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Video editing is crucial to the success of your video because this is where everything comes together. We provide a variety of post production services including video editing, motion graphics, transcoding, encoding, digitizing, DVD authoring, and DVD and CD disc duplication and replication.

Watch our video samples below and contact us to professionally edit your video.

Demo Reel

Video Editing Samples

    video production services - promotional corporate video

  • “Connor Quick Look”
    video production services - promotional advertising video

  • “Manatee Matters”
    video production services - promotional advertising video

  • “Hitz Boxing”
    video production services - promotional advertising video

  • “Flow”
    video production services - promotional advertising video

  • “NIU Orientation”
    video production services - promotional advertising video

  • “Cristo Rey”



Our Chicago in-house video editing team works in three editing suites, each outfitted with the latest hardware and software. Clients are always welcome to participate in video editing sessions at our Chicago office. But if you would rather stay at home or your office, we can upload the work in-progress and get your feedback over the phone or through email.

Collaboratively or Independently

Our Chicago video editors can work with you in the edit room or independently. If you’re in the room, you can watch the process and fine-tune any decisions that need to be made on the spot.

Our video editors can also work independently. If you supply an edit decision list (EDL), identifying where we need to make edits on your material, we can take it from there. Once the initial edit is completed we can upload your rough cut to Vimeo so you can view it online. Then you can give us your feedback in writing or verbally so we can fine-tune your final edit.

Still and Motion Graphics

Since video is mostly about moving images, it makes sense that motion graphics would play such an important role in entertaining and informing the viewer. Simply put, motion graphics, similar to animation, are images that move on the screen. There are many applications for motion graphics, as you can see from our motion graphics demo reel. The reel demonstrates how we have used motion graphics in a variety of applications, from animated titles, to text, to logos, illustrations, etc.

Motion graphics are used liberally on sports shows, on news programs, for promotional videos, training videos and just about any other type of video production that needs a little pizzazz to spice things. Motion graphics add emphasis and tell the viewer that this is important enough for us to take the time to animate it. Motion graphics also help break things down into simple terms. Complex ideas can be more easily be explained in this fashion by showing parts of something, something evolving or otherwise changing.

Motion graphics take painstaking effort, but are well worth it in terms of capturing the attention of viewers, illustrating complex concepts and otherwise informing the viewer.


Transcoding is the process of transferring one video format into another. For instance, when we do our initial video work, the ‘native’ format is a AVCHD file, with H.264 Quicktime compression. We need to transcode this file into a Pro Res QuickTime file so that we can use it for editing or viewing with QuickTime. QuickTime is an application that comes standard on all Macintosh computers and can be downloaded from Apple’s website by Windows users for free.

We frequently transcode video footage that we shoot into MP4 files that can be viewed on any Windows or Mac computer so that our clients can make an edit decision list and otherwise work with it.


Digitizing is different than transcoding or encoding. Digitizing is the process of converting an analog medium into a digital file. For instance, people frequently bring us their old VHS tapes or audiotapes for us to convert into DVD’s or CD’s. This process is called digitizing.

Sometimes our clients want us to edit down or condense the digitized footage into a shorter video, eliminating the excess. Other times they want all of it and just need it either digitized or converted to DVD. Once digitized, we can upload the material to Vimeo or give our clients a hard drive containing the digitized files that they can view and then create an edit decision list (EDL). Then they give us the EDL and we implement their edits.

DVD Authoring

After the video is edited, some clients want us to create an authored DVD. Authoring can make the DVD auto-start, include a menu, make it interactive, etc.

More about Video Editing Services and Graphics

Enhancing your video could entail finding the right music or adding animated text to capture your audience’s attention. Or maybe it’s telling your story in a more visual way instead of using a lot of text. An experienced video editor at Video One Productions knows how to come up with an appropriate blend of elements to enhance your production. Our editors have the experience and judgement to take your videos to the next level. Of course we’d like to produce your entire video. But if you or someone else has already filmed the footage, our video editors are more than willing and able to make your final, edited video the best it can be.

Give us a call for our file conversion, duplication or replication services in Chicago!

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