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Maximizing your animated videos

Sometimes this blogs neglects topics related to animated videos and motion graphics. This is not intentional, the topic just doesn’t come up a lot. But a few days ago, ReelSEO put together a quick list together to help people get the most out of their animated videos. The highlights are below:

1) Be Selective

While there’s probably a lot you want your viewer to know about your company, you’ve only got about two minutes after video editing to hold their attention so be very focused with your message!

2) Keep it Simple

While we do want to provide these two layers of sensory information, we don’t want to overload the brain. Use stick figures and basic outlines, rather than complex scenes and backgrounds.

3) Have Fun

The most viral videos are usually the ones that make us laugh. When we’re laughing and having fun, we’re more relaxed and receptive to learning. We also tend to have good feelings about whoever made us feel that way!

4) Make a Connection

Use metaphors to help your viewer connect your new information to something they already know.

5) Speak Up

Be honest with your animators about what you do and don’t like. The sky’s the limit on what they can draw up for you, but it gets trickier and more expensive to change things further along in the process.

If you want your prospective customers to quickly understand your message, and remember it when they’re ready to buy, consider adding animated video production to your marketing plan.

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