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Tips for a corporate vlog post

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Vlog production strategies

Although Video One hasn’t entered the corporate vlog world just yet, brands are gradually testing the medium and best practices are emerging to guide newcomers in the arena. Below is a ReelSEO post for vlog production strategies.


1. Write A Unique Title and Video Summary
Hopefully you properly optimized your video title and video description before you uploaded it to a video sharing site. A blog post gives you another opportunity to target related keywords and provide a quick overview of what the video is about. You never want your visitors to feel like they aren’t getting the information that was promised to them. A brief (and unique) summary of the video production in your blog post will lets visitors know what they can expect to learn from your video.
2. Embed Video
Don’t just put a link to the video in your video blog post; actually embed the whole video so readers can watch it right on your blog. Why would you want to send a visitor AWAY from your blog and towards a video sharing site? Once that visitor has left your blog there is no guarantee that they will come back. There are a lot of distractions online, especially on a video sharing site. How many times have you started out looking for one piece of information online and ending up watching 10 videos featuring cats? The whole goal of SEO is to attract visitors to your site, don’t send them back out again!
3. Promote It Like A Regular Blog Post
Having great content (whether in text or video form) doesn’t do you any good if you can’t get eyeballs on it. Once your video production blog post goes live promote it like you would any other piece of content. Submit it to social bookmarking sites, share it on Facebook and Tweet the link or post it to relevant LinkedIn Groups. You can also use it in a company e-newsletter, link to it in presentations, submit it to content sharing sites and so forth. Content promotion is just as important as content creation for SEO!
4. Create Video Blog Post Archive
By creating a video blog post archive on your website you are doing a few things for your SEO. First off, you are making it easier for visitors to find related videos and stay engaged with your blog. Secondly, by keeping the videos on your website (as opposed to just on a video sharing site) you are creating more content for the search engines to read and index. Keep in mind that search spiders can’t see videos like a human visitor, which means the descriptions are incredibly important. You could even provide a full transcript of each video to help maximize exposure.

Keep in mind that videos don’t have to go viral to be successful! It doesn’t matter if the whole world sees your video, only that your target audience sees it. Short, informative videos are going to provide a lot of value for your site and your brand. Don’t be afraid of video production marketing; it’s only as difficult as you want it to be.

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