Event Videography in Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Event Videography in Milwaukee

We were recently approached by a public relations firm hired by the Job Creators Network to provide event videography and photography services in Milwaukee. We filmed a fundraising event that featured Vice President, Mike Pence and a host of other speakers. The event featured panel discussions as well, with other notables.

Event Videography at 400_W_Wisconsin_Ave_Milwaukee_WI_53203
Vice President Mike Pence

Event Video Production

We were asked to lock down our video camera getting the stage edge to edge, while our videographer did double duty by also providing photography services. We provide this service when the budget is tight and the client needs both photo and video services.

Event Videography at 400_W_Wisconsin_Ave_Milwaukee_WI_53203
Event Videographer

Our videographer secured a position on a platform that rose above the audience so that he could have an unobstructed view of the stage. While an elevated platform is definitely helpful in getting a bird’s eye view of the stage, it’s important that it be as secure as possible and not be wobbly. This is becaue when people move or get on or off of it, the camera will shake too. It’s not always possible to do this, but if you’re hiring an event videographer, it’s always best to put securing a steady platform on your checklist.

event videography at 400_W_Wisconsin_Ave_Milwaukee_WI_53203
Presentation Video

Video Production Camera Settings

Filming a presentation is more involved than just pointing a camera and pressing the record button. One thing we need to check is the aperture setting on the lens. If it’s too open, you get too much light and the image looks faded. If it’s too narrow, it’s too dark. This can be tricky when you’ve set your aperture and then when the event begins, the lighting changes. This can be especially tricky if you’ve set a locked down camera and are performing double duty such as taking photos. Fortunately, in this case, our videographer was aware of the lighting change and adjusted the camera to set an appropriate lens opening.

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