trade show video production services, Video 1 Pro.

Every company that spends the time and resources to have a trade show booth should have a video representing them in their best light! A fast moving video will attract people to your booth and educate them about the virtues of your business or product. It will also keep them entertained while you’re wrapping up a conversation with another visitor to your booth. Your trade show video can have music and/or voice over, or tell your story entirely visually if having sound is an issue at the trade show. The bottom line is that an entertaining, informative and motivating trade show video will differentiate you from others and will help sell your services for you.

You can re-purpose this marketing video for your website, social media and other uses in addition to your trade show.

Remember, video works 24/7, never has a bad day, and can be one of your top sales-getters!

Contact us at 773 252-3352 or if you are in need of trade show video production.

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    What our clients are saying about us…

    Tim McGee, Head of Sourcing at Avexis:

    “Based on our experience with Video One and having had the pleasure of working with Irwin, I would recommend both Irwin, Video One, and their services to any company looking to fulfill their photography and videography requirements.” More…

    Robert McSwain, Sr. Curriculum Developer & Technologist at Hyster-Yale Group:

    “My company hired Video One and Irwin and his team hit it out of the park for us. We were working on a short deadline and needed video production work in Chicago and I was unable to get my crew there on the time frame I was given. Video One tackled the project head one and communicated thoroughly with me throughout the process and got the job done.” More…

    Tim Donovan, Corporate Communications, at Fundbox:

    “I had a wonderful experience working with Irwin and Ryan from Video One. We hired Video One to produce a corporate case study video of one of our clients. The shoot was effortless and the team did a great job on editing. We will totally be working with Video One again. We highly recommend them! More…