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Dear Chicago businesses, where are your videos?

We at Video One Productions are Chicago people, and we primarily work with other businesses in or around the city. Yes, we sell our services, but video is our passion and we sincerely believe that the medium is vital for success in modern business. Especially for companies that operate online in some capacity.

That being said, it breaks our heart when we notice a local business is missing video editing on their website. Or worse yet, when a video production  is hidden on some obscure page or just tossed into a YouTube channel.

1. The Lincoln Park Zoo

The city’s only zoo is free and always popular. Their website isn’t too bad either, featuring information on all of the animals as well as some upcoming events being held at the zoo. The site also has a multimedia section featuring articles, slideshows, videos, even a great timeline of the zoo’s history.

But the video editing is too far from the homepage. The Brookfield Zoo, for instance, has an embedded YouTube video at the bottom of it’s homepage where users can view all of its videos in the same place. While looking at the Brookfield Zoo’s site, I spent 2 minutes watching a video production where zoo guests sang happy birthday to a bird… Clearly, engaging visitors is relatively easy when you have video, you just have to make it easy to find.

2. Northwestern Memorial Hospital

There’s no industry that can’t implement video editing in some shape or form. (I challenge you to name one!) If hospitals advertise themselves on TV and radio, there’s no reason they can’t market themselves online too.

NorthShore University HealthSystem has a video on it’s homepage that demonstrates it’s NorthShore Connect feature. Northwestern Memorial Hospital, on the other hand, only has a link to a YouTube channel. The video production on that channel aren’t bad either, there’s no reason to hide them. If anything, the Northwestern videos are more interesting and engaging than NorthShore’s. Embedding a video to your homepage is easy, embrace your web savvy!

By the way, who ever puts together videos for NorthShore needs to be careful about light balance and color correctness. Your colonoscopy video deserves the best video editing it can get.

3. RedEye

I thought the RedEye was going to be the future of print journalism: free, aggregated, youth-oriented, and digital. Every issue has a digital version available through the RedEye website. Heck, the paper mentions Twitter at least 30 times a day. But why is their whole website just text and photos? The Red Eye has a dedicated staff of writers, bloggers, and Tweeters, and none of them know how to use a Flip cam? Add a vlog to your Bloggerati, profile your uber-hipster staff, just do something! Video One is here to help if you need us (you do).

4. TriBridge

In case you haven’t heard of TriBridge, their website refers to the company as “IT services and business consultancy dedicated to helping organizations become more productive, profitable, competitive and secure.” That sounds good, noble even. But surely TriBridge, of all companies, understands that video editing is incredibly helpful in making businesses profitable and competitive. If anyone from TriBridge disagrees, we encourage you to comment why.

So how come the TriBridge website doesn’t have a single video production on it. Their site is dying for a marketing video to visually explain their services. There is a link to a YouTube page with recordings of past webinars and a video with Bono (or a Bono lookalike, but what’s the difference AMIRIGHT?). Still, to truly understand what TriBridge does, visitors have to read a bunch of text. Good luck with that… TriBridge, set an example for your clients. We’re sure your company understands business and new media, so prove it to your clientèle.

Video One is ready and willing to help anyone mentioned in this post, or anyone else. Mention this blog and we’ll take 10% off editing costs. Or just stop by to see what we can do for you. We’ll even buy you a coffee from The Goddess and Grocer.


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