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A best practices guide to corporate online video

Econsultancy has published an Online Video Best Practice Guide which contains comprehensive guidance for marketers who want to use video as an effective tool for business.

The 60-page report, written by independent digital specialist Steffan Aquarone, contains technical insight, practical tips and numerous case studies for companies who want to use the medium in an engaging and successful way.

Expert contributors to the report include Chris Gorell Barnes (Adjust Your Set), Will Grant (Buto), Mike Johnston (Boss Creative), Lee Kemp (Fullrange), Bismarck Lepe (Ooyala), Stuart Maister (BroadView Communications), Manley (LBi), Joe Pélissier (independent marketing consultant and producer) and Sarah Wood (Unruly Media).

The report contains sections on the following topics:

-) Introduction to online video strategy
-) Why video works: strategic benefits
-) Your strategy (including strategy-setting tool)
-) Online video essentials (including formats, platforms, channels, social sharing, digital rights management)
-) Getting an audience (including email distribution, seeding content and video search engine optimisation)
-) Measurement
-) Producing content
-) Legislation
-) Future of online video

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